80 Photoshop actions for your projects

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Februar 23rd, 2010, 1:38 pm

Photoshop offers the possibility to record the course of commands within the software. These actions can be saved and they can also be passed on. So, by pressing a button, you can apply a whole set of commands by other users on one or more files at the same time. You’ll be surprised by the results. We have collected 80 Photoshop actions for your projects.

You can load an action in your action palette. In case this window is not open already, please go to Window > Action in the menu bar. Click on the small black arrow on the upper right. Various actions can be carried out in the opened list regarding the actions. Please either decide to load actions to add another action to your current selection, or decide to replace actions to replace the current selection by another action.

Big Picture v.2

Soft Elegance

3D Action with Fund of Colour

Photoshop Postwork Actions

300 Action

Fuji Velvia Film

Action 002

Action Fashion now

Action 003

Photoshop Action 22

Photoshop Actions 63


Color enhancing Actions

Black and White PS actions

Cool photo effect action

Fallen Action

Cross-processing action

Eye Color

Lith Print Action

Landscape and Sky

Magnifying Glass

Dazzle Effects

Photoshop Actions 62

Photographers Toolkit 1

Comics Photoshop action

Photoshop Actions 72

Photoshop Action – Vintage

Wedding Enhancers Kit

Vivid Blur

Old Photo Action

Black white sepia PS action

Amatorka Action 2

Black And White

Correction Colors

Cross-Processing ATN

HolgaRoid Generator BW

NoiseLess RetroFit Actions

magic ACTION

Action 004

Action Pack 1

Enhancing skin color

guteCharlotte color o2

Hand-colored Vintage Photo ATN

TackIt! Mini

Image Enhancing PS Actions


IR effect look


Photoshop Actions 100

Photoshop Action 8

Lovely Action

Old Black and White

Old Parchment

HDR Fantasticalizers

Vintage Photo

Photo Coloring 11

Oscar Pilch Photoshop Action 1

Hayes Island Variant

Action 004

Pencil Draw Photoshop Action

Photo Coloring II

Out of Bounds

Photoshop action

Touch of Rain

Action 9


Retro Love

Stylish Sepia

Photoshop Dream Blur Action


Split toning

Vintage meets lomo

vintage wash

Vintage action


Page Curls

Cracked Wall Painting


Paper Cube

Rays Woods

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  1. Dirk says Februar 23rd, 2010 um 6:24 pm

    activities, no, better write actions ;)

  2. Christoph says Februar 24th, 2010 um 5:24 pm

    thanks ;)

  3. Adam Dodd says März 4th, 2010 um 10:15 pm

    Thanks for sharing !!

    Adam Dodd


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