30 icon sets you must have in your collection

09.04.2014, 8:29

Amazing icons for every taste and need!

Whether it is for a website or a desktop, the right set of icons can improve the user experience. We bring you a wide range of these small images, some minimalistic, others photo-realistic but all of them fantastic as they get!

Take advantage of them because altogether, these sets make for well over 600 individual icons. There will definitely be something for every taste and quite likely some that are simply perfect for your collection!

Take a look at them, enjoy and be sure to help yourself to the ones that suit you best!

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Evian Spider-Man | Video of the Week

07.04.2014, 11:27

It's like cute, but cuter!

Spider man has always been one of the coolest super-heroes out there, but wait until you see baby spider man. Simply put, the cutest mini-super-hero you can imagine. And yes, he can do all the cool things like the grown-up version! Don’t believe us? See by yourself!

Enjoy and share the cute!

T-shirts with your design now at print24!

02.04.2014, 9:38

High-quality textile products for you!

Textilien bei Easyprint

Available immediately, we now also offer you a full line of textile products! Order with us T-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, cloth bags or aprons in many different colors and sizes… All easy to personalise with your favourite images.

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Unbelievable Bus Shelter | Video of the Week

31.03.2014, 10:26

A very realistic unrealistic experience

Imagine that you’re sitting at the bus stop and suddenly aliens attack? Or how about witnessing how a meteorite strikes just next to you, or seeing a tiger roar free just next to where you stand? Sounds unlikely, but Pepsi made it true!

Look at the faces of disbelief! Enjoy! :)

SNICKERS® – “Godzilla” | Video of the Week

24.03.2014, 9:37

A cool guy - except when hungry!

Have you ever seen Godzilla flirting with girls and playing table tennis? You probably haven’t so you cannot not watch this video. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for a good laugh! Just be careful to always carry around some food because, Godzilla is not so cool anymore when he’s hungry! But hey, everything has a solution!

Just remember, you are not yourself when hungry. Be like Godzilla and stay cool this week! Enjoy!

30 Adobe Illustrator tutorials for vector lovers

19.03.2014, 10:01

The world is made of vectors!

Adobe Illustrator is King when it comes to vector images. There may be other vector programs, but Illustrator is not only easy-to-use but also the one that renders scalable illustrations at the highest quality standard.

We have researched for you 30 fresh Illustrator tutorials, such as icons, geometric patterns or cartoon characters. As a little extra, this article also brings you 10 brush sets for Illustrator so you can save time and get extra-amazing results.

We wish you a good day and hope you learn a lot and have loads of fun with this article!

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Pharrel’s “Happy” – UP Edition | The BEST of Videos

14.03.2014, 12:48

Behind the scenes "happiness is the truth"!

Our more than 700 employees work around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – because customer satisfaction is our top priority! To deliver you the quality and reliability you deserve we need of highly motivated employees so that our departments run smoothly. So far, there has rarely been an insight into our production but today we will make an exception to introduce you part of our lovely folk.

Have fun watching and “clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth”!

The Dark Side of Photoshop: Demolition and Destruction!

12.03.2014, 10:49

Learn how to create truly impacting images!

Some artists love to let the evil and dark side of Photoshop roar. As long as only in fantasy, there is a certain sense of awe in the images that show events of destruction and catastrophic nightmare scenarios. We have, of course, researched amazing and inspiring examples of this trend. They are rather awesome!

As is the norm, in addition to the amazing examples we give you, you will find the article also brings tips and tricks from our experts to add some action of your own to your designs!

Enjoy and let your creative side take over you!

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Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: “Test Drive 2″ |Video of the Week

10.03.2014, 10:06

That's some cab ride!

Some of us might remember the first “test drive” video from Pepsi, which was our video of the week in April last year. Back then many doubted the authenticity of the stunts so Pepsi decided to retaliate against its critics – in style. To do so, they pranked one of the journalists who claimed the original video was fake by giving him the cab ride of his life!

Once again Jeff Gordon driving, this time simulated an exciting police persecution, managed to get our hearts pumping! There is of course the doubt of whether this second video could also be fake but hey, it might as well be not!

Fasten your seat-belts and have fun!