Editorial Design – 40 beautiful examples and 10 tutorials

22.01.2014, 10:21

Take your corporate identity to a whole new level

Editorial design refers to design for magazines, brochures, newspapers, and books. It relies on the creativity of editors and what they want for the cover and the interaction between sections, but a well achieved editorial design makes an astounding difference to your marketing – a positive one. It can in fact be the key to having readers or not.

We have investigated 40 high-quality examples for you, followed by 10 tutorials that will help you doing it yourself.

Be inspired! A good editorial design will certainly benefit your projects!

Überzeitung – Eine Liebeserklärung

Designer: Wolfgang Landauer
Type of Print: Brochure

© Wolfgang Landauer

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AXE PEACE | Video of the week

20.01.2014, 10:19

Make love, not war

Start the week with a „Zen-like“ kind of feeling with Axe’s latest superbowl commercial. The message: make love, not war! Who could disagree? In addition, the execution is flawless, going directly into topics that we usually try to avoid but reminding us that love can really conquer it all.

Now, since we are on the topic, interesting marketing twist Axe took with this commercial being very different to their usual ones. Take a leap and give us your thoughts!

Enjoy watching!

The best 75 Photoshop tutorials of 2013

15.01.2014, 9:42

A truly outstanding collection of design knowledge

There is a lot that we can learn from the Internet, including how to achieve fantastic visual effects! Since we are on that topic, 2013 was particularly full of rather impressive Photoshop tutorials. See it by yourself, just pick a couple and you will see you will not be able to keep yourself from coming back for more.

Do let us know which one is your favourite!

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20 creative wallpapers for mobiles and desktops (& 10 tutorials to design your own)

08.01.2014, 10:47

Unique and fresh for your inspiration

Whether it is for your smartphone, the desktop at home, a laptop or tablet, we are always in the search of cool backgrounds. A nicely done background has the capacity to embellish your screen, to make you feel at ease with your most important workspace. We offer in this post examples of some of the most beautiful wallpapers – at least for our taste – for the creative user who enjoys only the best compositions.

Have you got more examples? Please let us know about them in the comments section, we really love amazing backgrounds.

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„Edgar & Kelly“ | Video of the week

06.01.2014, 10:09

Talk about unexpected twists!

Here you have a very theatrical trailer for the French „Theatre de la Bastille“, but certainly not the boring kind. We seriously doubt anyone could imagine how this video ends, it’s quite a bit of a twist. A very interesting, yet admittedly slightly daring, humour! Be warned, the video is likely to leave you speechless at least for a moment.

Have fun watching!

20 long-exposure photographs of urban beauties

31.12.2013, 11:20

The beauty of seeing time pass through a lense

It is again the most loud and colourful night of the year – or at least it will be as soon as fireworks launch. A wonderful opportunity for astonishing photography. As such and as an introduction to the New Year’s Eve, we have compiled 20 fantastic long-time exposure photographs of a stunning variety of cities.

Be inspired by these amazing images and remember, tonight is a great chance for that photo of your own.

We wish you a wonderful New Year’s celebration and a great start to this 2014!


Artist: Jakob Wagner

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28 amazing vintage Christmas ads

18.12.2013, 10:11

Christmas inspiration from the 40s and 50s

We all love Christmas! Sometimes, we also love Christmas advertisement. Yes, it is marketing, but truth be said some have an undeniable sense of hope and happiness, and others are just too fun as to not smile. In this article, we have prepared for you 28 beautiful Christmas ads from the 40s and 50s.

Take a look at them and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Zippo, 1952

Source: Christmas 1952 Zippo lighter advertisement

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Really incredibly inspiring examples of Facebook timeline photos

11.12.2013, 10:15

Original to the core!

Facebook is currently the largest social network. Naturally, you can find all kind of people in it, some of them very „creative“. Amongst them, some persons strive to create beautiful, inspiring, or even funny, Facebook Timeline Photos.

You would think there is not much room to do something creative with Facebook’s Timeline Photos. You would be wrong. Very wrong. On the contrary, you will see how the timeline images below are not only aesthetically pleasing but also interact perfectly with the profile photo.

Additionally, the article will give you some tutorials, tips and tricks that will invite you to try.

Come on, take a look and enjoy – we certainly did!

Antonio Fadda

Designer: Antonio Fadda

© Antonio Fadda

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20 high-quality vexel-examples and tips to create your own vexel-designs

04.12.2013, 9:56

Vexel: Pixels made awesome!

The word ‚vexel‘ comes from mixing the words ‚vector‘ and ‚pixel‘. In this technique the idea is to give the appearance of a vector image from what was originally a pixel image. To make it work, for example, lines are traced or effects applied to reduce color and scale to make this work.

We have researched 20 inspiring examples for you and present you with some outstandingVexel tutorials to get started immediately. Pay particular attention to the hair, which shows the typical eighth Vexel-line style.

Believe us, the examples below will amaze you. Keep on reading!


Designer: Cristiano Siqueira

© Cristiano Siqueira

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30+1 Outstanding photo manipulations for your inspiration

27.11.2013, 10:10

Fantastic images of pure and absolute creativity

Thanks to the many possibilities opened by Photoshop, it is possible to master the art of photo-manipulation. Indeed, Photoshop gives many artists the necessary tools to create fascinating compositions. Whereas manipulations are done from photos of people or from abstract ideas, behind them there is a brilliant, curious, and artistic mind able to render images worthy of a fairy tale.

For your inspiration, we have collected 30+1 really outstanding photo manipulations. These artists make the master class of the Photoshop league. Take a look at them and inspire yourself with their creativity!


Artist: Martin Grohs
Website: martin-grohs.com

© Martin Grohs

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