Amstel: The first installation | Video of the week

12.08.2013, 12:30

When living and working in the city, sometimes it’s important to give yourself a break. Thats why Amstel gives you the chance to pause and reflect of whats gone by. Just take a moment to stop for 3 minutes in front of our stand and be rewarded a free beer.

33 Button tutorials which were created to click

07.08.2013, 15:04

Buttons are made for clicking, that’s what they’re for. But what shapes and colours  have the boldest impact? We’re here to show you 33 examples to make your decision a lot easier.

Whats more: For each example you can discover a tutorial just by clicking the image. So it is easy to understand the structure of the smallest interface elements.

Photoshop For Beginners: Creating buttons for web part 1

Designer: Sebastiano
Style: Glossy
Difficulty: 2 von 5

© Sebastiano

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Heineken – Departure Roulette | Video of the week

05.08.2013, 9:08

Imagine someone gives you a flight to a great holiday destination for free! The crux of the matter: You can not decide where it is going and you have to give up your originals plans because you have to flight immediately to the new destination. With its “Departure Roulette” at New Yorks JFK airport, Heineken found some crazy adventurers who got into the deal. Watch yourself what interesting destinations were selected. Would you have played the “Departure Roulette”?

Man Cut in half prank | Video of the week

29.07.2013, 9:53

Magician Andy Gross scares people with his “man cut in half”-illusion. The trick is amazing and one wonders how it works during the whole video. Enjoy watching!

30 incredible 3D character heads

24.07.2013, 10:04

If you apply as a 3D artist, you don´t need to have space ships or weapons in your portfolio. Unusual characters are real examples of your skills and they show the difference between newcomers and the talented ones. The following showcase is a great source of inspiration for you!

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O2 “Be more dog” commercial | Video of the week

22.07.2013, 10:12

A cat´s life can be very monotonous. Bored from it´s life, the cat in this video decides to be more dog and enjoy life. You have to see yourself how exciting a day in the life of a dog is ;)

30 modern UI design examples

17.07.2013, 9:52

A graphical user interface (UI) is the gateway between user and software. So the UI has to be user-friendly and self-explanatory and of course it´s great if it has a nice design. We collected 30 modern UI examples for your inspiration. Enjoy!

UI of engineering app

Designer: Sergey Valiukh

© Sergey Valiukh

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Total Access: Security camera | Video of the week

15.07.2013, 9:53

The customers of this gas station expect no service because of the good prices. While self-serving they perform some funny things. But you have to watch yourself. Enjoy the show ;)

Easy Lamb Roast | Video of the week

08.07.2013, 9:51

BMFAustralia shows that even tough guys act like a caring mum sometimes. Enjoy the video!