Most impressive manga and Japanese artworks

16.07.2015, 8:57

Be ready for an explosion of colors!

„Manga (漫画 Manga) are comics created in Japan, or by Japanese creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century.“ (wikipedia).
Since then a lot of people, being Japanese or not, have decided to follow this style that is now so popular all around the world! It is mostly recognizable by colourful atmospheres, fantasy universes and of course the peculiar aspect of its characters! This is why today we decided to gather some amazing manga and Japanese artworks, coming from a certain fandom or the pure imagination of its creator! We hope you will enjoy them!

Maes Hughes

Source: Kagaminoir

by Kagaminoir
© Kagaminoir

Spring Arrives (every year without fail)

Source: Yuko Shimizu

by Yuko Shimizu via
© Yuko Shimizu

Princess Mononoke:SAN

Source: kinjiru006

by kinjiru006
© kinjiru006

Beware Totoro

Source: Ana Mendes

by Ana Mendes
© Ana Mendes

Hey Celcia

Source: ionen

by ionen
© ionen

Attack On Titan

Source: Hilma Khuriroy

by Hilma Khuriroy via
© Hilma Khuriroy

La Follia

Source: Escente

by Escente via devianart.xom
© Escente

Carciphona – Duel

Source: shilin

by shilin via
© shilin


Source: cushart

by cushart via
© cushart

50k Kiriban: Vincent

Source: ae-rie

by ae-rie via
© ae-rie


Source: Kaze-Hime

by Kaze-Hime
© Kaze-Hime


Source: alchemaniac

by alchemaniac
© alchemaniac

Rainbow Circuit

Source: asuka111

by asuka111
© asuka111


Source: kirero1

by kirero1 via
© kirero1


Source: FeiGiap

© FeiGiap


Source: JaneMere
by JaneMere via
© JaneMere


Source: viki-vaki

by viki-vaki via
© viki-vaki

TheBeehive Pancake

Source: enpitsu
by enpitsu
© enpitsu

AC – Altair

Source: offrecord
by offrecord via
© offrecord

Ace Attorney

Source: Bethany Frye
by Bethany Frye via
© Bethany Frye

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Love freebies? Get them legally | Video of the week

14.07.2015, 14:35

It seems so easy... until what happens!

„Love freebies?“, this is certainly an appealing advert from Harvey Nichols that proposes us to get free stuff through a reward program. The way it promotes it however is extremely clever!
By showing us some security camera footage of people stealing goods, the shop warns us there is also a different way for their customers to be given items without paying for them. Sure you may still be tempted to do so at the end of the video at it seems pretty easy for those thieves to get away… but the end might prove you wrong!

Portrait flags and fabric banners for your advertising

08.07.2015, 9:21

New products for your business

p24 photo products

With the introduction of the portrait flags and fabric banners we are glad to strengthen our range of products as for the advertising and promotion of brands. These products are in fact ideal for events, trade fairs and conferences to highlight logos, company’s names and messages. Below we explain in detail how to use the portrait flags and the fabric banners to succeed in any promotional activity.

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McDonald’s: Lonely Hearts | Video of the week

07.07.2015, 10:05

Love at first sight?

Do you remember your first date? How do you remember it? Was it a little bit difficult because you were not knowing each other very well? Was it easy because what you liked she or he immediately liked as well?
In this charming commercial, you will see that this young couple’s first date is not as simple and enjoyable as they thought it would. But then something happens and this turns out to be a whole different story!

Food designs for your restaurant or coffeeshop

02.07.2015, 10:35

Good food for thought!

Nowadays, images are everything! Like we say: „a picture is worth a thousand words“ and it’s more and more true in our lives everyday. You cannot walk on a street and not see large panels advertising this or this product. Like every company a restaurant, coffeeshop or bar needs advertising in order to get as many customers as possible. And for this what better option to use than pictures and nice designs?

Today, we propose you to have a look at some creative designs and photos of food products! Be inspired by those artists and maybe you could create your next posters, menu cards or place mats place mats for your restaurant, coffeeshop or bar!

This is How We Vegas

Source: Marmalade Bleue

by Marmalade Bleue via
© Marmalade Bleue

Dublin’s Eat’O’Nomics

Source: Peter Donnelly

by Peter Donnelly via
© Peter Donnelly

Seis Chiles — Mexican Cuisine.

Source: Sabbath Visuals

by Sabbath Visuals via
© Sabbath Visuals

Jucy Lu

Source: Dany V Sanchez, El Autobus

by Dany V Sanchez, El Autobus via
© Dany V Sanchez, El Autobus

Beautiful China Town

Source: MATHERY studio

by MATHERY studio via
© MATHERY studio

Food Shot

Source: Yosef Refaeli

by Yosef Refaeli via
© Yosef Refaeli

Leggo’s Providore Series

Source: Electric Art

by Electric Art via
© Electric Art

Food illustrations for Campus-cooking

Source: Natalia Tyulkina

by Natalia Tyulkina via
© Natalia Tyulkina

A Yummy Curated Gallery 2014

Source: Chris LaBrooy

by Chris LaBrooy via
© Chris LaBrooy


Source: Wafaa Samir

by Wafaa Samir via
© Wafaa Samir

Spaghetti Western

Source: Adrian & Gidi

by Adrian & Gidi via
© Adrian & Gidi

food (2)

Source: Peechaya Burroughs

by Peechaya Burroughs via
© Peechaya Burroughs

Spilled milk: still life with twisted splashes

Source: Dina Belenko

by Dina Belenko via
© Dina Belenko

New Yorker – Bar Tab April/June

Source: Jeannie Phan

by Jeannie Phan via
© Jeannie Phan

„Food for Thought“ books concept

Source: Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler

by Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler via
© Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler

Healthy food

Source: Berd .

by Berd . via
© Berd .


Source: CESS ™
by CESS ™ via
© CESS ™


Source: Erik van Tienhoven van Weezel
by Erik van Tienhoven van Weezel via
© Erik van Tienhoven van Weezel

Food Photography

Source: Abdalla Saleh
by Abdalla Saleh via
© Abdalla Saleh

„Life is sweet“ macarons

Source: Sonice Design
by Sonice Design via
© Sonice Design

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Essential prepping for a successful event: The Tickets!

25.06.2015, 8:50

For concerts, exhibitions and more

p24 photo products

Either you are an experienced event planner or this is your first event, good planning is the key of success to any type of events. We will give you some general tips on what´s important to create a successful event and will also introduce you to our new product: Individual designed tickets!

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Order pads: a must for your bar, cafe or restaurant

23.06.2015, 13:59

For a successful restaurant!

photo products

Every single waiter knows that sometimes taking orders could be a bit challenging. Imagine a table with 10 people that want different foods and drinks! To make the job easier for every waiter we are launching a great, new product to increase the branding of your business: the order pads.

The order pads have a size 70 x 140 mm, ideal to fit in your hand so you can easily write even when standing and in a hurry. The portrait format allows the waiter to have a clear list of the different orders for one table. You can choose between 25 or 50 sheets (depending on how busy your business is and which one you think will be more practical for you). It’s also possible to choose between two different papers: the 80 gsm Recycling white or the 90 gsm Offset. It’s printable on one side. It also has a grey cardboard at the back of it, glued at the top.

A Better Wingman | Video of the week

22.06.2015, 11:30

A strange encounter!

It’s holiday time and surely you maybe have to take the plane to reach your destination! Now imagine that, in the streets, you would encounter a digital panel about an airplane company giving you the choice to get information about them. So far, this seems pretty normal and usual. How about if the A.I. would be telling you which shoe color you wear? How about if it was asking you to put the helmet you’re holding on your head? A funny little social experiment that will certainly leave a smile on your face!

Original and creative fonts for your inspiration

18.06.2015, 9:10

For even catchier texts!

We’re all used to Times New Roman, Arial or even Comic Sans… but sometimes it’s also good to have some design with a little bit more creativity in terms of fonts!
A font is the second thing you will notice right after the picture or the logo on any flyer, business card or any other prints! It is what is going to make people read your text or even this catchy sentence at the top of your promotional poster!

This is why we collected today some very original and creative fonts for your inspiration; simply because the text should be as important as the design! Enjoy!


Source: Mans Greback

by Mans Greback for
© Mans Greback

Poison Hope Font

Source: Chris Vile

by Chris Vile
© Chris Vile

Blood Shade

Source: dcoxy

by dcoxy via
© dcoxy

Plague Death Font

Source: KeepWaiting

by KeepWaiting via
© KeepWaiting


Source: Alba

by Alba via
© Alba

Cabaret Font

Source: DarkoJuan

by DarkoJuan via
© DarkoJuan

Smoothie Shoppe

Source: Sweet Type

by Sweet Type via
© Sweet Type

Veteran Typewriter

Source: Magique Fonts

by Magique Fonts via
© Magique Fonts

New Art Deco

Source: Woodcutter

by Woodcutter via
© Woodcutter

Strong Glasgow

Source: HypeFonts

by HypeFonts via
© HypeFonts

Crimson Vermillion Font

Source: Crimson Vermillion

by Crimson Vermillion via
© Crimson Vermillion


Source: jelloween

by jelloween via
© jelloween

Great Victorian

Source: Dharma Type

by Dharma Type via
© Dharma Type

Northwood High Font

Source: Qiu Pi Luo

by Qiu Pi Luo via
© Qiu Pi Luo

Font „Tuce“

Source: Bumbayo

by Bumbayo via
© Bumbayo


Source: Lydia-distracted
by Lydia-distracted via
© Lydia-distracted

Brain Flower: A Font

Source: deathmunkey

by deathmunkey via
© deathmunkey

Gears of War Font

Source: tracertong
by tracertong via
© tracertong

Moody Boy Font

Source: veredgf
by veredgf via
© veredgf

Pac Font

Source: fontalicious
by fontalicious via
© fontalicious

We do not own any of these fonts. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Spiral bound books for professional presentations

16.06.2015, 10:37

Our new printing product

photo wall murals

It’s not always easy to keep a track of everything in a company! This is when our new printing product comes to your rescue!

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