28 amazing vintage Christmas ads

18.12.2013, 10:11

We all love Christmas! Sometimes, we also love Christmas advertisement. Yes, it is marketing, but truth be said some have an undeniable sense of hope and happiness, and others are just too fun as to not smile. In this article, we have prepared for you 28 beautiful Christmas ads from the 40s and 50s.

Take a look at them and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Zippo, 1952

Source: Christmas 1952 Zippo lighter advertisement

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WestJet Christmas Miracle | Video of the week

16.12.2013, 9:54

Imagine that you are standing at the airport prior to departure and Santa asks you what do you want for Christmas. Would you expect more from it? Probably not. You would probably just join everyone else in the plane and fly away. This is exactly what the people in this video did. For these passengers however, something was different.

They experienced a true Christmas miracle! How? Why? Well. Canadian airline WestJet made their wishes come true, giving them everything that they’d asked to Santa in the departing airport. Not surprisingly, the reactions are really worth seeing.

Have fun watching!

Really incredibly inspiring examples of Facebook timeline photos

11.12.2013, 10:15

Facebook is currently the largest social network. Naturally, you can find all kind of people in it, some of them very “creative”. Amongst them, some persons strive to create beautiful, inspiring, or even funny, Facebook Timeline Photos.

You would think there is not much room to do something creative with Facebook’s Timeline Photos. You would be wrong. Very wrong. On the contrary, you will see how the timeline images below are not only aesthetically pleasing but also interact perfectly with the profile photo.

Additionally, the article will give you some tutorials, tips and tricks that will invite you to try.

Come on, take a look and enjoy – we certainly did!

Antonio Fadda

Designer: Antonio Fadda

© Antonio Fadda

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Dorito’s “Finger Cleaner” | Video of the week

09.12.2013, 10:26

Controversial videos are an art. Some love them, some hate them. The latest Dorito commercial is certainly one of these. In it, a Dorito-lover discovers the most interesting “finger cleaning” machine… the trick is, it only works with Doritos.

Don’t let us ruin the surprise though, watch it for yourself!

20 high-quality vexel-examples and tips to create your own vexel-designs

04.12.2013, 9:56

The word ‘vexel’ comes from mixing the words ‘vector’ and ‘pixel’. In this technique the idea is to give the appearance of a vector image from what was originally a pixel image. To make it work, for example, lines are traced or effects applied to reduce color and scale to make this work.

We have researched 20 inspiring examples for you and present you with some outstandingVexel tutorials to get started immediately. Pay particular attention to the hair, which shows the typical eighth Vexel-line style.

Believe us, the examples below will amaze you. Keep on reading!


Designer: Cristiano Siqueira

© Cristiano Siqueira

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Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme | Video of the week

02.12.2013, 9:53

What would happen if you blend together the power of a truck and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s strength? Volvo has mixed up both “ingredients” with a superb result. The Belgian actor carries out his famous split between two reversing trucks. Is this possible? Watch it and see the final result! .

30+1 Outstanding photo manipulations for your inspiration

27.11.2013, 10:10

Thanks to the many possibilities opened by Photoshop, it is possible to master the art of photo-manipulation. Indeed, Photoshop gives many artists the necessary tools to create fascinating compositions. Whereas manipulations are done from photos of people or from abstract ideas, behind them there is a brilliant, curious, and artistic mind able to render images worthy of a fairy tale.

For your inspiration, we have collected 30+1 really outstanding photo manipulations. These artists make the master class of the Photoshop league. Take a look at them and inspire yourself with their creativity!


Artist: Martin Grohs
Website: martin-grohs.com

© Martin Grohs

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GoldieBlox’s “Princess Machine” | Video of the week

25.11.2013, 10:11

UPDATE (28.11.13): We really loved this video, however, GoldieBlox was forced to take the video offline due to legal reasons. Worry not, another awesome video is coming soon!

Girls can do science too! Is that “too” even necessary? No way! In this video, 3 girls get bored from the stereotype image of what fun-for-girls looks like and decide to arrange a truly amazing domino-like “Princess Machine” game. The result? One of the coolest videos we’ve seen this year! Yes indeed. Girls can do science! Big time!

Take a look and enjoy!

Osmosis – Contemporary Art in Rome

20.11.2013, 10:09

“The best art is the one produced in times of great change, times of uncertainty, moments of economic crisis. ” – Domenico Romeo.

Domenico's Work

Photo by Claudia Grasso

The exhibition of contemporary art OSMOSIS, organized by the LUISS Master of Art, is held in Rome from the 1st and until the 28 th of November 2013, at the Tiburtina station. The objective of the exhibition is to photograph, through art, a moment of reality – and in particular the climate of uncertainty created by the economic crisis.

The location within the Tiburtina station is a very conscious choice. The station plays the role of a large square in the middle of a very important crossroad, a public meeting place where to spend time and enjoy a passion for collecting.

Domenico Romeo is one of the artists who took part with his new work “Selezione Innaturale” (Unnatural Selection) .

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Discover Yourope | Video of the week

18.11.2013, 10:35

Would you like to take a vacation on this holiday season? We would! In the meanwhile, this very neat interactive video from British Airways is the closest thing to actually traveling. In it you will be able to select your destination, as well as what you want to do whilst over there – through links provided on screen. Just remember to pay attention and click on the options before the video ends, otherwise you will miss your connection.

Try it! It’s actually rather cool!

And of course, enjoy and have a safe trip!