The Old New World | Video of the week

11.04.2016, 16:40

The best time machine ever!

What if we told you we actually discovered a time machine? You don’t believe us? Well, you might need to close your eyes for a second… or maybe no, otherwise if you do so, you might miss the video!

To enter said time machine, you don’t have to steal some plutonium! The only thing required is to click on the video below and to enjoy a wonderful photo-based animation project! So? Are you ready for a little trip back in the 30s? ;)

44 inspiring Brochure designs

07.04.2016, 10:40

Elaborate designs, unusual formats

In this collection you will find 44 Brochure designs as creative as they are eye-catching with their unusual formats. Perfect to present your products, theater programs or the houses you have to sell or rent, this very versatile product can also be a fantastic playground for anyone willing to turn it into a masterpiece of art!

We are quite sure there is something for everyone in this large collection! In the meantime, we wish you to enjoy it and be inspired and, why not?, go and design your own Brochures here:

Create your own Brochures!

Konami Gaming KP3 Pop-Up Brochure Inside

Designer: cockrellenovation

© cockrellenovation

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Quarter Life Poetry: Mom Talk | Video of the week

04.04.2016, 11:41

The every twenty-something's struggle

This video is surely something everyone in their 20s can relate to! Don’t believe us? Well, do you happen to call your mum to ask her about administrative papers? Or simply about daily life responsabilities? Or to know if your tongue looks weird or not? Admit it! Even if we’re all grown-ups we all needed our mum sometimes ;) ! Watch this funny video if you’re still not convinced ;)

And for more twenty-something struggles, be sure to watch those hilarious videos too!

Elegant and creative Steampunk and Victorian arts

31.03.2016, 10:09

The finest of the finest, guv'!

If you’re not familiar with them already, there won’t be long until you know exactly what Steampunk and Victorian styles are.
Being quite different in their shapes, colours and interpretation, both of these styles, however, share a common era: the 19th century! Whilst the Victorian one would be preferring darker tones, the Steampunk one can often be found bearing gold, aquamarine, pale rose and, of course, copper colours. They both come from different inspirations: Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley or Arthur Conan Doyle for the Victorian style and H.G. Wells and Jules Verne for the Steampunk one.

Today, those genre can not only be found in literature, on old posters, artworks or crafts… they can be found everywhere! From jewellery, packaging to sculptures, character designs and… printed business cards or flyers, of course!

So embark on our little time machine and be inspired by these absolute works of art from another age!

„The Old New World“ Photo-based animation project.

Source: Alexey Zakharov

by Alexey Zakharov via
© Alexey Zakharov

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Android: Rock, Paper, Scissors | Video of the week

29.03.2016, 12:02

Stronger together!!

Everybody remembers his or her days at school. This wasn’t easy and sometimes we could be in big troubles simply because we would not fit in…
This is the story of a little piece of paper that is, indeed, trying to fit in amongst the scissors and papers. Like the game of the same name, it is useless to say this little piece of paper feels really fragile… not for too long though as it meets a new friend that saves it from being bullied, and guess what? It’s a pair of scissors!

This touching little video shows you that it’s better to stick together, even though we are all different! And don’t worry, as a printing company, we do take good care of our little sheets of paper ;)

InDesign Tutorial: Order your Packing tapes

23.03.2016, 11:11

A tutorial to help you create your own Packing tapes

Packing tapes from print24

Packing tapes have been a printable product, available on print24 for quite a while now. These customisable tapes are guaranteed to make your package stand out of the crowd whilst attracting everyone’s attention! Furthermore, Packing tapes printed with your own logo or promotional message will definitely have a certain advertising impact.

We’ve created a little tutorial for you to correctly create and incorporate your printing data set so you won’t make any mistake when ordering your Packing tapes. We are looking forward to your orders!

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#BringBackTheBees | Video of the week

21.03.2016, 12:42
Helping bees, helping us

What is happening with the bees?” Many are asking worriedly. Bees are in fact responsible for 1 in 3 bites of food we eat, but they are disappearing by the millions. Another serious risk for the planet, another mission requesting our help: #BringBackTheBees is Cheerios’s campaign to help the bees by giving away 35 million wildflower seeds. If helping is in our nature, the bees need us. Find out how by discovering this video:

For your inspiration: 40 great Flyer designs

17.03.2016, 8:35

Free your creativity!

Flyers offer us an affordable and effective option for any type of advertisements. However, all information on such a small space must be placed skillfully, tailored to the customers‘ requirements. To create some really good effects for your next Flyers, we have brought to you some great design ideas!

We have gathered, as a great source of inspiration, 40 incredible Flyer designs taken from talented designers. If you feel inspired enough and ready to create, then why not printing your Flyers or Folded Leaflets with us?

Spencer’s Crossing

Designer: Jennifer Springman

© Jennifer Springman

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Jackson: An IBM data story | Video of the week

14.03.2016, 12:33

How a dog's eyes can guide you through darkness

The world seen through a dog’s eyes, not a simple puppy, but a future, attentive and faithful friend for a blind person. Currently, few puppies make it through the raising program to become successful service dogs for the blind. But what’s behind the real process to turn a cute, innocent puppy into a strong, physical and emotional support? IBM cloud is using cognitive insights to help Guiding Eyes for the Blind raise more guide dogs successfully. And with this touching video, it shows you how a trained dog for the blind can put a new smile on a new friend’s face. Discover it here:

Winter through some magical pictures!

10.03.2016, 15:43

Let's take a walk into Winter Wonderland!

Winter is not over and therefore it is still time to enjoy the beauty this season has to offer! This is a time when your camera shouldn’t stay in your drawer and where everything can be captured under your lens, using black and white effects for instance. Snowy roads, icy wind, hooded people caught walking alone on their way home – although this last scenario sounds uninviting, you can still achieve a great and inspirational atmosphere with just a few tricks, using the right angle and perspective. But in the meantime, we wish you to enjoy this collection of breath-taking pictures!

Winter Time in NYC - Gustavo Lopez Mañas
Source: Gustavo Lopez Mañas

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