33 text effects for flyers and magazines

19.06.2013, 10:56

Design headlines and subheadlines

Enhancing fonts with Photoshop is quite easy. You just have to decide which style you want to use. We gathered some amazing text effects for flyers and magazines. Be inspired and use the tutorials for your next project. Enjoy!

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Photoshop Live „Street Retouch Prank“ | Video of the week

17.06.2013, 9:01

Pedestrians as advertising stars

These unsuspected pedestrians experienced how it feels like to see your own face on advertising posters. Photoshop-pro Erik Johansson secretely photographed waiting pedestrians at a bus stop and edited the images in front of them. The results are funny posters but you have to see yourself :)

30 modern UI examples

12.06.2013, 10:41

Strong User Interfaces

The graphical User Interface (UI) has to be intuitive, easy to use and self-explaining. An appealing design is also very important. We gathered 30 modern and beautiful UI examples for your inspiration.

UI of engineering app

Designer: Sergey Valiukh

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29 awesome Lomography and Polaroid Photoshop tutorials

08.05.2013, 10:09

How to achieve a stunning retro effect

Polaroid stands for snapshots like no other. If you don’t have a polaroid camera you can also achieve those effects in Photoshop. We gathered 29 awesome Lomography and Polaroid Photoshop tutorials which will help you to create your own blurry retro images.

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33 Photoshop actions to save time

20.03.2013, 10:56

How to enhance your images

If you want to automate processes in Adobe Photoshop you should definitely use actions. It’s great to record recurring steps to save time. It’s also fascinating to try different complex actions from other designers. We gathered different Photoshop actions for color manipulations and special effects which will help you to achieve great results. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to comment and leave your suggestions!

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44 high-definition textures, you should add to your library

27.02.2013, 9:57

Different surfaces for your designs

You can´t never have enough textures or fonts! First there are a huge amount of different surfaces und second there are endlessly different purposes. We collected 44 high-definition textures, you should add to your library in Photoshop. If you don´t have a library yet, then it´s a good moment to start one now. Have fun!

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50 incredibly creative examples of manipulations, compositions and digital art

06.02.2013, 10:07

Experience the possibilities

This showcase contains some breath-taking masterpieces by Photoshop professionals. Enjoy those great ideas and the high-end image editing and let them inspire you for your own compositions.

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Best of design and inspiration 2012

27.12.2012, 12:04

Your top ten articles

Every week we provide helpful and inspirative articles at this point. But the year is almost over and so we decided to dig into our archives and collected you ten of the most popular articles of 2012.

We´re looking forward to a new successful year with you. We already have prepared some fascinating things. Stay tuned!

The whole team of print24 wish you a good start into the year 2013!

33 special and creative flyer designs

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40 high-quality tutorials you might have missed in 2012

19.12.2012, 10:42

Creative help

A lot of great and helpful tutorials were published this year and you might have missed some of them so we collected the very best tutorials for you. Enhance your Photoshop skills, create colorful manipulations, buttons and icons. This should serve as an inspiration for your future projects. Enjoy!

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44 high-definition videos for Photoshop Fans

05.12.2012, 11:13

Learn from Photoshop Professionals

Video trainings are a big plus for Photoshop fans because every step is explained and shown in real-time which makes it easier to understand it. We collected some great video tutorials which will help to achieve vintage effects, arrange complex compositions and do beauty retouching. Enjoy!

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