Nana vs. Dirt | Video of the Week

23.06.2014, 10:04

This is one bold Nana

Nanas are awesome. They are fearless and have a relaxed yet incisive sense of humour. This one in particular, is also very demanding about her bandages. Indeed, like all of us, Nana wants no dirt to make its way through it. Find out how far this Nana is willing to go to put her bandage to the test!

Don’t worry. No Nanas were hurt during the production of this video – or at least we certainly hope not!

Afrodite, an Interview with a Fashion and Art Muse

18.06.2014, 9:34

Interviewing a graphic designer and fashion expert

“Fashion is not only clothes. Fashion is a message,
a statement, a brand, a way of expression.”

Afrodite Kappasa is a young and successful graphic designer with a strong passion for the world of fashion and a rather unique blog called Fashion Art Muse. Since summer is finally here we wanted to give our easy-to-personalize T-shirts a run for their money and asked her to show us what a creative fashion mind could do.

Read our interview with her and don’t forget to leave a comment to have the chance to win* a T-shirt with one of her amazing Fashion Art Muse designs.

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Volkswagen. Made for real life!| Video of the Week

16.06.2014, 10:09

Definitely not made for Hollywood!

In a thrilling sequence worthy of the best Hollywood movies two prisoners hijack a bull full of people. Immediately, police run to the scene and chase the hijacked bus with the objective of saving the victims of such atrocious crime. An action hero detective is soon in the scene and is ready to jump to the bus to face the criminals. Unfortunately for those in the bus, what looks like an action-packed movie ends rather abruptly, as there is a tiny little problem with the “Safe Distance Technology” Volkswagen. ;)

Better hope the police has very good negotiators!

30 envelopes that are almost too good for the post

11.06.2014, 12:24

Reviving the joy of traditional mail

In the age of e-mail and SMS handwritten letters are a rarity. That said, if you do need to send regular post nowadays it is likely to be an extremely important or meaningful letter. Something so beautiful and noble should stand out! A perfect way to achieve this is to package it in creative and imaginative enveloper.

The following 30 envelopes are already almost too good for the post. Enjoy them and be inspired to make an outstanding impression by sending someone a true old-style gesture. Smiles are almost guaranteed.

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McDonald’s GOL! | Video of the week

09.06.2014, 9:58

Let's get ready to rumble!

McDonalds has kicked it out of the stadium with this new football commercial, and in a good way! The beauty of football is that you never really know when it will surprise you. Watch these football geniuses surprise you once and again and warm yourself up for Brazil 2014 – it’s almost here!

Enjoy! And by-the-way, which team do you support?

40 examples of how typography can inspire

04.06.2014, 10:28

The beauty of the alphabet

Superbly achieved typography can inspire. It’s a language shared by fans and masters of the art. Indeed, typography fans and the masters of typography both care for every small twist and ligature. In this article we introduce you to 20 of the most magnificent typography artists in this post. It is hard to believe these examples were done by hand… but they were.

Since not everyone can achieve such a level of perfection with their typography, we also introduce you to 20 high quality fonts, which can be used immediately and quickly lead to outstanding results alike to those of hand-drawn typography.

Have fun, inspire yourself and dare to create!

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Carling’s Office Escape | Video of the Week

02.06.2014, 11:21

Glory or nothing!

Getting ready for the World Cup? Some will do anything it takes to be there in time for the kick-off of every game. This guy in this video certainly is! He had a perfect plan. In football, however, a perfect plan is not enough. In football it’s all about that last moment of glory!

Find out what happens!

30 outstanding Lightroom presets for quick photo effects at your fingertips

28.05.2014, 10:47

Images, they say, are worth a thousand words

Adobe’s Lightroom is used to manage, optimize and convert photos. It is perfect for the photographer who wants to organize and develop his shots. The biggest advantage that Lightroom has is that it is able to work in a non-destructive manner. That is, leaving the original unchanged by storing changes externally. These changes can also be saved and loaded again to implement fast image pre-made styles.

In this article we put 30 outstanding Lightroom presets for quick photo effects at your fingertips. Use and peruse these effects to enhance the quality of your images and, by extention, enhance the impact of your marketing efforts.

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Heineken’s “The City” | Video of the Week

26.05.2014, 8:34

You never know what the day may bring

What do you do when you find a card holder full of random business cards. Well, if you are an actor in a Heineken spot, one who really liked the girl who left the holder in the taxi, you obviously go to each and every single one of the places in the business cards to find her. We are sure this guy did not expect all the action he would find hidden in his city.

Got to give it to them. Heineken’s marketing department comes up with amazingly cool videos. Take a look and judge by yourself.

And hey! What do you think? Is your city full of these hidden eccentricities?

30 black-and-white logos that are convincing as achromatic version

21.05.2014, 11:16

The power of a good contrast

A logo must always work in its black-and-white version. The reason? Simple. So it gives a good image of your company in faxes, photocopies and printed material rather than just on high-quality print.

The opposite, however, is also a challenge. Making B&W logos look as good as coloured ones in high quality print is not an easy thing. B&W logos must come with clean lines and clear surfaces because they must stand out from the rest without the support of colors.

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