33 beautiful bookmarks for a „real“ user experience

Creative realizations

Juni 20th, 2012, 10:49 am

Books are still very popular in our digital world. It’s nice and comfy to lay in bed and read and feel a book.

We gathered 33 beautiful bookmarks which are much more fun than a simple browser bookmark. No matter how exciting a book is you have to put it away some time and these creative bookmarks are just a perfect eye-catcher.

This is the way we work

© Made with hands


© Made with hands

Designers Bookmark Promotion

© Isaac Paris

BookJigs New Product Line

© modern8

Book Mark

© suck.uk.com

Liquid Lamp and Bookmark

© Kyouei design

The New Mark Night Light Bookmark Sheds Some Light On An Old Nighttime Foe

© Oliver Pacheco

beyond silver

© ilshat garipov

FingerPrint A Handy Bookmark

© Fred

Abracadabra Pneumatic Bookmark Pops To Your Page

© gizmodo.com

Save bookmark

© icoeye.com

Promotional Bookmarks

© Dimis Giannakoulias

Green Leafs Bookmarkers

© yuruliku

HK Skyline Bookmark

© Irene Kwong

I Honor the Place Where the MARK Bookmark and I Become One

© Yanko Design

The Burning Bookmark is seriously hot

© perpetualkid.com


© icoeye.com

Corner Bookmark

© Sylvia

Enjoy The Ride

© msflorance.tumblr.com

love you bookmark

© mmmcrafts.blogspot.in

Authors & Bookmarks

© Cemal Günüşen


© global.rakuten.com

Two fish basket Tolly bookmark set

© global.rakuten.com

Ad + bookmark = success!

© Publicis, Dallas, USA

Wall Book Mark

© Es Collection


© Ethem Onur Bilgiç

Photo Bookmarks

© content.photojojo.com

gilbert13: pagecues

© angela and mark gilbert of london design studio

nothing design group: haptic penna

© designnothing.com

Spectacles Bookmark

© PolyU Design


© Rafael Ginatulin

BOOKMARK – Fine Arts

© Thanh Xinh

Calligraffitti Bookmark

© Joana D.

Papelería / Stationery marco Creativo

© Marco

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