Judge them by their covers: Incredible designs for books!

A good cover is the key to a good book!

Januar 28th, 2016, 8:50 am

Printed books are everything! Yes, indeed, ebooks are also something really convenient as you can hold in one tablet your entire library. However, don’t you miss the feel of a traditional book? The smell of its pages? The weight in your hands? This is definitely what makes a book awesome!

What makes it even more awesome is also its cover. Yes, you’re right! You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but you can’t deny that it IS what’s going to make you buy said book! A cover is supposed to hook you to a wonderful story and you should already by dreaming to know more by just looking at it.
The cover designs we’ve collected today are the perfect example of how to sell a book in the best way! We wish you to be inspired by their originality and creativity!

Spry Fox, children’s book

Source: Ivan Sulima

by Ivan Sulima via behance.net
© Ivan Sulima

mo_st_ | moholy_typophoto_book

Source: Dora Balla

by Dora Balla via behance.net
© Dora Balla

Butcher Billy’s Tales From The Smith Comic Book Series

Source: Butcher Billy

by Butcher Billy via behance.net
© Butcher Billy

Häng konsten lågt

Source: Snask

by Snask via behance.net
© Snask

Lauren Oliver’s Vanishing Girls // Cover Illustration

Source: Emi Haze

by Emi Haze via behance.net
© Emi Haze

The Goldbell Collection

Source: Renatus Wu

by Renatus Wu via behance.net
© Renatus Wu

Museum – A House for Learning by Péter György

Source: Viktor Suszter

by Viktor Suszter via behance.net by Viktor Suszter via behance.net
© Viktor Suszter

Taste Book

Source: Vicki Turner

by Vicki Turner via behance.net
© Vicki Turner

J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter

Source: Kincső Nagy

by Masaomi Fujita via behance.net by Kincső Nagy via behance.net
© Kincső Nagy

The four seasons of../ Book design

Source: Masaomi Fujita

by Masaomi Fujita via behance.net
© Masaomi Fujita

The Megalopolis – 3m long children book

Source: Cléa Dieudonné

by Cléa Dieudonné via behance.net
© Cléa Dieudonné

The ABCs of Hand Lettering book

Source: Abbey Sy

by Abbey Sy via behance.net
© Abbey Sy

it is what it is.

Source: 2X4 Inc.

by 2X4 Inc. via behance.net
© 2X4 Inc.

PALETTE No.7: Monotone

Source: victory hk

by victory hk via behance.net
© victory hk

Book Series

Source: Sean Travis

by Sean Travis via behance.net
© Sean Travis

The Ravages of Myth

Source: Ting-An Ho
by Ting-An Ho via behance.net
© Ting-An Ho

Solace London – SS15 Look Book

Source: Sandra Autukaite

by Sandra Autukaite via behance.net
© Sandra Autukaite

A flat trip around Europe

Source: Laura Palumbo
by Laura Palumbo via behance.net
© Laura Palumbo

Make Enemies & Gain Fans – Book

Source: Snask
by Snask via behance.net
© Snask

STAR WARS Trilogy Book Covers

Source: Adam Faniszlo
by Adam Faniszlo via behance.net
© Adam Faniszlo

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We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


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