Luxury business cards made from Luxecore paper

14.11.2013, 11:08


With the launch of the exclusive business cards made from Luxecore paper comes a premium product which impresses with its extreme thickness, tactile properties and individual colour core. Available now exclusively at Easyprint (click to visit) and early in the following year through us.

Business cards are a direct, easy and practical way of sharing contact details. They date back to 17th-century France, where, during house visits, they would be given to servants, who would then pass them onto the aristocratic estate owners to announce the visitors’ arrival. The cards appearance quickly changed from a simple design to personalised, creative decorations.

In today’s modern world, business cards serve as a means of initially approaching a customer, presenting oneself, and conveying one’s promotional message. Our premium business cards made from Luxecore paper are guaranteed to leave a lasting first impression!

Leave your mark with an extraordinary colour core

The unique Luxecore paper is made of a high-quality coloured paper core encased by two premium paper covers. Blue, black and red are available as core colours, to help you promote your corporate identity in the most luxurious manner.

Choose from four different types of premium paper for the top surface: a warm natural tone, an elegant bright-white look, a stylish ribbed texture, or a fancy linen finishing. Regardless of your choice, of course, you can rest assured that your Luxecore product will be made from top-quality offset paper with a grammage of 750 gsm.

The extreme firmness provided by the Luxecore paper gives all products offered impressive tactile properties!

Comparison between a Luxecore card and a regular card

Business cards made from Luxecore paper (left) consist of a high-quality coloured paper core and two premium paper covers. You can see the difference against a regular business card (right), which evidences a significant difference in terms of quality and texture.

The exclusive business cards made from Luxecore paper are unique products and make a true visual and tactile experience for you and your customers thanks to their premium core.

Apart from business cards, you can also order flyers and postcards in this luxurious paper. In this manner, with Luxecore, even your paper will be that conscious decision that will distinguish yourself from the crowd!

So, why to wait? Head to Easyprint and take your corporate identity to a whole new luxury level right now!

Tutorial collection: Learn “Digital Drawing” with Adobe Photoshop

13.11.2013, 10:41

Amazing pieces of art can be obtained through digital painting/drawing. We gathered here some of the finest examples in this collection – all so magnificently done that we can only compare them to a dream. If you are curious and want to know how these works of art were created simply follow the source link provided. There are a “step by step” instructions for all digital compositions presented here.

In this manner you can easily understand the making of each and every single example. Appreciate how the arise, from an idea into a reality.

Have fun and feel free to day-dream!

Making of Lida

Artist: YuChengHong

© YuChengHong

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John Lewis’s The Bear & The Hare | Video of the week

11.11.2013, 10:11

Christmas is just around the corner. Isn’t that fantastic? The carols, the snow, the children playing and smiling all around; the warmth in everyone’s heart. There is no time in the year more suitable for a nice and warm video that reminds us to enjoy the season peacefully – in the end that is what it is for. Take a look at our video of the week and start preparing yourself for a truly enjoyable time around your loved ones.

And remember, “give someone a Christmas they’ll never forget”!

You may also want to check the videos for the last two years: 2011, 2012. They are equally as excellent!

How to build your own video CV

06.11.2013, 10:43

In the world of graphic design sometimes it is not enough to send a CV that only outlines your studies and experience. Companies need practical examples of your work. In this respect, being original and presenting high quality examples is a deciding factor to get the job.

We had previously given 32 amazingly creative job application examples that could help you stand out from other job seekers. Today we go a step further and give you some inspiration to make a video CV, a practice that is becoming widespread among graphic designers, specifically 3D specialists. The opportunity to show their skills, alongside their education and experience, drives this new trend.


The first step is to create an action plan. We want to show companies that we are able to create and give life. As a 3D graphic designer, the best way to do so is by creating different characters which will show your skills in the matter. This sounds basic but is the core of the experience. The result will not be outstanding without a good story behind it.

We are going to use this video CV of the Spanish graphic designer Javier Hernández as example. He has chosen different characters –people, cartoon characters and animals- because their rigging -their internal skeleton- allowed them to be very expressive.

After you have chosen the characters, you have to write a catchy script and interact with the characters that you created.

In this particular case, the artist starts to explain his CV while the characters interrupt him. The first character that appears is a small girl over his shoulder. After that, a cartoon comes down from a rope and the artist decides to catch it and take it out. The characters continue to show up. The next one is a big dog that plays with the graphic designer. In the background you can also see Spiderman and a woman, in real size, that gives him some advice.

In this manner, Javier has built a catchy and funny story with our characters showing the recruiters what we are able to create with 3D.

There are some other ways to create your own original video CV if you are a 3D designer. For example, the artist Jacob Hall creates his own brand and builds his video as an advertisement.

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“Europe. It’s Just Next Door” | Video of the week

04.11.2013, 10:17

How long since your last vacation? Too much? If you can’t leave your desk today, this week’s video is the closest thing to a vacation one can have. In the video, SNCF – France’s national railway company – reminds us that Europe really is just next door. Would you like to see how they manage to do so? Well, just take a look at the video and let your imagination fly.

We can almost guarantee it will make you smile – we certainly did!

35 User-Interface designs with open PSD-files

30.10.2013, 10:10

Regardless of what you do, a nice and intuitive user interface is a very good way to impress your audience. In this article you will find 35 open PSD-files to help you build extraordinary user interfaces.

Think about it, your customer certainly deserves a interface that he can enjoy and use without frustrations. On the other hand, you do not have to spend hours designing your own buttons – be it for a website, app or platform. Why would you? Most of the elements in an user-interface are relatively standard – sliders for volume and similar functions, back/forward buttons for websites, username and password forms, numbers, tabs/categories markers, etc. Take a look at these open PSD-files and simply use what you need.

Inspire yourself and learn to create outstanding user-interfaces!

Transparent Ui kit

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Scariest Job in the World | Video of the week

28.10.2013, 9:53

Looking to change jobs? Maybe you want to inquire about a position for Benjamin Moore, an U.S. paint manufacturer. There is only a minor detail. It may prove to be the scariest job you will ever have in your life.

Don’t take our word for it, just watch this video where they invited a few unsuspecting artists into a terrifying haunted house to prove their paint is the quickest way to get a job done.

21 Halloween inspired print designs

23.10.2013, 10:17

Halloween is next week and we want you to get ready for it. Let us introduce you some posters and flyers that can inspire you to create an impressive design for your Halloween party.

In this article you can see how clubs or restaurants created catchy designs to attract customers. An original spooky design is key this time of the year.

Pumpkins and classic zombies are too mainstream so we want you to be different. Have a look at these designs and feel free to create spooky promotions for your business.

Because we want you to have a terrifying night!

Xombie Halloween Invitation

Source: Katarina Andriopoulos

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HELL NO – The Sensible Horror Film | Video of the week

21.10.2013, 11:58

Imagine a horror film where people make the right decisions. “Why don’t we split and search for the missing guy?”. “No, it’s much better to stay together”. It is much more difficult to make a good horror movie with these smart guys. Let’s have a look to find out how a sensible horror film would be.

+200 spooky resources for Photoshop

16.10.2013, 9:38

Halloween is in a few weeks. In this post you’ll find a great selection of spooky textures, bloody brushes and frightening icons for your realistic Halloween designs.

You’ll find every brush you’ll need started from blood splashes, cobwebs, handprints, bones and brains to graveyards. There is something for every design whether you want to create a monster or zombie inspired design. Additionally, we collected some of the creepiest tutorials for you: “Create your own horror movie poster”, “transform yourself into an alien” or “become a True Blood vampire”.

We wish you lots of fun and lots of monster force in the creation of the darkest horror atmosphere!


Seamless Spiderweb

Quelle: FantasyStock

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