29 incredible Cinemagraphs

29.05.2013, 10:17

Maybe you’ve already seen those magical images with just certain parts moving. Those are based on gif animation and are known as “Cinemagraphs”, a combination of videos (cinema) and photography (graphs).

We collected 29 incredible examples of cinemagraphs for your inspiration. Enjoy!

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44 creative brochure designs

22.05.2013, 10:09

We gathered 44 creative examples of high-quality and creative brochures for your inspiration and also included some great websites with helpful print templates. You can get free templates or buy them to provide a great basis for further optimizations. Enjoy!

Quem sou eu? Who Am I?

Designer: Joana Jesus
Website: behance.net

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21 astonishing pencil drawings

16.05.2013, 10:05

We collected some great examples which show how realistic and emotional pencil drawings can appear. Enjoy!

Playful Curls

Source: Mikael Ålund

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Interview: Illustrator Wilhelm Steiner

30.04.2013, 12:36

“Just do it! Everybody has a talent. You just have to find out what it is. “

Wilhelm is a self-employed graphic designer and illustrator from Austria. He studied “MultiMediaArt” at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and became famous by designing and illustrating for international record labels. He’s working as a freelance designer for Red Bull and Skinsfactory since 2002. He also founded an online store in 2011 where he sells t-shirts with his own designs.

We are all mad here by Wilhelm Steiner

We are all mad here


Wilhelm, your work is very creative, colorful and diverse. Where do you get your ideas from? Do you use any specific source to get inspired?


Usually I don´t have a precise concept when I start to design. It´s more like a particular feeling or mood I want to show, because I’m afraid no to be able to realize the things I imagined. I try to surprise myself. That works best for me.
I don´t use a specific source of inspiration. I just try to observe my environment and create my work out of this.

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60 examples for brand design

24.04.2013, 11:37

CI, Corporate Identity, includes the Corporate design, Corporate communication and the Corporate behavior. In this showcase we’d like to present some Corporate designs which we thought are well-created. You’ll see business cards, website, envelopes, apps and various other media which harmonize perfectly. Which one’s your favorite? Enjoy!

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25 beautiful envelope/mailer designs

17.04.2013, 9:46

Envelopes/Mailer are important marketing tools which are often underestimated but an eye-catching envelope definitely leaves a mark. We gathered 25 lovely envelope designs for your inspiration.

In need of some good-looking envelopes? We offer not only the lowest prices and fastest delivery times, but also complete print (both in and outside). You can choose between adhesive, wet bonding and self-adhesive sealing. Order now at print24.com

DIY Invite Holly Sean

Quelle: i-do-it-yourself.com

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24 impressive geometric designs

10.04.2013, 10:20

This showcase features some breath-taking examples of geometric graphic designs and illustrations.
Get inspired and enjoy these artworks!


Quelle: Jacopo Biorcio

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200+ Easter and Spring resources

27.03.2013, 10:33

Spring’s just around the corner and it’s only a few days left until Easter. We gathered over 200 beautiful and helpful resources e.g. icons, brushes, textures for your next project.

Happy Easter!


Quelle: Romenigps

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33 Photoshop actions to save time

20.03.2013, 10:56

If you want to automate processes in Adobe Photoshop you should definitely use actions. It’s great to record recurring steps to save time. It’s also fascinating to try different complex actions from other designers. We gathered different Photoshop actions for color manipulations and special effects which will help you to achieve great results. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to comment and leave your suggestions!

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44 amazing package designs

13.03.2013, 10:28

It’s unbelievable how package designs can be so various and creative as shown in this showcase. We’ve already shown you several design collections like here and here but it is always nice to find some new great designs.

Good package design have to match the product as well as the targeted customer to achieve his attention. Furthermore it needs to be stackable and easy to carry.
We collected 44 examples you shouldn’t miss. We would totally buy them in the supermarket. Would you do so too?

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