20 awesome graphic design tutorials for your inspiration

10.09.2015, 14:34

Let your creativity flows!

It may be sometimes difficult or even complicated to find inspiration. Perhaps you’re good with a graphic design tablet but you would like to go for something 3D a bit more? This is not impossible as everything can be found on the Internet!

Today we propose you to be inspired to create new things with these 20 graphic design tutorials! They will help you design a nice artwork for your t-shirt or a beautiful and elegant logo for your client’s company! And if you feel more adventurous, why not going for some pixelart?

Keep the flow going as we hope you will enjoy all of them!

Yoda: Step by Step

Source: apfelgriebs

by apfelgriebs
© apfelgriebs

New Course: Digital Portrait Painting in Adobe Photoshop

Source: Andrew Blackman

by Andrew Blackman
© Andrew Blackman

How to Draw a Realistic Aircraft in Photoshop

Source: Alex Ries

by Alex Ries
© Alex Ries

Tutorial – Painting Waves

Source: jezebel

by jezebel
© jezebel

Draw a Delicious Ice Cream Icon in Photoshop

Source: Mohammad Jeprie

by Mohammad Jeprie.
© Mohammad Jeprie

How To Design a T-shirt Graphic Using Photoshop – Photoshop Tutorial


How To Design a T-shirt Graphic Using Photoshop – Photoshop Tutorial from CHARMEDIA GROUP on YouTube.

Design A Premium Quality Logo In Photoshop

Source: TRONIX – Photoshop Design Tutorials

Design A Premium Quality Logo In Photoshop from TRONIX – Photoshop Design Tutorials
on YouTube.

Hand Painted 3D Text Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

Source: Flow Graphics

Hand Painted 3D Text Effect | Photoshop Tutorial from Flow Graphics on YouTube.

Create a Seamless Fantasy Floral Pattern in Adobe Photoshop

Source: Lidija Paradinovic Nagulov

by Lidija Paradinovic Nagulov
© Lidija Paradinovic Nagulov

Create an Isometric Vector Art Island With Hexels and Illustrator

Source: Gaël Schlupp

by Gaël Schlupp
© Gaël Schlupp

Photoshop tutorial: Paint an 80s airbrush portrait

Source: KittoZutto

by KittoZutto
© KittoZutto

T-shirt design in Illustrator using owl and skull vector art



Making Of: Demolition Mech

Source: Edvige Faini

by Edvige Faini
© Edvige Faini

Create a Digital Painting of a Zombie From Scratch in Adobe Photoshop

Source: Rowena Aitken

by Jenny Le
© Rowena Aitken

Making Of ‚The Last Goodbye‘

Source: Rasmus Berggreen

by Rasmus Berggreen
© Rasmus Berggreen

Professional Menu Graphic Design Tutorial In Adobe InDesign

Source: Stephen Looney

Professional Menu Graphic Design Tutorial In Adobe InDesign from Stephen Looney on YouTube.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Playful / Abstract / Colorful Logo Graphic Design

Source: TrueLoveGraphics

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Playful / Abstract / Colorful Logo Graphic Design from TrueLoveGraphics on YouTube.

Create an Isometric Pixel Art Park in Adobe Photoshop

Source: René Alejandro Hernández

by René Alejandro Hernández
© René Alejandro Hernández

Digital painting tutorial

Source: Entrar0178

by Entrar0178 via deviantart.com
© Entrar0178

Retro Moderinist Artwork in Illustrator and Photoshop

Source: abduzeedo

by abduzeedo
© abduzeedo

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Pot Noodle: The Ring | Video of the week

07.09.2015, 10:29

One's dream cannot wait!

To achieve victory, there is no time to waste! Life is always about hard work, commitment and what you believe in to create success!

This young man who will stop at nothing to make his dream come true is the perfect example of dedication as he wants to become a boxer. Therefore, he has no time for ordinary meals and prefers to focus on eating pot noodles so that his days are strictly used for his training. Will he become the world’s greatest boxer? Discover it in this funny and clever advert here:

Amazing examples of watercolor designs

03.09.2015, 12:20

Enjoy an explosion of colors!

When we think about watercolor, we shouldn’t only think about a beautiful painting that will hang forever on our walls or a museum’s. Definitely this amazing technique isn’t a thing of the past and is a great way for graphic designers and agencies to make a concept stand out of the crowd. How? Because it utilizes its traditional feel to the best, catch people’s attention with bright colors and is also fantastic if you’re in need of a simple yet effective design!

See for yourself and we’re sure you will be convinced and inspired by how those artists used watercolor for their products! And we also bet you will be amazed by its versatility as it’s used for so many sphere of activities and so many purposes!

Only Best Sellers – Mega Bundle! vol.3

Source: Peter Olexa, Dealjumbo News, Alex Zeppelin, Marcus Vaz, Artimasa Studio, Ian Bernard

by Peter Olexa, Dealjumbo News, Alex Zeppelin, Marcus Vaz, Artimasa Studio, Ian Bernard via behance.net
© Peter Olexa, Dealjumbo News, Alex Zeppelin, Marcus Vaz, Artimasa Studio, Ian Bernard

Savon Stories

Source: Menta.

by Menta. via behance.net
© Menta.

Textile design

Source: Natalia Tyulkina

by Natalia Tyulkina via behance.net
© Natalia Tyulkina

fashion illustration

Source: jungwoo kasiq

by jungwoo kasiq via behance.net
© jungwoo kasiq

Watercolor works

Source: Killien Huynh

by Killien Huynh via behance.net
© Killien Huynh

Happy Weekend!

Source: Ekaterina Koroleva

by Ekaterina Koroleva via behance.net
© Ekaterina Koroleva


Source: sang miao

by sang miao via behance.net
© sang miao

Rachael (watercolor illustration)

Source: Hector Trunnec

by Hector Trunnec via behance.net
© Hector Trunnec

Book illustration

Source: Natalia Tokareva

by Natalia Tokareva via behance.net
© Natalia Tokareva

Rebus. watercolor 2010-2011.

Source: Dima Rebus

by Dima Rebus via behance.net
© Dima Rebus

Watercolor Pizza

Source: Natalia Tokareva

by Natalia Tokareva via behance.net
© Natalia Tokareva


Source: Sophie Varela

by Sophie Varela via behance.net
© Sophie Varela

Seasons : Winter – collection of poems for children

Source: Mari Zaremba

by Mari Zaremba via behance.net
© Mari Zaremba

L’Artisan Confiturier – Illustrated Jam Packaging

Source: Nathalie Ouederni, Juan Carlos Blanco

by Nathalie Ouederni, Juan Carlos Blanco via behance.net
© Nathalie Ouederni, Juan Carlos Blanco

The blue olive’s packaging

Source: josie vo

by josie vo via behance.net
© josie vo

architectural watercolors vol 4

Source: Maja Wrońska
by Maja Wrońska via behance.net
© Maja Wrońska

Passage – Watercolor

Source: nicolasjolly

by nicolasjolly via deviantart.com
© nicolasjolly

Louvre – Watercolor Study

Source: AuroraWienhold
by AuroraWienhold via deviantart.com
© AuroraWienhold

Watercolor: Cafe Sweet

Source: taho
by taho via deviantart.com
© taho

Illustration compilation

Source: Mercedes deBellard
by Mercedes deBellard via behance.net
© Mercedes deBellard

Biggest cover up

Source: koraykaragozler
by koraykaragozler via deviantart.com
© koraykaragozler


Source: Little Thunder
by Little Thunder via behance.net
© Little Thunder


Source: dopeindulgence
by dopeindulgence via deviantart.com
© dopeindulgence

Fight Club Watercolor

Source: theonlybriman47
by theonlybriman47 via deviantart.com
© theonlybriman47

Sherlock Opening – London Watercolor

Source: NekoWork
by NekoWork via deviantart.com
© NekoWork

Wedding Invitations

Source: Anastasia Kolesnikova

by Anastasia Kolesnikova via behance.net
© Anastasia Kolesnikova

ProColombia Juices

Source: Rafael Borges
by Rafael Borges via behance.net
© Rafael Borges

2015 Watercolor Calendar

Source: Nguyen Thuy Anh
by Nguyen Thuy Anh via behance.net
© Nguyen Thuy Anh

Impressions of London

Source: Stefan Bleekrode
by Stefan Bleekrode via behance.net
© Stefan Bleekrode

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


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PIXMA „Never Again:“ Touchdown | Video of the week

24.08.2015, 9:39

Printing is not dead!

Yes, printing a photo, some document or recipe can sometimes be annoying. Double checking it on a tablet or smartphone can take a second as you have to wait for at least 2 minutes to print anything. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Well maybe some of them should… like this mother whose son asked her for his touchdown picture. As she says „scroll to the left“ and hears her son and his friend’s conversation, she quickly understands she may have made a mistake! This clever and funny advert definitely proves printing isn’t dead!

Artistic and incredible sculptures

20.08.2015, 11:53

Art takes many forms!

Sculpting„. This is such a wide concept and big word! Everything, every magnificent 3D creations (or not) fall under this category that it’s quite hard to really set up any limit to this form of art!

A sculpture can be a highly-detailed paper cut of a bird, or a beautiful woman made of wire or even a strange creature coming from a fairytale made of chips of wood and paper. But surely this art will never stop to amaze us and this is why we wanted to pay it a tribute through some very talented artists!

You are an artist yourself and would like to promote your work? Order our flyers or posters for your next exhibition!


Source: Katarina Pridavkova

by Katarina Pridavkova via behance.net
© Katarina Pridavkova

Dog Head Stool

Source: Paolo del Toro

by Paolo del Toro via behance.net
© Paolo del Toro

Mizuka Figure

Source: Atelier Sentô

by Atelier Sentô via behance.net
© Atelier Sentô


Source: Tamsin van Essen

by Tamsin van Essen
© Tamsin van Essen

Deconstruction of America

Source: Mike Campau

by Mike Campau via behance.net
© Mike Campau


Source: Erika Sanada

by Erika Sanada
© Erika Sanada

Leaves 3D

Source: Susanna Bauer

by Susanna Bauer
© Susanna Bauer

Carnival Paper – paper sculptures

Source: Carlos Meira

by Carlos Meira via behance.net
© Carlos Meira

Birds I’ve been

Source: Maude White

by Maude White
© Maude White

360°Book Sweet Home

Source: Yusuke Oono

by Yusuke Oono
© Yusuke Oono


Source: Edoardo Tresoldi

by Edoardo Tresoldi
© Edoardo Tresoldi

New NY Bridge Book Sculpture

Source: Wet Canvas

by Wet Canvas via deviantart.com
© Wet Canvas

Head of Goliath, Tribeca Park, Manhattan, NYC

Source: Nicolas Holiber

by Nicolas Holiber via behance.net
© Nicolas Holiber

DREAMS-Crocodile | 逐梦记-鳄

Source: Wang Ruilin 王 瑞琳

by Wang Ruilin 王 瑞琳 via behance.net
© Wang Ruilin 王 瑞琳

TWIST sculpture series (2014-15)

Source: holger lippmann

by holger lippmann via behance.net
© holger lippmann

a feral antiquity I

Source: Ellen Jewett
by Ellen Jewett
© Ellen Jewett


Source: Seung Mo Park

by Seung Mo Park
© Seung Mo Park


Source: selçuk yılmaz
by selçuk yılmaz via behance.net
© selçuk yılmaz


Source: Sergei Bobkov
by Sergei Bobkov
© Sergei Bobkov


Source: Ignacio Canal Aracil
by  Ignacio Canal Aracil
© Ignacio Canal Aracil

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


See What You Save | Video of the week

17.08.2015, 11:49

Save our planet!

Sometimes what we do, even if we don’t do it on purpose, even if we don’t want to arm anything or anyone can have big consequences on our environment. Surely you know paper shouldn’t be wasted and that it’s important to recycle it so that no more forests and natural habitats would be devastated like in the past.

Unfortunately, it still appears this concept is still hard to understand and this is why WWF wanted to catch people’s attention in this very clever and touching advert. Because at the end of the day, who are you arming when you’re wasting paper? Can you discover who will suffer from this behind the crumpled paper? Today some food for thought for our Video of the week!

30 examples of creative packaging

13.08.2015, 8:36

Judge the book by its cover!

To sell a good product, you have to think about so many things! You have to wonder how to advertise it, then market it toward potential customers, introduce it to your collaborators to sponsor it the best they can… this and the fact that you will need to create the best presentation possible once it will be on the market.

For this, designers and agencies put a lot of effort and creativity into beautiful and “out of the ordinary” designs, as it is vital for the product to stand out of the crowd.

We gathered some really good examples of creative packaging that will surely inspire you. May they also show you how awesome a product can be when this art is well done!


Source: Estúdio Cão, Thiago Gil Riboura

by Estúdio Cão, Thiago Gil Riboura via behance.net
© Estúdio Cão, Thiago Gil Riboura

Moon Fox

Source: Moon Fox

by Moon Fox via behance.net
© Moon Fox


Source: Mucho

by Mucho via behance.net
© Mucho


Source: Andrea Mangone

by Andrea Mangone via behance.netby Andrea Mangone via behance.net
© Andrea Mangone

Packaging // Micelle // Soap

Source: Maurizio Pagnozzi

by Maurizio Pagnozzi via behance.net
© Maurizio Pagnozzi

Heist & Roth

Source: Robinsson Cravents

by Robinsson Cravents via behance.net
© Robinsson Cravents

Make me some music

Source: Anna Katrin Karlsson

by Anna Katrin Karlssonvia behance.net
© Anna Katrin Karlsson

Dueling Grandmas

Source: Tré Seals

by Tré Seals via behance.net
© Tré Seals


Source: Sabbath Visuals, Javier Torres

by Sabbath Visuals, Javier Torres via behance.net
© Sabbath Visuals, Javier Torres


Source: Paris+Hendzel Studio

by Paris+Hendzel Studio via behance.net
© Paris+Hendzel Studio


Source: Paula Murarescu

by Paula Murarescu via behance.netby Paula Murarescu via behance.net
© Paula Murarescu

Premium Milk Packaging Design

Source: Martin Merino Ronda

by Martin Merino Ronda
© Martin Merino Ronda

Triticum barra de flama

Source: Lo Siento

by Lo Siento
© Lo Siento


Source: Lacy Kuhn

by Lacy Kuhn
© Lacy Kuhn

Whitebites Package Design

Source: Cecila Uhr

by Cecila Uhr
© Cecila Uhr


Source: Simon Laliberté
by Simon Laliberté via behance.net
© Simon Laliberté

Thelma’s: Branding

Source: Saturday MFG

by Saturday MFG
© Saturday MFG

Tea Concept

Source: Natalia Ponomareva
by Natalia Ponomareva
© Natalia Ponomareva

Urbex: Castle of Bonnelles

Source: Ben Thorpe
by Ben Thorpe
© Ben Thorpe

«Pasta la vista»


Juice Box

Source: Shin Seah
by Shin Seah via deviantart.com
© Shin Seah

Sushi packaging

Source: Steffer Rose 0622
by Steffer Rose 0622 via deviantart.com
© Steffer Rose 0622

Davy Jones packaging

Source: Ping
by Ping via deviantart.com
© Ping

CD Packaging: Glenn Miller

Source: Tin
by Tin via deviantart.com
© Tin

Boxer Pants Packaging

Source: Bayu Wiranagara
by Bayu Wiranagara via deviantart.com
© Bayu Wiranagara

Trata OnIce Packaging

Source: Beetroot
by Beetroot
© Beetroot


Source: Lucas Campoi, Plau Design, Dominique Kronemberger, Flora de Carvalho
by Lucas Campoi, Plau Design, Dominique Kronemberger, Flora de Carvalho via behance.net
© Lucas Campoi, Plau Design, Dominique Kronemberger, Flora de Carvalho

Packing of milk

Source: Andrey Plotnikov
by Andrey Plotnikov via behance.net
© Andrey Plotnikov


by ZUP ASSOCIATI via behance.netby ZUP ASSOCIATI via behance.net

Packing of milk

Source: Ian Gregory
by Ian Gregory via deviantart.com
© Ian Gregory

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Say Hailo to the 3 year old taxi driver | Video of the week

10.08.2015, 10:54

Quite the ride!

To celebrate its 3d year, Hailo a cab company, decided to surprise his customers as well as people in the streets. „Say Hailo to the 3 year old driver“ is a nice and funny campaign that involves a young boy driving one of the Hailo’s taxis, all of it being recorded on a camera. The people’s reaction is quite something as this little joke goes around spreading a lot of fun and joy in the city! Don’t miss out on a good laugh and enjoy our new Video of the Week!