Snickers: Mr Bean Kung Fu | Video of the week

06.10.2014, 9:47

Kung-fu Mr Bean!

Screenshot from

Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Donnie Yen,… those are masters of Kung-fu, a wonderful martial art!
In this commercial, the night is silent, so are those fighters, being careful nobody will notice them.
Now, imagine some very special guest is following them… You got it! It’s our so British and funny Mr Bean! But what is he doing there? You’ll discover that, sometimes, you’re not completely yourself and that you might need a little snack to make you feel better!

The best of the best – 15 examples of mind-blowing creativity

01.10.2014, 9:08

Ideas not to forget!

If you are reading this you probably know that we are a printing company and we have a very cool blog about marketing, design and creativity. This means that we get to see a seriously high number of creative works every single day. After a while, you realize that some of them have stuck with you.

This doesn’t mean that the particular examples that we remember are the most amazing works of art ever created by humankind. That’s not the point. What it does mean and the reason it matters is that there was something in them that stroke a chord even in people that get to see hundreds of amazing and creative pieces of art and design on a daily basis. You see, this is one seriously impressive graphic power. And that’s our business!

And so, which are these powerful pieces of creativity that we cannot forget? Well, take a look by yourself!

Adam Lupton’s Artwork

Artist: Adam Lupton
by Adam Lupton via
© Adam Lupton

Impossible Bottles

Artist: Rafael Varona
by Rafael Varona via
© Rafael Varona

3D Printed Sugar Cubes

Artist: The Sugar Lab
by The Sugar Lab via
© The Sugar Lab

Laser Cut Paper Art

Artist: Eric Standley

Virginia Tech: Eric Standley from virginiatech on Vimeo.

Outstandingly Realistic Miniature Food

Artist: FairChildMiniatures
by FairChildMiniatures via
© FairChildMiniatures

Miniature Crochet Animals

Artist: SuAmi
by SuAmi via
© SuAmi

Whisky 3D on the rocks

Artist: Suntory Whisky

Double Exposure Portraits

Artist: Dan Mountford
by Dan Mountford via
© Dan Mountford

MELODY® • NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto®

Artist: Alexandra Bruel
by Alexandra Bruel via
© Alexandra Bruel


Artist: Ruslan Khasanov

Warm-Up from Ruslan Khasanov on Vimeo.


Artist: Minga
by Minga via
© Minga

CUBEN 2010

Artist: Simon C Page
by Simon C Page via
© Simon C Page

Weekly Chalkboard Quotes

Artist: Dangerdust
by via

Pawel Kuczynski Political Posters

Artist: Pawel Kuczynski
by Pawel Kuczynski via
© Pawel Kuczynski

OAKOAK Street Art

Artist: OAKOAK
by OAKOAK via

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Thomson advert ‘A film about a smile’ (Bohemian Rhapsody) | Video of the week

29.09.2014, 10:48

Find out what makes you smile!

Screenshot from

Like this teddy bear, we all have hard times. Life is difficult but we’re bracing ourselves, we’re making our best, knowing good things are yet to come. Yes, sometimes it’s not easy to put a smile on our face…

This advert actually put one on ours. Happiness is so simple to find it’s sometimes just one step ahead. And sometimes, you even need to leave home and work to treat yourself with some holidays. You might even meet your special someone and share some awesome time!

Like this teddy bear, find out what makes you smile the most by watching our new video of the week:

20 Perfect Examples of Underwater Photography

26.09.2014, 14:39

Somewhat frightening but absolutely mesmerizing

Underwater photography is a type of photography that is becoming more and more popular every day. No complains here, some of these shoots are true and absolute art. The special effects enabled by the refraction of the light as it travels through the water, the otherwise impossible poses that make us dream about taking a trip to our fantasies, the absolutely stunning underwater landscapes.

It really is difficult to imagine a more fantastic kind of image. That is, choosing our favorite among the following examples. We dare you to try. They are all so majestic that choosing one is virtually impossible!

Life Below The Surface

Source: Staudinger + Franke & Andreas Franke

by Staudinger + Franke & Andreas Franke via
© Staudinger + Franke & Andreas Franke

Endi & The Drunken Sailor

Source: Micah Reese

by Micah Reese via
© Micah Reese


Source: AngelikA Fürstler

by AngelikA Fürstler via
© AngelikA Fürstler


Source: Markolf Zimmer

by Markolf Zimmer via
© Markolf Zimmer

Source: Sarah Lee

by Sarah Lee via
© Sarah Lee

Rock N Roll Underwater Shoot

Source: Michael Howard

by Michael Howard via
© Michael Howard

Fish Heads

Source: Tim Tadder

by Tim Tadder via
© Tim Tadder


Source: Mutlu Kurtbas

by Mutlu Kurtbas via
© Mutlu Kurtbas

Island Era

Source: Jaymi Britten

by Jaymi Britten via
© Jaymi Britten

Underwater Editorial

Source: Susanne Stemmer

by Susanne Stemmer via
© Susanne Stemmer

Sense Art Of Underwater

Source: Oonk Madourart

by Oonk Madourart via
© Oonk Madourart


Source: Jirka Pop

by Jirka Pop via
© Jirka Pop

Underwater Life

Source: Jhump Photography

by Jhump Photography via
© Jhump Photography

Stingrays and a Girl

Source: Elena Kalis

by Elena Kalis via
© Elena Kalis

The Sea To Tir Na Nog

Source: Ilse Moore

by Ilse Moore via
© Ilse Moore


Source: Elena Kalis

by Elena Kalis via
© Elena Kalis

Underwater Photography

Source: Micha Panesar

by Micha Panesar via
© Micha Panesar

Source: Flora Borsi
by Flora Borsi via
© Flora Borsi

Looking Glass

Source: Elena Kalis
by Elena Kalis via
© Elena Kalis

The Underwater Project

Source: Mark Tipple
by Mark Tipple via
© Mark Tipple

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


The Dancing Traffic Light | Video of the week

22.09.2014, 9:41

Dance until it's green!

Screenshot from

In a big city, everyone is in a hurry, walking fast or even running not to miss a train, a bus, an appointment… This makes our lives even more at risk when you think we’re sometimes quite tempted to cross when the traffic light is red.
This clever commercial really understood the problem and decided to make people wait until it’s their time to cross. But not only! People will do more than waiting… they will be dancing alongside a very ingenious traffic light system.

Go and check it for a good laugh!

35 handwritten fonts for sweeping results

17.09.2014, 9:20

Simple, effective and beautiful

Handwritten fonts appear lighter and more fluid than usual and also easier to understand. That’s in fact their purpose! As such, we can usually see them in birthday invitations, headlines in comics or cool party flyers. Too serious text styles would be out of place.

We found 35 handwritten fonts to help you achieve sweeping, and amazing, results. They are all meant for private purposes. The commercial use of the respective copyright should be addressed directly.

Read the rest of this entry »

The Boy Who Beeps – GE Industrial Internet | Video of the week

15.09.2014, 11:14

Industry is a beep away!

Screenshot from

We are all different. We can all bring something to this world and make it work a little bit better. This young boy has a fantastic power: he can communicate with machines. You would think that’s a burden, that he’s doomed to stay away from other people: well, not at all as this “Boy who Beeps” uses his power to build a better and safer high-tech world. An amazing commercial that makes you think about anyone’s place on Earth and that we all speak the same language once it comes to progress!

Win the new iPhone 6!

11.09.2014, 13:27

Our new amazing competition!

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Win the new iPhone6!

Order ring binders for free now!

10.09.2014, 11:15

Personalise your office

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Into The Storm – Crazy Augmented Reality Outdoor | Video of the week

08.09.2014, 11:54

City with a twist!

Screenshot from

When reality meets fiction! This is such an incredible effect and this is also so clever as a commercial! Imagine you’re walking in the street, everything’s fine, birds are singing and then… BAM! A storm is destroying your city!
Don’t worry, this isn’t as awful as it appears as this is only happening inside a display. Watch the video to learn more: