30 awesome door hanger designs

16.05.2012, 11:04

Not just to hang around

Everyone knows the classic „Do not disturb“ door hanger hanging around in about every hotel worldwide. The two sides show completely different, yet complimentary, messages (eg „Please clean up“). This however, is only one possible use for this versatile product. Ever thought about using door hangers for your marketing campaigns?

The folks behind the following 30 door hanger designs clearly did. If you’ve got the spirit there’s hardly any limit to what you can do with it. Take a look at our creative door hanger collection and hopefully you’ll walk away a bit more inspired.

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33 special and creative flyer designs

18.04.2012, 9:50

Inspiration and amazement

The following showcase shows all the creative possibilities to create neat flyers.
You’ll see detailed comic characters, complex collage or minimalistic design.
Which one do you like most?

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Analogue Love: 28 stunning examples of double exposure

04.04.2012, 10:29

From unexpected to wanted results

Analogue photography is all about emotions and passion, not about perfection. Double exposure also can be made digital but it is often criticized. No matter which one you prefer we collected 28 astounding examples of double exposure for your inspiration and to remember to sometimes get back to old stuff because it’s still fun and surprising :)

Source: Dan Mountford

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The fascination of Negative Space Art

28.03.2012, 10:07

20 images which will amaze you

We love experimental art. These two artists create illusions by using negative space of objects to give them double meanings. We show you the most impressive images to get inspired. Enjoy!

Tang Yau Hoong

Source: Tang Yau Hoong

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33 astonishing images of infants and children

21.03.2012, 10:26

The magic of childhood

We prepared a showcase of 33 fascinating photographs of infants and children for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Matias pretending

Source: Antonio Ysursa

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51 examples of incredible streetart designs

14.03.2012, 11:05

Art at it's best

Streetart gets more common all around the world. You’ll find simple design, complex art, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. We collected 51 streetart design which we liked a lot. Which one is your favorite?

For more inspiration visit streetartutopia.

Artist: Roa, Resto and Santos

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50 of the most beautiful fonts for a creative 2012

07.03.2012, 12:04

Inspiration and resources

Every designer needs lots of different fonts every day e.g. to create flyers, business cards or website banners. We collected 50 of the most beautiful fonts in this showcase.
You’ll see handwritten fonts, modern 3D typefaces or other different surfaces like chalk or glass. Enjoy! :)

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21 beautiful spring photographs

29.02.2012, 10:43

It's time for spring

Leaving winter behind is a great feeling. Temperature rises, birds are singing and everybody’s in a good mood. This showcase contains 21 spring photographs which should prepare you for this beautiful next season. Enjoy! :)

It’s just a dream

Source: Matthias

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33 fresh flyers for your inspiration

22.02.2012, 10:35

Examples for amazing flyer ideas

A good flyer needs to be remarkable and eye-catching e.g. by using big headlines, interesting characters or complex compositions. This showcase of 33 fresh flyers should serve as an inspiration. Which are your favorites?

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Corporate Identity – 55 examples of amazing Corporate Designs

08.02.2012, 10:49

Get inspired!

Corporate design is the essence of Corporate identity. This includes logo (font, combination of word and image) , envelopes, business cards, letterheads, flyer, magazines and posters.

Bigger businesses also invest into standardized packaging, web performances, work clothes and architecture. We found some great examples of Corporate design as an inspiration for your own projects and Corporate Identity .

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