Adobe announces Lightroom 5 beta for free download

16.04.2013, 8:06

Adobe’s latest version of the popular photo editing and management software, Lightroom 5, is now available as a free public beta. As the company is looking for feedback on the software, members of the public will be able to download and review the program ahead of its full launch.

A number of new features have been added, while others have been improved since Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.

The new radial filter enables vignettes in various places on the image, rather than just in the corners. Improvements have been made to the healing brush, which now enables you to make a custom shape for the brush, rather than the standard circular shape.

There’s also a new way to fix perspectives and converging verticals with one touch of a button, known as the Upright tool. Adobe says over 50 additional “JDIs” (Just Do It) features should speed up workflow.

Adobe announces Lightroom 5 beta for free download

A Visualise Spots feature quickly highlights dust in an image sensor to enable quick removal. The sensitivity of this feature can be increased or decreased, depending on your preference.

Smart Preview is a particularly interesting feature in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 that enables image editing even when the full file is not available – for instance if it’s stored on an external hard drive. When the full file is later available, any edits are rendered.

The way photo books are created has seen some improvements, with the ability to modify and edit page numbers more easily, while page templates can now be created.

Adobe has thought about the way that photographers now work with video, as well as photography. A new video slideshow tool enables customers to combine still images with video clips in an HD slideshow.

Adobe Lightroom 5 is available now as a free download via this link until the beta period expires.

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Akvis ArtWork 7 introduces new painting features

07.06.2012, 10:30

Digital photography brings out the artist in many of us, and software such as Photoshop and Lightroom add a little extra sparkle to our images.

However, sometimes an atmospheric image can be improved further with a push towards the art world, using specialist painting software.

Akvis ArtWork 7 claims to turn your photos into impressive works of art that, in some instances, can turn a mediocre shot into an atmospheric image that’s worth framing and sticking on the wall.

This latest upgrade introduces Gouche – a versatile painting technique that uses dense and intensive colours. Its characteristics are brilliance and opacity. Akvis ArtWork’s opacity feature and covering power will, the developer claims, enable you to create outstanding effects that can’t be achieved with watercolour paints.

Gouache technique is widely used in decorative painting and when creating colour sketches and drawings.

Akvis ArtWork 7 is available for both PC and Mac platforms, or you can use it as a plug-in for Photoshop. The basic idea is to turn a photo into a painting. The program goes a stage further than the Artistic filters built in to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, which haven’t been updated or extended for many years.

Other effects on offer from ArtWork include Oil, Watercolor, Comics, Pen & Ink, Linocut and Pastel. There are even some extra arty touches such as canvas textures and stylised signatures to add a little flourish to your masterpiece.

Akvis ArtWork 7 introduces new features

Of course, software to turn photos into art is nothing new. Corel Painter has been around for years, but at £279/$429 and with a fairly steep learning curve, it isn’t for everyone.

Akvis ArtWork 7 introduces new features

Akvis ArtWork 7 sells for £93/$99 and the latest version includes a Preview feature so you can tweak and assess your opus magnum before printing it out. Version 7 sounds like it could be a fairly essential upgrade, and should have you on your way to the Royal Academy in no time at all.

Akvis ArtWork 7 introduces new features

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