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Essential prepping for a successful event: The Tickets!

25.06.2015, 8:50

For concerts, exhibitions and more

p24 photo products

Either you are an experienced event planner or this is your first event, good planning is the key of success to any type of events. We will give you some general tips on what´s important to create a successful event and will also introduce you to our new product: Individual designed tickets!

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20 photos of creepy abandoned places

29.10.2014, 10:26

This will give you the chill!

Halloween is nearly there: the right time to go to a party dressed as Dracula and have fun; but also the right time to go somewhere and get scared!
These abandoned places that now belong to the past are everywhere around us. They might not be shown on a map somewhere but, like every creepy things, they’re well hidden.
Some talented photographers decided to show us the forgotten faces of these buildings, stations, asylums, castles and even theme parks… and it’s pretty scary!

Spreepark 02

Source: Bestarns

by Bestarns via
© Bestarns

Chernobyl Series

Source: James Charlick

by James Charlick via
© James Charlick


Source: AcquiredElegance

by AcquiredElegance via
© AcquiredElegance

Château de Noisy (château Miranda)

Source: David Baker Photography

by David Baker Photography via
© David Baker Photography

West Park Lunatic Asylum

Source: Proj3ctM4yh3m

by Proj3ctM4yh3m
© Proj3ctM4yh3m

Bodie Historical Park

Source: James Fike Photography

by James Fike Photography
© James Fike Photography

Hotel Abandonado

Source: Arturo Aparicio

by Arturo Aparicio
© Arturo Aparicio

Balcony of Hell

Source: Jordy Meow

by Jordy Meow
© Jordy Meow


Source: Klaus Berends

by Klaus Berends via
© Klaus Berends

A trip to the Haunted Island of Poveglia

Source: muchmoremuchier

by muchmoremuchier
© muchmoremuchier


Source: Ralph Mirebs

by Ralph Mirebs
© Ralph Mirebs

Michigan Central Depot

Source: James Howe

by James Howe
© James Howe

Baroque Room

Source: Niki Feijen

by Niki Feijen
© Niki Feijen

St Martin Ghost Subway Station

Source: Martin Gautron

by Martin Gautron via flickr
© Martin Gautron

Bannerman’s Island

Source: Nick Harris

by Nick Harris via flickr
© Nick Harris

Last Dinner

Source: David Pinzer
by David Pinzer via deviantart
© David Pinzer

Disco Inferno

Source: Andreas S.

by Andreas S.
© Andreas S.

Urban Explorer

Source: themobius
by themobius via deviantart
© themobius

Urbex: Castle of Bonnelles

Source: exkup
by exkup via deviantart
© exkup

Urban Exploration 02

Source: Szymon
by  Szymon via deviantart
© Szymon

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


GoldieBlox’s „Princess Machine“ | Video of the week

25.11.2013, 10:11

Girls just want to have fun

UPDATE (28.11.13): We really loved this video, however, GoldieBlox was forced to take the video offline due to legal reasons. Worry not, another awesome video is coming soon!

Girls can do science too! Is that „too“ even necessary? No way! In this video, 3 girls get bored from the stereotype image of what fun-for-girls looks like and decide to arrange a truly amazing domino-like „Princess Machine“ game. The result? One of the coolest videos we’ve seen this year! Yes indeed. Girls can do science! Big time!

Take a look and enjoy!

Wacky Races | Video of the week

23.09.2013, 12:36

On your marks!

Its Wacky Races! The heat is on as Dick Dastardly, the Gruesome Twosome and the Slag Brothers compete for first place. A driver speeds by in the new Peugeot dodging obstacles and veering past traps as the rest of the racers crash in a road-side pile up!

+300 summery Photoshop resources

28.08.2013, 10:55

Basics for your best summer designs

Summer is almost over and it´s time for the last open-air parties or barbecue dinners.

We collected a number of Photoshop resources for your summery designs: From beach textures and ice cream brushes to fruity text layers you will definitely find something you can use for your designs.

Have fun being creative and have a enjoy the last summer days!


Source: Romenigps

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30 guidances for digital art

14.08.2013, 11:19

Artists in all media

It´s really impressive what artists can create with a brush – whether digital or on canvas. Often it needs a second or third look to see that it is not a photograph.

Also the fantastic paintings of dragons, cartoon characters, destroyed cities and space battles are really incredibly worth seeing. A great source of inspiration!

Umbrella Sky

Artist: Marta Dahlig

© Marta Dahlig

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Total Access: Security camera | Video of the week

15.07.2013, 9:53

Only refueling would be boring!

The customers of this gas station expect no service because of the good prices. While self-serving they perform some funny things. But you have to watch yourself. Enjoy the show ;)

200+ Easter and Spring resources

27.03.2013, 10:33

Basics for your spring designs

Spring’s just around the corner and it’s only a few days left until Easter. We gathered over 200 beautiful and helpful resources e.g. icons, brushes, textures for your next project.

Happy Easter!


Quelle: Romenigps

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300+ Christmas ressources for Photoshop

21.11.2012, 9:45

Useful tools for your Christmas designs

Year after year Christmas is just around the corner. 4 weeks left until the most beautiful time in the year begins. We gathered some useful ressources for your Christmas designs in this collection. Use these textures, pattern, brushes, icons and helpful tutorials to enhance your artwork. Design your own Christmas or New Year greeting cards or create individual gift tags for your bounties.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to share your designs and ideas!


Quelle: Romenigps

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40 sources of great Design and Photoshop Tutorials

16.03.2010, 13:56

Articles, workshops and extensions

In this collection, I would like to reveal (some) of my sources. All projects presented here are just a small selection of websites, tutorials, private collections and many add-ons which show different textures, stock photos, fonts, brushes and styles.

To prove that each of these 40 sources offer worth seeing design and Photoshop tutorials I added two recent examples to each source. It proves that every page has high quality content.
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