45 interesting typography pages for the font enthusiast

07.05.2014, 10:37

Font-porn at its best

Instagram is the perfect source for the typography fan. Whilst the focus of this social network is on photos, there are numerous profiles with a variety of typography styles to discover. We have turned Instagram upside down in the quest of the most beautiful typography pages for you.

Here you have them. 25 instagram sources with their hear and soul invested exclusively to typography. In addition, we bring you 20 weblogs where typography lives and rules. Altogether you will be flabbergasted by a total of 45 of the most outstanding sources in the world for typography inspiration.

Let yourself be inspired!

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30 stickers that go beyond your imagination

30.04.2014, 10:39

Conquering the world one sticker at a time!

It’s time to get a little tacky… but in a cool way because you will discover that some stickers are actually quite awesome. Thanks to the Internet we can now reach sticker ideas and executions that make our imagination fly and will help you to push the limits of your design.

Take a look at the 30 stickers that we found to be coolest amongst all because they go beyond the normal boundaries of creativity. They will surely help you inspire and encourage your own work.

Oh! As if this what not enough, you will also find in between the images 3 useful micro-tutorials with helpful tricks to create and spice your own stickers. Enjoy!

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40 modern (and absolutely beautiful) packaging designs

24.04.2014, 11:09

Dressed to impress!

Whereas it is during shopping or during our morning refrigerator trip, packaging makes part of our daily lives. It often goes unnoticed, but sometimes some products are packed in manner that makes them amazingly attractive and impossible not to notice. As is the case of the examples given in this article.

In this article we have taken the time to find 40 incredibly eye-catching modern packaging designs for you. All of them seem like if they came straight from the future. Crayons with a surprise, a tea bag in the shape of a bird, straws with coffee integration.

Take a thorough look at these examples. Rarely does product advertising gets to be so fun and exciting!

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Built For It Trials | Video of the week

22.04.2014, 10:01

Don't be clumsy!

Have you ever played Jenga? You know how this little game works: you start building a tower and afterwards you have to remove it piece by piece… If one removes a piece and the building falls dowm, that person loses!

Cat machines are doing things even more complicated! The object of the game is for heavy equipment operators to remove and then reposition a stack of 27 JENGA blocks one at a time.

How would it finish?

44 brochure designs to inspire your own projects

16.04.2014, 10:19

Powerful marketing in all sizes and colours

Brochures are one of the most popular promotional products. The boundaries are blurred, small folded flyers, larger brochures, mid-sized ones… Often it is not even a matter of size but rather of creative implementation and marketing wit.

We have gathered more than 44 inspiring brochure designs. Our choices are as varied as brochures ome so we are quite sure that there is something for every taste. Have fun with this overview!

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An & Ria’s First Flight | Video of the Week

14.04.2014, 10:06

Life is all about #First times!

In life there are quite a lot of things many of us will never try! Sometimes it needs not to be the case! Vodafone just launched a Twitter campaign that is all about making #first things happen for lovely people. In this video you will learn about An and Ria, two lovely nans who have never been on a plane or ridden a roaller coaster, two things that are normal to many of us.

We guarantee that you will love the way they react to these amazing experiences. A truly refreshing moment that will help you enjoy the day!

Be sure to share it and don’t forget to search for #First on Twitter. Enjoy!

30 icon sets you must have in your collection

09.04.2014, 8:29

Amazing icons for every taste and need!

Whether it is for a website or a desktop, the right set of icons can improve the user experience. We bring you a wide range of these small images, some minimalistic, others photo-realistic but all of them fantastic as they get!

Take advantage of them because altogether, these sets make for well over 600 individual icons. There will definitely be something for every taste and quite likely some that are simply perfect for your collection!

Take a look at them, enjoy and be sure to help yourself to the ones that suit you best!

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Evian Spider-Man | Video of the Week

07.04.2014, 11:27

It's like cute, but cuter!

Spider man has always been one of the coolest super-heroes out there, but wait until you see baby spider man. Simply put, the cutest mini-super-hero you can imagine. And yes, he can do all the cool things like the grown-up version! Don’t believe us? See by yourself!

Enjoy and share the cute!

T-shirts with your design now at print24!

02.04.2014, 9:38

High-quality textile products for you!

Textilien bei Easyprint

Available immediately, we now also offer you a full line of textile products! Order with us T-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, cloth bags or aprons in many different colors and sizes… All easy to personalise with your favourite images.

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Unbelievable Bus Shelter | Video of the Week

31.03.2014, 10:26

A very realistic unrealistic experience

Imagine that you’re sitting at the bus stop and suddenly aliens attack? Or how about witnessing how a meteorite strikes just next to you, or seeing a tiger roar free just next to where you stand? Sounds unlikely, but Pepsi made it true!

Look at the faces of disbelief! Enjoy! :)