300+ Christmas ressources for Photoshop

21.11.2012, 9:45

Year after year Christmas is just around the corner. 4 weeks left until the most beautiful time in the year begins. We gathered some useful ressources for your Christmas designs in this collection. Use these textures, pattern, brushes, icons and helpful tutorials to enhance your artwork. Design your own Christmas or New Year greeting cards or create individual gift tags for your bounties.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to share your designs and ideas!


Quelle: Romenigps

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35 remarkable christmas postcard designs

14.11.2012, 11:02

Most of the Christmas cards which can be bought in stores have Santa, reindeers and snowflakes on it. We think this is too stereotyped for such a great occasion and collected some remarkable, creative and striking designs as an inspiration for your Christmas and New Year greetings.
You’ll find typographic and minimalistic designs, cute comic designs and retro images. There are no limits when it comes to creative Christmas designs.

Only this week: Special offer for our customers!

We offer a great discount on postcards this week. You have the chance to get 500 postcards, 2-sided, DIN A6 on chromo board for a special price on our website only until sunday . Be creative and design your individual greeting cards for family, friends and business partners as a small present. Create your postcard now with our FreeDesign and send some love. Enjoy!

Holiday Cheer – A Postcard Set

Quelle: Eight Hour Day

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18 fascinating examples of cave photography

07.11.2012, 10:23

Caves are magical. This showcase contains 18 breathtaking images of cave photography. You’ll see ice caves, caves at the ocean or deep in the forest. Have you ever been to such a fascinating place?

Red flute cave

Source: Niccolò B.

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15 breathtaking examples of extreme weather

01.11.2012, 11:38

Just recently “Sandy” destroyed thousands of homes and every year natural desasters kill people, take their homes and leave people with consternation and chaos. At the same time it is very fascinating to observe and capture the strength of nature in pictures. The following images show unique impressions of some natural spectacles.Enjoy and be aware of the risk.


Source: Jon Paul

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31 creepy houses, mansions and castles

24.10.2012, 11:51

It´s almost Halloween and time for all the spooky, creepy and weird creatures like witches, monsters, ghosts or the undead! We show you in our showcase where they might live…
Explore some of the scariest and darkest houses, mansions or (vampire)castles.
Happy Pre-Halloween everybody!

Welcome foolish mortals

Source: Joan

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25 beautiful avenue photographs

17.10.2012, 10:03

Gorgeous trees and a glorious play of sunlight – avenues or allées have their own beauty and specialty. Photographers love the specific angle of view and the vanishing point as an outcome of this. We show you 25 photographs of the most beautiful avenues for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Tuscan Alley

Source: Styrianapes

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19 brilliant examples of Levitation photography

10.10.2012, 10:33


Source: Jakub

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Showcase of 22 conceptual photographs

02.10.2012, 14:00

Ode to the moon

Source: Annelie

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A wonderful collection of paintings about the ocean

26.09.2012, 13:54

A fishing day

Source: Roberto Gomes

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Showcase of 36 stunning polaroids

19.09.2012, 11:00

Analogue photography celebrates his comeback. Although the technical equipment of modern cameras provides all settings you need for perfect images more and more people go back to the roots of photography. Polaroids convey a lot of emotions and convince by their imperfections. This showcase contains 36 stunning polaroids for your inspiration.

What do you prefer: digital or analogue photography?

snowing polaroid

Source: Robin

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