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Essential prepping for a successful event: The Tickets!

25. Juni 2015

For concerts, exhibitions and more

Either you are an experienced event planner or this is your first event, good planning is the key of success to any type of events. We will give you some general tips on what´s important to create a successful event and will also introduce you to our new product: Individual designed tickets!

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30 guidances for digital art

14. August 2013

Artists in all media

The skill in an artist’s stroke whether on canvas or a digital pad has always been awe-inspiring. Often the artist has paid such attention to detail it requires a much closer look for an observer to distinguish a painting from a photograph. Follow the link for a collection of impressive abstract and conceptual images.

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200+ Easter and Spring resources

27. März 2013

Basics for your spring designs

Spring’s just around the corner and it’s only a few days left until Easter. We gathered over 200 beautiful and helpful ressources e.g. icons, brushes, textures for your next project.

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Animated logos that will inspire you

23. August 2016

Find the face of your company!

A logo is definitely the face of a brand and a company. And what better than a nicely designed animated logo?

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For your inspiration: 40 great Flyer designs

17. März 2016

Free your creativity!

We have gathered, as a great source of inspiration, 40 incredible Flyer designs taken from talented designers.

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Great fan arts about video games to inspire you!

23. Oktober 2015

From Mario to Metal Gear solid V

Let’s treat ourselves with some wonderful fan arts: a creative tribute to the games we all love!

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Original and creative fonts for your inspiration

18. Juni 2015

For even catchier texts!

We’re all used to Times New Roman, Arial or even Comic Sans… but sometimes it’s also good to have some design with a little bit more creativity in terms of fonts!

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Bottle tags and tent cards, two new products for your table

28. April 2015

For an elegant table!

We are introducing you to the bottle tags and tent cards, two great printing products ideal to reinforce your brand and to add an elegant element to your table.

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New: Loyalty cards and Appointment cards

19. März 2015

Elegant cards with your own design

We extend our product range with two new products: Loyalty cards and Appointment cards. In this article we give you more information about the products and we also gathered some inspiration for your future designs!

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The most beautiful and original textures for your artworks

12. März 2015

Unleash your creativity!

In this article, we gathered some very interesting textures that could produce a nice effect for your creation. So feel free to have a look and get as inspired as possible!

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