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04.11.2014, 9:04

Personalized textiles


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The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made | Video of the week

03.11.2014, 10:25

A trip to Middle Earth!

Screenshot from

We all traveled and we all took the plane at some point. Do you remember the safety speech at every beginning of your journey? Most of the time, it’s quite hard to really pay attention as we’re all excited by the trip!
Air New Zealand decided to create an amazing commercial: an epic safety video that’ll take you straight to Middle Earth!
Watch some elves guide you on the best behavior to have as Gandalf will show you how to perfectly protect your head if anything’s happening. Have a nice trip!

20 photos of creepy abandoned places

29.10.2014, 10:26

This will give you the chill!

Halloween is nearly there: the right time to go to a party dressed as Dracula and have fun; but also the right time to go somewhere and get scared!
These abandoned places that now belong to the past are everywhere around us. They might not be shown on a map somewhere but, like every creepy things, they’re well hidden.
Some talented photographers decided to show us the forgotten faces of these buildings, stations, asylums, castles and even theme parks… and it’s pretty scary!

Spreepark 02

Source: Bestarns

by Bestarns via deviant.com
© Bestarns

Chernobyl Series

Source: James Charlick

by James Charlick via behancet.net
© James Charlick


Source: AcquiredElegance

by AcquiredElegance via deviantart.com
© AcquiredElegance

Château de Noisy (château Miranda)

Source: David Baker Photography

by David Baker Photography via behance.net
© David Baker Photography

West Park Lunatic Asylum

Source: Proj3ctM4yh3m

by Proj3ctM4yh3m
© Proj3ctM4yh3m

Bodie Historical Park

Source: James Fike Photography

by James Fike Photography
© James Fike Photography

Hotel Abandonado

Source: Arturo Aparicio

by Arturo Aparicio
© Arturo Aparicio

Balcony of Hell

Source: Jordy Meow

by Jordy Meow
© Jordy Meow


Source: Klaus Berends

by Klaus Berends via behance.net
© Klaus Berends

A trip to the Haunted Island of Poveglia

Source: muchmoremuchier

by muchmoremuchier
© muchmoremuchier


Source: Ralph Mirebs

by Ralph Mirebs
© Ralph Mirebs

Michigan Central Depot

Source: James Howe

by James Howe
© James Howe

Baroque Room

Source: Niki Feijen

by Niki Feijen
© Niki Feijen

St Martin Ghost Subway Station

Source: Martin Gautron

by Martin Gautron via flickr
© Martin Gautron

Bannerman’s Island

Source: Nick Harris

by Nick Harris via flickr
© Nick Harris

Last Dinner

Source: David Pinzer
by David Pinzer via deviantart
© David Pinzer

Disco Inferno

Source: Andreas S.

by Andreas S.
© Andreas S.

Urban Explorer

Source: themobius
by themobius via deviantart
© themobius

Urbex: Castle of Bonnelles

Source: exkup
by exkup via deviantart
© exkup

Urban Exploration 02

Source: Szymon
by  Szymon via deviantart
© Szymon

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Halloween: Giant Talking Spider – Skittles | Video of the week

27.10.2014, 9:51

Spooky Spidey!

Screenshot from

This is Halloween! Or it will be in a few days! Are you going to a party, dressed up as your favorite monster, or are you going to wander the streets, in search for some sweets?
This is what’s happening to a kid that got trapped in a spider web. And then you just realize the spooky creature lured him only to become his friend, to share good time with him, play games, party…
Not really Halloweeny, you say? Well, wait until the end of the video!

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20 of the trendiest and geekiest t-shirt designs found on the Internet

22.10.2014, 8:29

Tshirt designs to inspire you

We all love to wear nice clothes. It’s often the reflection of our personality. Sometimes, we just do it to support a football team, or a band we really like and some t-shirts are so iconic they’re actually the representation of one character!
It’s cool to go shopping and buy the t-shirt, hoody or polo you want. But it’s even cooler to actually create yours! This way, no reason to be disappointed ever.
This is what we’re proposing to you: as you may know, we’re offering t-shirts and much more for you to stand out of the crowd with an amazing design. But this wouldn’t be complete without some of the greatest t-shirt designs you can find on the Internet; this for you to get inspired for your next t-shirt!


Source: budikwan

by budikwan
© budikwan

Impromptu n°1

Source: Florent Bodart

by Florent Bodart
© Florent Bodart


Source: Aled Lewis

by Aled Lewis
© Aled Lewis

Passion for Music

Source: dandingeroz

by dandingeroz via deviantart.com
© dandingeroz

Super Mario

Source: Vincent Roché

by Vincent Roché via behance.net
© Vincent Roché


Source: mathiole

by mathiole
© mathiole

Light Painter

Source: Tang Yau Hoong

by OakOak
© Tang Yau Hoong

80s/90s Game of Thrones

Source: Mike Wrobel

by Mike Wrobel via tumblr
© Mike Wrobel

Breaking Bad

Source: Ale Giorgini

by Ale Giorgini via behance.net
© Ale Giorgini

There is no planet to save

Source: nicebleed

by nicebleed
© nicebleed

Run Boy Run

Source: Robson Borges

by Robson Borges
© Robson Borges


Source: Niel Quisaba

by Niel Quisaba
© Niel Quisaba


Source: etdraws

by etdraws via tumblr
© etdraws

Le Fils de la Veuve

Source: BMD

by BMD via behance.net


Source: Kamila Sharipova

by Kamila Sharipova via behance.net
© Kamila Sharipova

Halloween Kitten

Source: vladstudio

by vladstudio via deviantart.com
© vladstudio


Source: SKINPOP Studio, . MOSTACHO ., Raul Urias

by SKINPOP Studio, . MOSTACHO ., Raul Urias via behance.net
© SKINPOP Studio, . MOSTACHO ., Raul Urias

Pixel. Art. 2014

Source: Octavi Navarro
by Octavi Navarro via behance.net
© Octavi Navarro

Batman 75th anniversary tribute

Source: Robert Bruno
by Robert Bruno via behance.net
© Robert Bruno

Dragon Ball Z characters

Source: Tim C
by Tim C via behance.net
© Tim C

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Center for Selfie Improvement | Video of the week

20.10.2014, 11:12

It's time to improve!

Screenshot from

What would we be without our of high-tech equipments? Even our phones and tablets have very good cameras now! Who can say they never took any selfie in their life, not even after a party with some friends?
Selfies are everywhere! To emphasize on this phenomenon, Dell decided to show us a very funny and creative commercial, showing selfies are more than art: it’s a way of life. Would you intend this Center for Selfie Improvement? Go and check it:

The 18 Most Spectacular Time-Lapses the Mind can Imagine!

15.10.2014, 9:02

Photography taken to a whole different level!

Time-lapses, hyper-lapses, flow-motions, a family of photography techniques that make for some of the most amazing videos known to humankind. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at any of the following videos and try not to want to keep clicking on them all!

Hypnotic, alluring, enticing. These videos are awesome amongst the awesome. Enjoy!

Barcelona GO!

Source: Rob Whitworth

Barcelona GO! from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

Urfixed Light Animation

Source: Thomas Schwarz

Urfixed Light Animation from Thomas Schwarz on Vimeo.

Airplanes Look Like Epic Shooting Stars in The Air Traffic 2!

Source: Milton Tan

Airplanes Look Like Epic Shooting Stars in The Air Traffic 2! from Milton Tan on Vimeo.

Moscow Time-lapse Reel

Source: Sergey Yazvinsky

Moscow Time-lapse Reel from Sergey Yazvinsky on Vimeo.

Time Lapse Tattoo

Source: GueT Deep

Time Lapse Tattoo from GueT Deep on Vimeo.

Ride the Sky

Source: Page Films

Ride the Sky from Page Films on Vimeo.


Source: Bang-Yao Liu

J’adore Paris

Source: Paul Richardson

J’adore Paris from Paul Richardson on Vimeo.

Her Morning Elegance

Source: Oren Lavie

A Time Lapse Collection

Source: Simon Christen

A Time Lapse Collection from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

Incredible Pumpkin Stop Motion

Source: Auke de Vries

Incredible Pumpkin Stop Motion from Auke de Vries on Vimeo.

Enter Pyongyang

Source: JT Singh

Enter Pyongyang from JT Singh on Vimeo.

The PEN Story

Source: PENStory

This is Shanghai

Source: Rob Whitworth

This is Shanghai from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

Hoi An – Ancient Town

Source: Rob Whitworth

Hoi An – Ancient Town from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

Samara summer

Source: Vadim Gorolatov

Samara summer / Stop motion 2013 from Vadim Gorolatov on Vimeo.

Above LA

Source: Chris Pritchard

Above LA from Chris Pritchard on Vimeo.

New York Noir

Source: Geoff Tompkinson

New York Noir from geoff tompkinson on Vimeo.


Toronto After Dark Film Festival: Kissing | Video of the week

13.10.2014, 9:48

What's your biggest fear?

Screenshot from

We are all afraid of something. Some of us are afraid of the dark, of spiders, snakes, void… but do you know all the phobias of the world? Some might really surprise you!
This is actually the case in this creative and very funny commercial: exploring our fears through cinema and horror movies – a media we often use because we like being scared. Somehow, could we say that all fears are enjoyable?
Discover it in this amazing video here:

20 examples of astonishing street arts all around the world

08.10.2014, 9:01

Art is everywhere!

It’s everywhere but, at the same time, nowhere… It’s part of our daily-life and we may notice them or not. It also depends on the size of those artworks! While some of them are so tiny, stuck behind the handle of a door, some are so big they need an entire building to be put on!
Wherever they are, they’re very efficient and make us think about our life, our city, what we’re doing, what we should do…

Here are some amazing 20 examples of street art from all around the world! Keep a closer look, they might be at the other end of your street!

Sand Paintings

Source: Joe Mangrum

by Joe Mangrum
© Joe Mangrum


Source: A’Shop Crew

by A'Shop Crew
© A’Shop Crew


Source: Shark Toof

by Shark Toof
© Shark Toof


Source: Arraiano

by Arraiano
© Arraiano

On the Wall

Source: Bordalo II

by Bordalo II
© Bordalo II

Stamatis Laskos 2014

Source: Stamatis Laskos

by Stamatis Laskos via behance.net
© Stamatis Laskos

Oh my god, they…

Source: oaKoAk

by OakOak
© oaKoAk

Morocco diptich

Source: Aryz

by Aryz
© Aryz

The Leaning Slice of Pizza

Source: Julian Beever

by Julian Beever
© Julian Beever


Source: Slug on the Street

by Slug on the Street
© Slug on the Street


Source: Pejac

by Pejac
© Pejac

Mitre’s Smile

Source: Guillermo Ron

by Guillermo Ron via behance.net
© Guillermo Ron


Source: Ljpoisk

by Ljpoisk
© Ljpoisk

Art with Light

Source: Philippe Echaroux

by Philippe Echaroux
© Philippe Echaroux

Sombras e fantasmas em Niort

Source: Herbert Baglione

by Herbert Baglione
© Herbert Baglione

Affichage Sauvage

Source: Sophie Photographie

by Sophie Photographie
© Sophie Photographie

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Source: Sedat Karagöz

by Sedat Karagöz via behance.net
© Sedat Karagöz

Pre-Meeting style // intervencion mural

Source: Guacala
by Guacala via behance.net
© Guacala

Welcome To The Jungle

Source: Dairon Raphaël
by Dairon Raphaël via behance.net
© Dairon Raphaël

Daisy Duck & Co

Source: Urban X Stitch
by  Urban X Stitch
© Urban X Stitch

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.