26.05.2015, 14:14

Shall we dance?

Who said men cannot dance? Who said this only was a „woman’s thing“ to do so? Certainly some men can be the kings of saturday night and completely wreck the dance floor thanks to some amazing dancing techniques they’ve learnt through some… football match!
Don’t believe us? See how some men perform the so called „French Can Can“ in this hilarious video! It seems like they’re ready for the Moulin Rouge!

A more personal design: our canvas and photo canvas

19.05.2015, 9:25

A picture is worth a 1000 words

Place cards

Today, we are introducing you to two new products: the canvas and the photo canvas. A good way to decorate your office or a room to make your clients, your friends or relatives feel good and welcomed.

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If Websites Started Dating | Video of the week

18.05.2015, 10:40

This is a social disaster!

Imagine what this could be to date a social media website… You could have diner with Facebook! But maybe Facebook would be too inquisitive about your life. Or you could date… Snapchat! But snapchat wouldn’t stay more than 10 seconds. Or… have you thought about… Instagram? Oh, it seems the food is now more important than you!
In an hilarious video, this young girl portraits herself as every social media websites and their probable dates. Something that will make you learn a bit more about our beloved social media platforms! Enjoy!

Interview with Illustrator Jared Muralt

14.05.2015, 12:04

Interview with a talented Swiss artist

Jared is a freelance illustrator from Bern and the co-founder of the BlackYard Studio a Swiss design collective. Despite a whole year in art school, Jared has ended up being an autodidact, finding his own style in the stippling technique. We decided to ask him more about his career, what inspires him and his projects in this interview.

jared muralt illustration1

print24: Jared, we first discovered your work through the drawings in your sketchbook. When did you start filling your first sketchbook with illustrations and how many of those do you have?

Jared: I believe I started in my earliest years when my mom offered me my first sketchbook. Before, I used to draw Sci-fi-inspired arts in cheap notepads without even thinking about the beauty, the necessity of a convincing artwork nor the academic rules. Drawing in a real sketchbook was an entirely different story. Even the cover and the paper quality had a rather serious impact on me. I tried to draw pages after pages but didn’t succeed as I couldn’t find my own working rhythm. I didn’t stop at this one sketchbook and tried again but I never went over half of it.

I later discovered how I should carry on drawing in a sketchbook. I then taught myself how to draw without taking what I was producing too seriously. This may be the reason why I hardly ever sketched but go directly inking. What makes the life of an artist is the mistakes he or she makes. For me, this sketchbook is a daily artbook, an experimental place, a factory of ideas and a playground all-together.

I don’t know how many sketchbooks I already fully filled but at the moment I’m doing between two to three sketchbooks per year.

„For me, this sketchbook is a daily artbook, an experimental place, a factory of ideas and a playground all-together.“

print24: where do you get your inspiration from? Do you always carry a notepad or a sketchbook with you or are your projects rather conceptual?

Jared: I let myself drifting away from my surroundings. That’s when things start to inspire me. I draw the ideas or images that comes to my mind as well as the situations, the people, the landscapes I meet on my road. And yes, I’m hardly leaving my home without a pen or a sketchbook. Those are spontaneous moments where I capture the drawing and then implements it into a more conceptual project.

jared muralt illustration3

print24: the incredible style of your drawings is stunning and feels so exceptional and unique. Have you ever had a preference for rather graphic images or did your style develop itself bit by bit through a long progress?

Jared: yes, I was fond of comics and such related imagery when I was a kid. This influence has probably followed me until today and my enthusiasm about it has yet not decreased. Nevertheless, I have always been and still am in a constant development.

print24: you have a project closely related to your name called „Tiefsee Angler“ (Deep Sea Angler). How did you come to draw deep sea fishes and what made you so enthusiastic about it?

Jared: the oddness of these animals completely mesmerized me. Their frightening and deformed appearance full of warts. Moreover, those fishes lure their prey in the darkness of the deeps with a little light over their heads. This light is produced in symbiosis with a luminous bacteria. The shape and form of these animals were perfect to practice the stippling technique. Therefore, I started to draw one of those fishes every day.

After I had drawn roughly 50 different fishes, I had the idea to create and publish an illustrated book. This ended up as a work of more than 100 illustrations of deep sea angler fishes with a little description for each species.

„the oddness of these animals completely mesmerized me. Their frightening and deformed appearance full of warts.“

print24: in addition to your sketchbook drawings and illustrations, you also created some flyers as well as doing some clients‘ requests. You also have the BlackYard Studio, your own design collective. What does a typical day looks like in the life of Jared Muralt?

Jared: together with my three friends Christian Calame, Philipp Thoeni and Silvio Brügger, I have founded this collective of design and illustration in 2009. Everybody had something special to bring to the team. That said, we are two illustrators and two graphic designers benefiting from each other in this set-up. There is no typical work day, but there are at least three: the first one is probably the more pleasant.

If I’m not totally stressed out, I go between 8 to 9 hours outside the house. For lunch, everyone of us cooks. After that, we play 8 rounds of Mariokart and then the work can begin. We check and reply to our emails, work on things we’re pushing up for weeks or simply draw something. Then there are days when I’m not drawing a single line, handling the office work, supervising our online shop – which, to our delight, has developed a very turbulent life of its own over the years. We even had to hire an assistant.
And then you have those days when I’m stressed in my office, working the entire day and half of the night on a project until I could fall asleep.

Thank you Jared for this great interview! If you want to discover more of his incredible work, have a look at his Behance profile or just dropped by his Instagram account!

Photo colouring book, Photo stickers, Photo door plaques

12.05.2015, 14:49

The new photo products

Sometimes printing a photo is simply not enough. For example, some photographs deserve to be put into beautiful books, to become original photo stickers or to be turned into a personalized door plate!
Here is a review of the latest products from print24. They are already available online and we are glad to share some inspiration of the best design for these products. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

p24 photo products

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The Powerade Workout Billboards | Video of the week

11.05.2015, 11:03

Play the Rocky theme song!

Imagine… you’re leaving work, your day has been exhausting and you’re now lacking of energy for sitting at your desk all day. Then you cross the road and you see a giant, massive billboard that looks like no others! Indeed it’s no usual one as this one will allow you to test your strength, break your limits and gain a lot of energy. This fabulous idea coming from Powerade shows that we’re all stronger than we think and that we only need to persuade ourselves, thanks to a great social experiment. To watch it, proceed to this incredible video:

Paper bags: How to create a Geometric Pattern in Adobe Illustrator?

07.05.2015, 8:46

Transport with style thanks to your Paper bags!

From the range of products Easyprint is providing comes an article that should satisfy both professionals and families: the Paper Bag.
Therefore, on top of the traditional introduction of the item, we wanted to introduce you to a tutorial that can allow you to design your own Paper bag with Adobe Illustrator.

Place cards

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Beautiful illustrations of famous video games

05.05.2015, 11:01

A great tribute to timeless games!

Some may find it a waste of time, some may enjoy them when they’re with their friends but clearly video games are such a part of our lives we cannot ignore their existence. They’re not only allowing us to sit and play sometimes for hours, they’re also making us dive into some magical adventures where places, the story and characters will always remain in our memories.

It is surely an art like no others and this is why we wanted to share it with you through some beautiful illustrations made by talented artists and true fans. Maybe those could be great inspirations if you’re throwing a gaming party and need flyers to do so? If you’re a gaming YouTuber, maybe you’d be happy to distribute promotional postcards for your channel in your next convention?

Enjoy these artworks of retro and recently released games!

GTA V: Launch Piece

Source: PatrickBrown

by PatrickBrown via
© PatrickBrown

Ukiyoe Character Series

Source: Takao Nakagawa

by Takao Nakagawa via
© Takao Nakagawa

Minimalist Video Games

Source: Paul Wade

by Paul Wade via
© Paul Wade

Majora’s Mask

Source: Daniel Shaffer

by Daniel Shaffer via
© Daniel Shaffer


Source: ron-guyatt

by ron-guyatt via
© ron-guyatt

Borderlands Character Portraits

Source: Benjamin Olive

by Benjamin Olive via
© Benjamin Olive

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Source: michelefrigo

by michelefrigo via
© michelefrigo

Street Fighter 6 cover

Source: udoncrew

by udoncrew via
© udoncrew

Game On

Source: Rahul Parihar

by Rahul Parihar via
© Rahul Parihar

Galaxy At Peace

Source: Matthew Ware

by Matthew Ware via
© Matthew Ware


Source: Benjamin Olive

by Benjamin Olive via
© Benjamin Olive

Lara Croft – Low Poly

Source: Olivier Van Triel

by Olivier Van Triel via
© Olivier Van Triel

Our Heroes!

Source: Juan Rivera

by Juan Rivera via
© Juan Rivera

Vanishing Grace

Source: Nick Carro

by Nick Carro via
© Nick Carro

Half Life

Source: Lewsis

by Lewsis via
© Lewsis

Illidan vs Arthas


Dark Souls: Artorias the Abysswalker

Source: aerie

by aerie via
© aerie

Madness Returns | AT

Source: DragonOlong
by DragonOlong via
© DragonOlong


Source: Bangbez
by Bangbez via
© Bangbez

Revisiting Video Game Symbols

Source: David Goh
by David Goh via
© David Goh

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


30 examples of beautiful black and white photos

30.04.2015, 10:58

A slice of poetry!

As Ted Grant said: “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”.

This is exactly what those photographers, from whom we collected 30 amazing photos, are showing through their art. Taking a black and white picture is sometimes more than catching a beautiful moment. It goes beyond that, emphasizing someone’s expression, showing some texture in a beautiful landscape no one would have noticed before.

Sometimes, you could even be mistaken as some of them do look like paintings.
Be inspired by those stunning examples that definitely proves that black and white photographs are far from being boring and lifeless!


Source: Achim Lippoth

by Achim Lippoth via
© Achim Lippoth

Castles made of sand

Source: Andy Lee

by Andy Lee via
© Andy Lee

Wisdom for my children, life lessons though…

Source: Brandon Kidwell

by Brandon Kidwell via
© Brandon Kidwell

Mystery Garden / Le Mile Magazine

Source: Elizaveta Porodina

by Elizaveta Porodina via
© Elizaveta Porodina

Lyubov Andreyeva and Denis Klimuk

Source: Vadim Stein

by Vadim Stein via
© Vadim Stein

Dark Hours

Source: Rupert Vandervell

by Rupert Vandervell via
© Rupert Vandervell


Source: Alexandre Mounayer

by Alexandre Mounayer via
© Alexandre Mounayer


Source: Marta Bevacqua

by Marta Bevacqua via
© Marta Bevacqua


Source: Gülnur Duruzoy

by Gülnur Duruzoy via
© Gülnur Duruzoy

Armenian Mountains

Source: Eliza Malkhasyan

by Eliza Malkhasyan via
© Eliza Malkhasyan


Source: Vassilis Tangoulis

by Vassilis Tangoulis via
© Vassilis Tangoulis

Like little dancers

Source: Dani Stites

by Dani Stites via
© Dani Stites

“Florence” / Polyptych

Source: Alex T

by Alex T via
© Alex T

Space & Beyond

Source: Nick Frank

by Nick Frank via
© Nick Frank


Source: Snow Robert Peek Fotographie

by Snow Robert Peek Fotographie via
© Snow Robert Peek Fotographie

Experimenting with some new fig leaves

Source: Emanuele Marzocca
by Emanuele Marzocca via
© Emanuele Marzocca

Lands of Nowhere

Source: Sten Schneider

by Sten Schneider via
© Sten Schneider

Mackelli Campaign 2015

Source: Henrik Adamsen
by Henrik Adamsen via
© Henrik Adamsen

Obscure Lights

Source: Ranko Blazina
by Ranko Blazina via
© Ranko Blazina

Near Light

Source: Nuno Andrade
by Nuno Andrade via
© Nuno Andrade

B&W shots in Rocca Sinibalda

Source: Emmanuelle Marzocca
by Emmanuelle Marzocca via
© Emmanuelle Marzocca


Source: Miki Takahashi
by Miki Takahashi via
© Miki Takahashi

D’Orsay watches / relojes d’Orsay

Source: Eduardo Perucha Esteban
by Eduardo Perucha Esteban via
© Eduardo Perucha Esteban

Ivory and Ebony

Source: Laurent Baheux
by Laurent Baheux
© Laurent Baheux

Portraits of animals

Source: Lukas Holas
by Lukas Holas via
© Lukas Holas

Colorado Landscapes CLG Folio

Source: Craig Getchius
by Craig Getchius via
© Craig Getchius


Source: Kashish Tandon
by Kashish Tandon via
© Kashish Tandon

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.