Say Hailo to the 3 year old taxi driver | Video of the week

10.08.2015, 10:54

Quite the ride!

To celebrate its 3d year, Hailo a cab company, decided to surprise his customers as well as people in the streets. „Say Hailo to the 3 year old driver“ is a nice and funny campaign that involves a young boy driving one of the Hailo’s taxis, all of it being recorded on a camera. The people’s reaction is quite something as this little joke goes around spreading a lot of fun and joy in the city! Don’t miss out on a good laugh and enjoy our new Video of the Week!

Beautiful low poly and 3D designs

06.08.2015, 8:57

A digital and creative world

Since computers were invented, we can safely say graphic design took an interesting and radical turn. More and more can we see some amazing artworks from some beautifully made gifs to incredible vector illustrations.
Today, we decided to focus on low poly and 3D designs! Another genre of the well-known digital art full of color and shapes, bursting with creativity! Enjoy!


Source: Arvind Kumar

by Arvind Kumar via
© Arvind Kumar


Source: Jona Dinges

by Jona Dinges via
© Jona Dinges

The story of Jerry Car

Source: Misha Petrick

by Misha Petrick via
© Misha Petrick

Pizza Car

Source: ( Pixego )

by ( Pixego ) via
© ( Pixego )


Source: Paul DOUARD

by Proj3ctM4yh3m

Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds

Source: Zsolt Varga, POSSIBLE CEE

by Zsolt Varga, POSSIBLE CEE via
© Zsolt Varga, POSSIBLE CEE

Twitch 2014 Recap (Illustrations)

Source: Timothy J. Reynolds

by Timothy J. Reynolds via
© Timothy J. Reynolds

Lowpoly island

Source: Mat Szulik

by Mat Szulik via
© Mat Szulik


Source: Simon Delart

by Simon Delart via
© Simon Delart

Double B Coffee

Source: Maxim Goudin, Illarion Gordon

by Maxim Goudin, Illarion Gordon via
© Maxim Goudin, Illarion Gordon

Sphere Trail

Source: Calder Moore

by Calder Moore via
© Calder Moore

Low Poly Portraits: Artists

Source: Giselle Manzano Ramírez

by Giselle Manzano Ramírez
© Giselle Manzano Ramírez


Source: Umberto Daina

by Umberto Daina
© Umberto Daina

Viking Life

Source: ben rc, MilkPresso Studio

by ben rc, MilkPresso Studio via
© ben rc, MilkPresso Studio

StoryTechnologies Isometric

Source: Brett Kromkamp

by Brett Kromkamp via
© Brett Kromkamp


Source: Osama Wahid
by Osama Wahid via
© Osama Wahid

Low-Poly Kaer Morhen

Source: Daniel Giangiulio

by Daniel Giangiulio via
© Daniel Giangiulio

Everyday Clay – A render a day

Source: Eric Smilde
by Eric Smilde via
© Eric Smilde

Macintosh Tribute – Think Different (Isometric)

Source: Jacob Ettinger
by Jacob Ettinger via
© Jacob Ettinger

Tiny Masters

Source: Fatima Ocampo
by Fatima Ocampo via
© Fatima Ocampo

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


How to create a beautiful cover for your book

04.08.2015, 8:22

Become a great writer!

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If you’re willing to conquer your readers with some high-quality printed books then search no further! We are now proposing you to create your own book, from start to finish! Here are the options we are offering:

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Sling TV TakeBackTV: Old TV Company | Video of the week

03.08.2015, 12:18

We won't bow down!

Do you remember being bullied at school? Or maybe you recall a friend of yours that went through that difficult situation? Do you have the impression your TV or cable subscription could treat you the same? This is what you see in this clever and funny advert: here the TV and cable persons are the bullies and subscribers are the victims. But don’t worry, all end very well! Enjoy!

More space for important information: notebooks!

28.07.2015, 9:32

For an efficient business!

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Whether during a sales meeting, a call or your busy office life: A lot of information need to be listed somewhere as soon as possible to prevent forgetting the most important things. You may often use a simple sheet of paper to write your notes in. But sooner than you think, this paper sheet might get lost – and what’s within too.

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Red Cross| First Aid #RappedUp Volume 1 | Video of the week

27.07.2015, 14:14

The kids are alright


Cry cry cry! Give give give!!
How many sorrowful adverts for fund raising campaigns have you seen so far? Advertising copywriters know how to reach their targets by playing with our sympathetic feelings. But, sometimes, a creative and original idea can produce a bigger impact. The new British Red Cross’s TV advert showing baby and kids hip-hop singers will make you dance and sing and why not, give give give!!!

25 beautiful examples of light painting

23.07.2015, 11:40

Shine a light!

According to its definition, „Light painting, or light drawing, is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or to shine a point of light directly at the camera.“ (wikipedia). This technique can help photographers create some wonderful and breath-taking light effects. But not only! They can write messages or words, draw animals, people, objects all of them shining with bright neon colors. A style that is absolutely fantastic and that we wanted to share with you for inspiration! Enjoy!


Source: Annalena Rilling

by Annalena Rilling via
© Annalena Rilling


Source: Laura Mateescu

by Laura Mateescu via
© Laura Mateescu

Painting with Fire

Source: Daniel Jimenez

by Daniel Jimenez via
© Daniel Jimenez




dENiZEN_shine a light for nature

Source: LICHTFAKTOR, Sasha Kisselkova, David Luepschen.

by LICHTFAKTOR, Sasha Kisselkova, David Luepschen. via
© LICHTFAKTOR, Sasha Kisselkova, David Luepschen.

„Machines“ At Full Speed



Lightpainting Night

Source: Guilherme Colosio, Victor Alvarenga, Lúcia Nobuyasu Guimaraes.

by Guilherme Colosio, Victor Alvarenga, Lúcia Nobuyasu Guimaraes via
© Guilherme Colosio, Victor Alvarenga, Lúcia Nobuyasu Guimaraes.

Old experiments

Source: Plamena Koeva, Nikolay Abadjiev.

by Plamena Koeva, Nikolay Abadjiev via
© Plamena Koeva, Nikolay Abadjiev.

Tatra Mountains II

Source: Q’bot Q’botcenko

by Q'bot Q'botcenko via
© Q’bot Q’botcenko

Lightpainting Fotografía

Source: Alejandro Velásquez Villa

by Alejandro Velásquez Villa via
© Alejandro Velásquez Villa


Source: LICHTFAKTOR, David Luepschen

by LICHTFAKTOR, David Luepschen via
© LICHTFAKTOR, David Luepschen

Light painting portrait

Source: Studio LightPainting

by Studio LightPainting via
© Studio LightPainting

Green Nightmares

Source: Deyan Stefanov

by Deyan Stefanov via
© Deyan Stefanov


Source: Ana Vilhena

by Ana Vilhena via
© Ana Vilhena

Another world

Source: Quentin Bischoff
by Quentin Bischoff via
© Quentin Bischoff


Source: Marco Fabri

by Marco Fabri via
© Marco Fabri

Enlightened Souls : Country Mice

Source: Fabrice Wittner
by Fabrice Wittner via
© Fabrice Wittner

Lightpainting – pollution

Source: orangeutan
by orangeutan via deviantart
© orangeutan

Résidence de printemps

Source: Le Brun Benjamin
Le Brun Benjamin via
© Le Brun Benjamin


Source: Andrew P

by Andrew P via
© Andrew P


Source: LICHTFAKTOR, David Luepschen, Jens Heinen

by LICHTFAKTOR, David Luepschen, Jens Heinen via
© LICHTFAKTOR, David Luepschen, Jens Heinen

Breakdance lightpainting

Source: versi1983

by versi1983 via
© versi1983

Light Calligraphy 2012 – 2015

Source: Julien Breton

by Julien Breton via
© Julien Breton

Let there be light

Source: Max LeNail

by Max LeNail via
© Max LeNail

Feria Patronal de La Antigua Guatemala

Source: Carlos Rodríguez

by Carlos Rodríguez via
© Carlos Rodríguez

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


The Great Escape, Graubünden Tourism |Video of the week

20.07.2015, 10:46

Take a trip to the mountains!

It’s Monday! We believe, as many commuters today, you took the train or bus to go to work at the busiest time of the day. All of this is very stressful!
Why not relax? Surely you’d be in need of some holidays? The weather is so nice outside so why not going somewhere more peaceful? This is exactly what this touristic agency is trying to do in this clever advert for people in Zurich. And the way it does it is one of the greatest social experiment ever put!

Most impressive manga and Japanese artworks

16.07.2015, 8:57

Be ready for an explosion of colors!

„Manga (漫画 Manga) are comics created in Japan, or by Japanese creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century.“ (wikipedia).
Since then a lot of people, being Japanese or not, have decided to follow this style that is now so popular all around the world! It is mostly recognizable by colourful atmospheres, fantasy universes and of course the peculiar aspect of its characters! This is why today we decided to gather some amazing manga and Japanese artworks, coming from a certain fandom or the pure imagination of its creator! We hope you will enjoy them!

Maes Hughes

Source: Kagaminoir

by Kagaminoir
© Kagaminoir

Spring Arrives (every year without fail)

Source: Yuko Shimizu

by Yuko Shimizu via
© Yuko Shimizu

Princess Mononoke:SAN

Source: kinjiru006

by kinjiru006
© kinjiru006

Beware Totoro

Source: Ana Mendes

by Ana Mendes
© Ana Mendes

Hey Celcia

Source: ionen

by ionen
© ionen

Attack On Titan

Source: Hilma Khuriroy

by Hilma Khuriroy via
© Hilma Khuriroy

La Follia

Source: Escente

by Escente via devianart.xom
© Escente

Carciphona – Duel

Source: shilin

by shilin via
© shilin


Source: cushart

by cushart via
© cushart

50k Kiriban: Vincent

Source: ae-rie

by ae-rie via
© ae-rie


Source: Kaze-Hime

by Kaze-Hime
© Kaze-Hime


Source: alchemaniac

by alchemaniac
© alchemaniac

Rainbow Circuit

Source: asuka111

by asuka111
© asuka111


Source: kirero1

by kirero1 via
© kirero1


Source: FeiGiap

© FeiGiap


Source: JaneMere
by JaneMere via
© JaneMere


Source: viki-vaki

by viki-vaki via
© viki-vaki

TheBeehive Pancake

Source: enpitsu
by enpitsu
© enpitsu

AC – Altair

Source: offrecord
by offrecord via
© offrecord

Ace Attorney

Source: Bethany Frye
by Bethany Frye via
© Bethany Frye

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Love freebies? Get them legally | Video of the week

14.07.2015, 14:35

It seems so easy... until what happens!

„Love freebies?“, this is certainly an appealing advert from Harvey Nichols that proposes us to get free stuff through a reward program. The way it promotes it however is extremely clever!
By showing us some security camera footage of people stealing goods, the shop warns us there is also a different way for their customers to be given items without paying for them. Sure you may still be tempted to do so at the end of the video at it seems pretty easy for those thieves to get away… but the end might prove you wrong!