24 impressive geometric designs

10.04.2013, 10:20

This showcase features some breath-taking examples of geometric graphic designs and illustrations.
Get inspired and enjoy these artworks!


Quelle: Jacopo Biorcio

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Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon “Test Drive” commercial | Video of the week

08.04.2013, 11:22

You might already have seen this awesome Pepsi commercial. NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon pretends to be an insecure customer and went on a test drive with an innocent car salesman. After a bumpy start he shows his skills off. The car salesman is not very amused. See the video for the entire story!

30 Helpful Water Effect Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop

03.04.2013, 10:25

It’s quite easy to simulate water and underwater scenes with Photoshop. The following water effect tutorials show the diversity of the element which can be used in compositions. Simply follow the instructions step-by-step.

You’ll be able to create rooms and streets which are drowned in water, people or clothes which are replaced by water and exciting and unusual creations e.g. a fish which escapes from a TV or a vivid ocean in a wine bottle. Get inspired!

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Litter Genie “Me Luvz Mahselfz” commercial | Video of the week

02.04.2013, 11:41

Litter Genie® brand presents tomcat Walter in their latest commercial. Enjoy the decadent purring sound of Walter and the lap Cats!

200+ Easter and Spring resources

27.03.2013, 10:33

Spring’s just around the corner and it’s only a few days left until Easter. We gathered over 200 beautiful and helpful resources e.g. icons, brushes, textures for your next project.

Happy Easter!


Quelle: Romenigps

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DIESEL + EDUN : Studio Africa commercial | Video of the week

25.03.2013, 11:09

The new Diesel commercial let you forget the cold weather and just want to make you dance.
The dancing crowd presents the new Diesel collection which was made in cooperation with the fashin-brand EDUN in Africa. Enjoy this encouraging video!

33 Photoshop actions to save time

20.03.2013, 10:56

If you want to automate processes in Adobe Photoshop you should definitely use actions. It’s great to record recurring steps to save time. It’s also fascinating to try different complex actions from other designers. We gathered different Photoshop actions for color manipulations and special effects which will help you to achieve great results. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to comment and leave your suggestions!

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Carlsberg “Standing up for a friend” commercial | Video of the week

18.03.2013, 9:32

Imagine your best friend’s calling in the middle of the night to tell you he’s gotten in real trouble. He lost a huge amount of money in a poker game and he wants you to bring him some money asap. Would you help him?

Carlsberg put some friendships to the test. Watch this funny video to see how it turned out! Enjoy!

44 amazing package designs

13.03.2013, 10:28

It’s unbelievable how package designs can be so various and creative as shown in this showcase. We’ve already shown you several design collections like here and here but it is always nice to find some new great designs.

Good package design have to match the product as well as the targeted customer to achieve his attention. Furthermore it needs to be stackable and easy to carry.
We collected 44 examples you shouldn’t miss. We would totally buy them in the supermarket. Would you do so too?

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BIC 4 Colours “Crammed” commercial | Video of the week

11.03.2013, 11:49

Did you ever own a 4-color ballpoint pen? And did you ever try to use 2 colors at the same time? BIC shows in their latest commercial what happens if you do so. Enjoy watching!