33 creative App icons for Apple iPhone

Minimal but beautiful

August 8th, 2012, 12:05 pm

Apps are program which are especially designed for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the Apple designers they became small artworks. Rounded corners are very characteristic. Our showcase shows 33 incredible creative app icons for the iPhone. Enjoy!

Unlaced App Icon

© The Ryan Ford

Plug iOS App Icon

© joekirei

Basket App Icon


Icon Basket

© Oleg Sheremet

Target iOS App Icon

© Mario Bieh

SyncSpace icon

© Plexform



iOS Leather Icon

© DrawingArt

A Camera App Icon

© Aditya Nugraha Putra

Cigar Notes | App Icon

© Liquefy Studios

An Icon for Coffee Lovers

© Aditya Nugraha Putra

Boxing Glove iPhone Icon

© Konstantin Datz

Cheers beer IOS icon

© Mikael Eidenberg

Casio iPhone Icon

© Konstantin Datz

Minox Iphone Icon – 3d

© Konstantin Datz

Accordion iOS Icon

© Konstantin Datz

Cigar Box iOS Icon

© Konstantin Datz


© Julian Burford

Bacon Diet App Icon

© The Ryan Ford


© Gert Tzafa

Winefood app icon

© Vitaliy Kovalchuk

App Icon Design – Doors

© CreativeDash LLC

RTS Game app icon design

© CreativeDash LLC

Distressed Speaker App Icons – UI Design & Icons

© 7slash6 Design Studio

iPhone App Design

© amynsattani


© kylor

Subway Project App

© Igor Torres

What I Eat

© Loggia

LP Player

© artasya

Panic Button

© Dash

Raphael Lopes

© Raphael Lopes

Raphael Lopes

© Raphael Lopes

Java Match

© Weirdsgn.com

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