A small guide to postcard marketing campaigns

31.08.2011, 11:05

Why offline marketing campaigns are not old-fashioned

Postcards almost seem like forgotten print products these days. The internet allows us to communicate fast and effective. So why should you add postcard mailings to your marketing strategie?
It’s simple, cheap and effective. Postcards are tangible. People can touch, feel and relate to them.
Unlike emails postcards are likely to be put on bulletin boards as memories. As a business this is a good chance you should use to boost your reputation.

Don’t know how to start? We help you with some first steps to a successful postcard campaign.

1. Target your customer

First of all you have to target your audience. Think about who you want to reach and what to achieve. You also have to gather relevant addresses. First choice is obviously your own database. Another one is to buy addresses from trustworthy companies where people gave their consent to receive mailings from third parties, which is you in this case. In all cases check the laws and regulations that apply to mailings in your country.

Another great way to spread the love is to spread them in your local area. This of course works best with a strongly local target audience. If you want people to pick it up you should make it funny, compelling and or useful. Here’s a great collection of example designs.

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33 new and creative business card designs

09.08.2011, 9:56

Successful Self-marketing with innovative ideas

Last year we shared a collection of 333 creative and inspirational business cards with you and we didn’t find more well worth seeing business cards for a while.

Some time has passed and we were successful with spotting 33 new and amazing business card designs which we don’t want to hold back from you. Maybe you get some ideas and inspiration for your own innovative business cards. As a little sweetener we have a 5 bucks voucher for your next business card order. You’ll find the voucher code at the end of the article. Enjoy!

Quelle: Dave Savage

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Your billboard in the office of a customer

27.07.2011, 10:16

How to rock your customers with a calendar

You have to admit that even in times of ubiquitous web services a physical calendar can be a very nice thing to have. Sometimes just because it looks great and covers up that nasty miscoloured spot on the wall. If you agree with me your customers and business partners are also quite likely to. So, why aren’t you sending them a nice calendar for 2012?

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9 benefits of business blogging

06.07.2011, 10:09

Boost your business with content

Blogging is a wonderful medium to spread your word, drive traffic to your website and provoke interaction. It’s your mouthpiece in the worldwide web and gives you the chance to involve your audience.

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How to use Twitter for Business Marketing Part 2

29.06.2011, 9:41

Tips&Tricks for successful Twitter use

Twitter has sheer endless advantages for businesses as well as for “regular” users. It boosts traffic for your blog or website, it helps you build your brand and raise awareness, you can promote your content faster and more effective, you find new audience, you get new inspiration and not to forget: it’s fun and you learn a lot. In our article last week we helped you with a 5-step instruction to get your own Twitter account started. You can read it here.

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How to use Twitter for Business Marketing Part 1

22.06.2011, 11:30

5 steps to get your own Twitter account started

We already wrote about the numerous possibilities of Social Media use e.g. networking with LinkedIn or location-based services like Gowalla and Facebook Places.

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Do you know your customers?

15.06.2011, 10:02

Audience Segmentation as a key to successful business

Remember the last time you talked to your customer about expectations referring to your business? You can´t? Then you better start getting to know your clients.

Audience Segmentation is what you have to focus to develop the best and most efficient marketing strategies for your business. We give you a little start-off aid.

1. Potential customers

There is a difference between consumers and businesses. Companies usually spend more money, aim for long-term relationships and have a higher contract volume, whereas individual consumers are unpredictable and their order volume is instable.

That doesn’t mean you have to choose one of these customer groups, just make sure you decide what is best for your company. It also helps to know if your product rather appeals to consumers, businesses or both.

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