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02.03.2015, 7:38

To deliver messages in an effective way

Smart businesses are always on the lookout for new ways and means to communicate their ideas, promotions or news. In this race to go higher and higher, some marketing techniques have stood the test of time and still continue to ensure the business message is well delivered. Without any doubt using Poster holders/Display boards to deliver messages is an effective and direct way to communicate with your potential customers.
As part of our new product range of advertising equipment and Large Format Printing products, we now offer high quality Poster holders/Display boards. Let’s have a look at their characteristics together.

We offer two types of Poster holders/Display boards for indoor and outdoor uses.

The indoor Poster holders/Display boards

The typical „A shape“ ensures this product a reliable stability and makes it appropriate to any indoor space. Besides, this product is so light, opening and closing without effort that it makes the stand easy to be moved from a place to another every time you need it.
The 4 available formats are perfectly suitable for any different types of communication. For instance, choose the smallest format for quick messages or decide upon the biggest format if you need a large picture and a long text.
Choose whether you want to order just a single print, an unprinted system or the entire package with a single print and system. Remember that you can also order a screen proof of your product so don’t miss this opportunity if you want to be 100% happy with the result!

Stand indoor


  • 841 x 594 mm A1
  • 1189 x 841 mm A0
  • 700 x 500 mm
  • 1000 x 700 mm
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The outdoor Poster holders/Display boards

Whether it is placed on the sidewalk, in the middle of a square or in the grass of a garden, the outdoor Poster holders/Display boards require a solid, heavy base to be protected against accidental hits, heavy rain or the wind. That’s why our Poster holders/Display boards include a plastic water tank (dimensions are 820 mm x 210 mm x 650 mm) that ensure a high level of stability and resistance thanks to a capacity of 37 liters.
We offer two types of format for the outdoor Poster holders/Display boards. Choose the one that better fits your advertising. Considering the different dimensions we’re offering is a good way to understand which one suits you best.


  • 841 x 594 mm A1
  • 1189 x 841 mm A0
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The Material

All our Poster holders/Display boards are made of a 230 µ banner lite material. This is a tear-proof, dimensionally stable, opaque polypropylene banner, resistant to water splashes.

230 µ banner lite

The frame is in aluminium and the advertising material, printed on as per CMYK requirements, is covered with an anti-reflective film protection that guarantees a long lasting life of your advertisement.


Indoor Poster holders/Display boards. Aluminium frame (Click to extend)

film protection

Indoor Poster holders/Display boards. Film protection (Click to extend)


Outdoor Poster holders/Display boards. Aluminium frame (Click to extend)

film protection

Outdoor Poster holders/Display boards. Film protection (Click to extend)


How can I use the Poster holders/Display boards? Tips and tricks!

  • If you have a little shop or a boutique go for the indoor Poster holders/Display boards. This is the best way to show promotions, new products, offers and unmissable bargains. You’ll impress your customers with no words! You can also use an outdoor stand, put it just at entrance and you’ll make sure people won’t resist to come in.
  • If you work in a pub, restaurant or bar display your menus on Poster holder/Display board. It will be more recognizable to everyone, including the people who are still queueing for a table.
  • Do you manage a club? Reveal what’s going on tonight like live events and new guest djs or remind everyone your closing hours. The Latin used to say „scripta manent“ so put down on the board of both indoor and outdoor Poster holders/Display boards the essential information that the crowd needs to know!
  • What about big companies? There are no events, no trade fairs, no marketing campaigns without the right equipment. Think about it! Our Poster holders/Display boards make marketing campaign dynamic, attention-grabbing, and productive. Their cost effectiveness makes them an ideal tool to reach out to the audience.

25 Years of Photoshop – Dream On | Video of the week

25.02.2015, 9:26

Happy birthday Photoshop!

Screenshot from

Adobe Photoshop recently celebrated its 25 years! Hooray and congratulations to one of the most efficient graphic design software in the world!
It’s fantastic all the things you can create with Photoshop: enhancing your wedding pictures, applying makeup on your model’s last photo portrait, and if you have a graphic tablet you can actually draw everything you like, giving it a nice natural feel as if you were using a real pen on a real piece of paper!

This video shows us how versatile this tool is and how easy it is to create something with Photoshop. We hope you’ll be very inspired for your next artistic work once you’ll see it! Enjoy!

Promote yourself and raise our Flags up

23.02.2015, 7:15

Raise your flag with print24!

In general, a flag is useful for showing the colors of your country, indicate the public spaces or support your national team… but that’s not all!
The difference between good and bad communication often lies in the details. Our Flags can be the key to success of your promotional campaign.

Flags are very popular advertising mediums. Tall enough to catch anyone’s attention, they undoubtedly ensure a significant visibility for any product and brand. The specificity of the flags is they are both used as retail advertisements and as signage.
With this line of products, our promotional flags/beach flags adapt themselves to all situations, surfaces, events and marketing objectives. The print24 promotional flags/beach flags benefit both from the brand’s competence but also the expertise and support of the largest fishing rods manufacturer in the world. The result: durable and flexible flags, stable and easy to use. In addition, they come with accessories ensuring their fastness, effectiveness and handiness at all times.

Pole Flag

Order Flags


As a practical and versatile floor display, the drop flag can be used in all types of presentations. Mostly aimed for outdoor events, it can prove itself useful in touristic places like beaches, ski resorts, in the terraces or near the windows of restaurants and shops. Drop flags can also be displayed inside any larger retail spaces as a signage for products or departments.
Which message could you print on it? The shape of this flag is perfectly suitable for square and round logos.

Where to use it?

  • Touristic places
  • Terraces of restaurants
  • Retail shops
Flag Drop
Flags Drop


Where to use it?

  • Exhibitions and fairs
  • Roadsides
  • Outdoor signages
Probably the most common format. The pole flag is used both in meetings, fairs or exhibitions of all kinds. Equally used for indoor and outdoor purposes, that type of flag is mainly visible in shows, exhibitions and trade fairs. As an advertising equipment, the Pole is displayed on roadsides to announce nearby malls or shops. It also works as signage like, for instance, at the building and company entrances, museums or castles.
What message to print on it? Its rectangle shape is perfect for… rectangular logos and text printing.
Flag Pole
Flags Pole


The tallest flag. Up to 5 meters high, its large surface is perfectly adapted to the difficult conditions. Of course, this flag is mainly recommended for outdoor events: sports, tourism, holidays, exhibitions… Can also be useful as a signage for buildings and companies.
Which message could you print on it? Any kind of logos as it is a perfect support for images and templates.

Where to use it?

  • Outdoor events
  • Sport, tourism
  • Signage for buildings
Flag Wing
Flags Wing


The promotional flags/beach flags are a 110 gsm bunting which confers a great resistance, this material is also fireproof. With their various bases, the flags can equally be used indoors (we recommend the aluminium cross base) and outdoors (we recommend the steel plate base). Despite the wide surfaces, the flags require only one person to be set up. This is mostly due to the quality of the accessories coming along with the flags.
Keep in mind that the 110 gsm bunting will have your design printed on one side. This design will also be visible from the other side but with a more blurred effect.

Bunting Flags


Since the products are meant to be used anytime and anywhere, they come with reliable and handy accessories. The flags are delivered with several items for an easy installation as well as guaranteeing an easy transport. Made of reliable components, it won’t take more than 5 minutes for you to assemble these accessories altogether. The flags stand higher and longer thanks to the print24 high-quality.

The accessories in a few words

  • Stability
  • Sustainability
  • Flexibility
  • Resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Practical
  • Easy
  • Unique

A) Carry bag
As its name suggests, the bag can carries the flag and all the mounting parts. Composed of a main pocket for the flag and exterior pockets for accessories, the carry bag has a very efficient storage system.

B) Fiberglass rod
Arrow-shaped, this rod is a very handy and solid system. Inserted inside the folded part of the flag, the rod maintains it thanks to its plastic hooks while its fiberglass body guarantees a stunning resistance. Very flexible, it is the result of research from the first worldwide fishing rods manufacturer.

C) Cantilever arm (Pole)
Adapting perfectly to the rectangular shape of the pole flag, the cantilever arm gives it a stable support. Only available in size S, M and L.

D) Knob (Wing and Drop)
As a handle, the knob ensures the attachment of the wings and drops flags while preventing them from being pierced. Only one person is required to move and direct it.

Order your Flags

30 artistic animated GIFs

19.02.2015, 8:24

When images are alive!

Since the beginning of the Internet, we’ve been able to see, popping up every once in a while and then more and more often, a new type of medium. This medium called GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), slowly developed itself to the point where it’s now considered as a solid form of art, alongside artworks, videos or photographs.

There can be all sorts of GIFs! Those taken from videos, those being cinemagraphs where only on or a few elements will be animated, and those requiring artistic skills.
These are the ones we’re proposing you today as we gathered 30 artistic animated GIFs for your inspiration!

Happy 2015 animated gif

Source: Tom Haugomat

by Tom Haugomat via
© Tom Haugomat

7 Days Loop

Source: Radio

by Radio via
© Radio

Gif Animation Collection

Source: Duong Tran

by Duong Tran via
© Duong Tran



by STUDIOJQ Photography via

Winter Story

Source: Oamul Lu

by Oamul Lu via
© Oamul Lu

Selected Gifs

Source: Nancy Liang

by Nancy Liang via
© Nancy Liang

Self Promotional Work

Source: Rafael Varona

by Rafael Varona by
© Rafael Varona

“Back in the Days “ Lettering + Gif

Source: Aleksandr / Tuf / Bykov

by Aleksandr / Tuf / Bykov via
© Aleksandr / Tuf / Bykov


Source: Eran Hilleli

by Eran Hilleli via
© Eran Hilleli

LOGO Technologic Inventions

Source: Ercan Nailoglu

by Ercan Nailoglu via
© Ercan Nailoglu

The X Files

Source: Lucile Patron

by Lucile Patron via
© Lucile Patron

Veilig Internetten

Source: Jing Zhang

by Jing Zhang  via
© Jing Zhang

Woolly and Shaggy – Gifs

Source: Lynn Chen

by Lynn Chen via
© Lynn Chen


Source: Patricia Mafra

by Patricia Mafra via
© Patricia Mafra

Your Favorite Day of the Fall

Source: Tania Yakunova

by Tania Yakunova via
© Tania Yakunova

Tiresia of the Eye

Source: Xulia Vicente
by Xulia Vicente via
© Xulia Vicente

Animated map – HAST

Source: Guillaume Kurdjian

by Guillaume Kurdjian via
© Guillaume Kurdjian

Das Kreative Haus

Source: Burkhard Müller
by Burkhard Müller via
© Burkhard Müller

One cat’s animated adventure in Paris /

Source: Charlotte Smith
by Charlotte Smith via
© Charlotte Smith

Octo animated gifs

Source: Fede Cook
by Fede Cook via
© Fede Cook

Waiting Time

Source: Maria Chiara Banchini
by Maria Chiara Banchini via
© Maria Chiara Banchini

Character’s animation

Source: Andrew Nesterov
by Andrew Nesterov via
© Andrew Nesterov

Miscellaneous pictures

Source: Alexander Zavrin
by Alexander Zavrin via
© Alexander Zavrin

The people of Jerusalem (animated gif)

Source: Pierre Kleinhouse
by Pierre Kleinhouse via
© Pierre Kleinhouse

Fictional Neon Lights

Source: Alejandro Smal
by Alejandro Smal via
© Alejandro Smal

Hidden Typography

Source: mounstar
by mounstar via
© mounstar


Source: Dusan Cesek
by Dusan Cesek via
© Dusan Cesek

Solo gif animations #1

Source: Solo Studio
by Solo Studio via
© Solo Studio

Way Out II (full version)

Source: Yukai Du
by Yukai Du via
© Yukai Du

Alphabet Town

Source: Omar Shammah
by Omar Shammah via
© Omar Shammah

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Honda HR-V: Dreamrun | Video of the week

18.02.2015, 9:21

Talk about a nightmare!

Screenshot from

Have you ever had the impression something isn’t quite right in your life? Why are those policemen yelling at you as it seems you’ve done nothing wrong? Why are you suddenly in your car and a dog is actually talking to you?
You might then be having what we call a „lucid dream“ where everything seems so crazy you might indeed BE in a dream! It isn’t real and you will wake up as soon as you’re ready for it!

This is exactly what’s happening to this young man in this clever commercial. He is indeed in a state of lucid dream where everyone (talking dog included) is urging him to wake up. The way he does is actually quite spectacular. But we won’t say too much and will let you enjoy this funny video!

Discover our new signboards and banners

16.02.2015, 7:41

Make your advertising even bigger!

Personalized printed signboards and banners are one of the most popular advertising options. The spaces you haven’t used before, such as building facades or walls, suddenly become advertising spaces. Our many different materials offer unlimited possibilities: Whether it be for a short-term use like an event, for a weather-proof advertising on scaffolding or for longer-term display of information i.e. in doctors‘ offices – we offer you a wide range of high-quality signboards and banners!

Overview of our products and materials:

Akylite – a cost-effective alternative for short-term use


  • Polypropylene
  • Tear-proof
  • 100% recyclable
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Election advertising, event posters

You are looking for an affordable option to advertise your next event? Then our Akylite, a 100 % recyclable polypropylene panel , is just what you need!

Akylite will impress you by its light weight as well as its high stability and resistance . This 2.5mm thick sign has 4 corner bore holes

making it easy to hang with the help of cables. It can then be put on a lamppost, for instance.

Akylite signboards are tear-proof , suitable both for indoor and outdoor uses as well as being the ideal solution for short-term promotional purposes!

Order your Akylite sign


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20 examples of surreal art and photos

12.02.2015, 14:43

Be disconnected from reality!

It’s hard sometimes to be disconnected from our world and not to think about our daily life in general. It can also be quite of a routine between the transport, our work and coming back home to sleep. This is maybe why we sometimes need to escape and to see something else elsewhere.

Just like Alice following the white rabbit, we invite you to immerse into a fantastic world of creations and fantasies, where imagination go wild and there’s no space for reason! A world that people would have only thought about in their strangest dreams, something that will fascinate you all, or so we hope!

Discover the surreal arts of those incredible and talented persons, these being a painting, a photo, a sculpture or even an animated gif!


Gardener’s Garden

Source: Jacek Yerka

by Jacek Yerka
© Jacek Yerka

Animal Traffic

Source: Tomasz Zaczeniuk

by Tomasz Zaczeniuk via
© Tomasz Zaczeniuk


Source: Sedkhi Alimam

by Sedkhi Alimam via
© Sedkhi Alimam

Cosmogony 2

Source: Victor Fota

by Victor Fota via
© Victor Fota

Soul of Forest

Source: Uldus Bakhtiozina

by Uldus Bakhtiozina
© Uldus Bakhtiozina

The Immortal Connection

Source: Bassam Allam

by Bassam Allam via flickr
© Bassam Allam


Source: Oleg Oprisco

by Oleg Oprisco via 500px
© Oleg Oprisco


Source: Kindra Nikole

by Kindra Nikole
© Kindra Nikole


Source: Gediminas Pranckevicius

by Gediminas Pranckevicius via
© Gediminas Pranckevicius

Color Water

Source: Darius Klimczak

by Darius Klimczak via
© Darius Klimczak

Do Animals Think?

Source: Lucas Doerre

by Lucas Doerre via
© Lucas Doerre

The Aquatic

Source: Anka Zhuravleva

by Anka Zhuravleva via
© Sepra4life

Classic Artwork Collages

Source: Marko Köppe

by Marko Köppe via
© Marko Köppe

Odd Pears Campaign

Source: Leta Sobierajski

by Leta Sobierajski via
© Leta Sobierajski

Pater – 2014 + Film

Source: Joe Fenton
by Joe Fenton via
© Joe Fenton

Coctel Demente

Source: Isabel Chiara

by Isabel Chiara via
© Isabel Chiara

Recent Artwork I

Source: Flora Borsi
by Flora Borsi via
© Flora Borsi


Source: Flux Machine
by Flux Machine via tumblr
© Flux Machine


Source: Weston Doty
by Weston Doty via
© Weston Doty

Purse of Denmark

Source: jiyuseki
by jiyuseki via
© jiyuseki

The Lighthouse

Source: Ian Stone
by Ian Stone via
© Ian Stone

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Invisible Mindy Kaling Nationwide | Video of the week

11.02.2015, 9:08

An invisible woman!

Screenshot from

How great would it be to be invisible! Can you think about what you’d do? Would you go for a swim in the middle of Central Park unnoticed? Would you go for some shopping knowing you don’t have to pay… so this would be stealing? Would you go naked on the beach and enjoy a little bit of sun?

This is what this funny and clever commercial wants to show us today: Mindy Kaling is wandering the streets, invisible and unnoticed, doing absolutely what she wants. Or… is she? Enjoy this video as the end is quite amazing!

How to choose the right rollup-banner or L-banner

09.02.2015, 8:42

Large Format Printing

Spring, the busiest time of the year for trade shows and events, is rapidly approaching and for this year we have great news to give you. Apart from the flyers, business cards and the rest of our printing products we’re now offering you our brand new product range: advertising equipment and Large Format Printing Products with two top-sellers for events: roller banners or L-banners. Those are two great and adaptable options really easy to set up.

Roller banners

The roller banners’ format is a great solution whenever you wish to show your business and advertise your products or services. They are two meters high for a better visibility and you can also choose the more suitable width for your space.

They are really convenient, easy to transport and the installation takes no longer than a few minutes. The roller banners include a panel, some aluminium rubber sections, a triple segmented rod and a carrying bag, making sure it is well-protected when travelling.

A great option to use in trade fairs, as an info board or for presentations.


Order your displays


  • 800 x 2000 mm
  • 850 x 2000 mm
  • 1000 x 2000 mm
  • 1200 x 2000 mm
  • 1500 x 2000 mm


Roller banners

Click on the picture to extend

Roller banners

Click on the picture to extend
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