33 Button tutorials which were created to click

07.08.2013, 15:04

How to design the smallest interface element

Buttons are made for clicking, that’s what they’re for. But what shapes and colours  have the boldest impact? We’re here to show you 33 examples to make your decision a lot easier.

Whats more: For each example you can discover a tutorial just by clicking the image. So it is easy to understand the structure of the smallest interface elements.

Photoshop For Beginners: Creating buttons for web part 1

Designer: Sebastiano
Style: Glossy
Difficulty: 2 von 5

© Sebastiano

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30 incredible 3D character heads

24.07.2013, 10:04

Impressive 3D artists

If you apply as a 3D artist, you don´t need to have space ships or weapons in your portfolio. Unusual characters are real examples of your skills and they show the difference between newcomers and the talented ones. The following showcase is a great source of inspiration for you!

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40 photo-realistic Photoshop tutorials

26.06.2013, 10:53

Close to reality

We gathered 40 photo-realistic photoshop tutorials so you can enhance your skills and reach the next level in image editing. Enjoy!

Create a Stylish Coffee Cup With Smart Objects

Designer: Gorm Haraldsson
Complexity factor: 4 out of 5

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33 text effects for flyers and magazines

19.06.2013, 10:56

Design headlines and subheadlines

Enhancing fonts with Photoshop is quite easy. You just have to decide which style you want to use. We gathered some amazing text effects for flyers and magazines. Be inspired and use the tutorials for your next project. Enjoy!

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Photoshop Live „Street Retouch Prank“ | Video of the week

17.06.2013, 9:01

Pedestrians as advertising stars

These unsuspected pedestrians experienced how it feels like to see your own face on advertising posters. Photoshop-pro Erik Johansson secretely photographed waiting pedestrians at a bus stop and edited the images in front of them. The results are funny posters but you have to see yourself :)

30 modern UI examples

12.06.2013, 10:41

Strong User Interfaces

The graphical User Interface (UI) has to be intuitive, easy to use and self-explaining. An appealing design is also very important. We gathered 30 modern and beautiful UI examples for your inspiration.

UI of engineering app

Designer: Sergey Valiukh

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29 awesome Lomography and Polaroid Photoshop tutorials

08.05.2013, 10:09

How to achieve a stunning retro effect

Polaroid stands for snapshots like no other. If you don’t have a polaroid camera you can also achieve those effects in Photoshop. We gathered 29 awesome Lomography and Polaroid Photoshop tutorials which will help you to create your own blurry retro images.

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Adobe does away with Creative Suite, turns Photoshop into a subscription service

07.05.2013, 9:05

Meet the CC line

Adobe is putting all of its chips in the cloud, a move made readily apparent with a slew of announcements at its Max conference in Los Angeles today.

Perhaps the most notable change is that Photoshop (rebranded Photoshop CC, but more on that below) will be a subscription-based service, though Adobe assured us it will continue to support Photoshop CS6.

It’s all part of a major update to its Creative Cloud property, one that ultimately will do away with Creative Suite as Adobe won’t roll out new CS releases down the road. CS6 will still be available for purchase, but only in the forms currently on store shelves.

Come June, Adobe will introduce a new set of desktop applications branded „CC“ aside from Photoshop CC, including InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Dreamweaver CC and Premiere Pro CC.

While now a pay-to-use service, the new Photoshop isn’t without its enhancements, which include sync settings, Adobe Camera Raw 8 improvements and other editing features.

For those that don’t own a steady cam, the most practical updated feature may be Camera Shake Reduction, a tool that deblurs formerly unsalvageable images.

So what will it cost to access Photoshop CC? Adobe is throwing out a Creative Cloud single-app membership for a special introductory price (read: limited time) of US$9.99/month for those who already own Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6.

Following that pricing is a rate of US$49.99/month for individual Creative Cloud membership. Those who own CS3 through CS5.5 can get their first year in the Cloud at a rate of US$29.99/month.

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Adobe announces Lightroom 5 beta for free download

16.04.2013, 8:06

New advanced healing brush and improved workflow

Adobe’s latest version of the popular photo editing and management software, Lightroom 5, is now available as a free public beta. As the company is looking for feedback on the software, members of the public will be able to download and review the program ahead of its full launch.

A number of new features have been added, while others have been improved since Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.

The new radial filter enables vignettes in various places on the image, rather than just in the corners. Improvements have been made to the healing brush, which now enables you to make a custom shape for the brush, rather than the standard circular shape.

There’s also a new way to fix perspectives and converging verticals with one touch of a button, known as the Upright tool. Adobe says over 50 additional „JDIs“ (Just Do It) features should speed up workflow.

Adobe announces Lightroom 5 beta for free download

A Visualise Spots feature quickly highlights dust in an image sensor to enable quick removal. The sensitivity of this feature can be increased or decreased, depending on your preference.

Smart Preview is a particularly interesting feature in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 that enables image editing even when the full file is not available – for instance if it’s stored on an external hard drive. When the full file is later available, any edits are rendered.

The way photo books are created has seen some improvements, with the ability to modify and edit page numbers more easily, while page templates can now be created.

Adobe has thought about the way that photographers now work with video, as well as photography. A new video slideshow tool enables customers to combine still images with video clips in an HD slideshow.

Adobe Lightroom 5 is available now as a free download via this link until the beta period expires.

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33 Photoshop actions to save time

20.03.2013, 10:56

How to enhance your images

If you want to automate processes in Adobe Photoshop you should definitely use actions. It’s great to record recurring steps to save time. It’s also fascinating to try different complex actions from other designers. We gathered different Photoshop actions for color manipulations and special effects which will help you to achieve great results. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to comment and leave your suggestions!

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