What is the Worst Thing You Ever Heard Your Mommy Say? | Video of the week

16.09.2013, 12:35

Think kids get their bad language at school? Think again. In street interviews kids spill the beans as they get asked the worst they have heard their mothers say…

20 examples of individual stamps

11.09.2013, 10:28

Whether on a loyalty card in a coffee shop or on the back of someone’s hand outside a nightclub; the trusty stamp has had its place in our day-to-day for decades.

These days with a much wider range of tools available for custom made stamps, we have entered an age of superbly aesthetic, creative and efficient designs across the board.
We’ve assembled a beautiful collection of 20 stamps ranging from office use to baby shower invitations, enjoy!

Electric Bolt Stamp

Source: Jonathan Lochhead


Meteor prank | Video of the week

09.09.2013, 11:31

Imagine being faced with a fast approaching meteor from the window of an office in the middle of an interview.

LG Install a high performance HD TV in an office to look like a window in this prank that terrifies unsuspecting candidates for a job. Check out this hilarious video!

40 print tutorials and templates you can use for free

04.09.2013, 10:37

Below is a range of resources for designing business cards, flyers, magazines and brochures:
Whether at a casual beginner level or looking for something more formal and commercial; you will find a selection of tutorials and step by step guides to accomplish stylish, professional designs.

We collected 40 print tutorials and templates you can use for free. Get inspired and create your own designs!


I Forgot My Phone | Video of the week

02.09.2013, 12:01

Have you ever stopped to think how much time we devote to our smartphones? This subtle parody shows a day in the life of a woman who forgot her phone. It accentuates just how taxing technology has become to her social life, interfering at every significant moment whilst isolating those who do not own one.

+300 summery Photoshop resources

28.08.2013, 10:55

Summer is almost over and it´s time for the last open-air parties or barbecue dinners.

We collected a number of Photoshop resources for your summery designs: From beach textures and ice cream brushes to fruity text layers you will definitely find something you can use for your designs.

Have fun being creative and have a enjoy the last summer days!


Source: Romenigps


Meet the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 1020 | Video of the week

26.08.2013, 9:28

At this kids play a war breaks out between parents using Apple devices and those using android. Certainly the winner of the war is the couple using Windows Phone Nokia Lumia. The parents just want to make the best picture of their children. But to achieve this they have to get close to the stage and this ends in a total chaos. Have fun watching this funny commercial!

30 far from ordinary postcards

21.08.2013, 10:20

Explore the madcap world of creative designers with some of the most innovative cards meticulously put together with no cost spared in observing the subtlest of details. Be amazed as they show you what can be achieved with a small piece of card.

Christmas & New Year´s Postcards

Creator: Gabriel Luna
Style: Comic
Website: behance.net/Gabrielluna

© Gabriel Luna


ŠKODA Octavia vRS – Not Your Everyday Family Car | video of the week

19.08.2013, 12:27

Skoda’s back depicting a surreal, pimped-out suburbia in this amazing commercial. A driver cruises through a neighbourhood in a new Skoda Octavia as passers-by all rock supersized everyday objects…

30 guidances for digital art

14.08.2013, 11:19

It´s really impressive what artists can create with a brush – whether digital or on canvas. Often it needs a second or third look to see that it is not a photograph.

Also the fantastic paintings of dragons, cartoon characters, destroyed cities and space battles are really incredibly worth seeing. A great source of inspiration!

Umbrella Sky

Artist: Marta Dahlig

© Marta Dahlig