SK Smart Home: Mr and Mrs Smart | Video of the week

25.01.2016, 16:21

And you? Would you prank your partner?

Ahh, the future! When everything is at your finger tips! When by just pressing one button on your smartphone’s screen you can turn the heater on without leaving your sofa or bed!
But do you think this is the only use this young couple would make of it? Actually, they do enjoy the efficiency of such a smart home but they also take the game a little bit further… by making prank at each other! A touching and funny situation that can sometimes be a bit cruel! ;)

Great for your business: our NCR Papers!

20.01.2016, 8:39

Make Carbon Copies easily

Our NCR papers are perfect for creating paperworks with multiple copies. No matter if it is an order form, receipt, delivery note, or contract: You often need a Carbon Copy (CC). And here our NCR papers come into play! You can order our NCR papers with or without pagination starting from 25 pieces.
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Who says plus size women can’t? | Video of the week

19.01.2016, 10:32


Have you ever been in a situation when someone would tell you „no! You can’t do it because you’re too old/fat/thin/small etc… ?“
Often would come the reasonable (or not) explanation: „you’re too old to dance! You will fall and break something!“, „you’re too fat to do this, you’ll make people feel uncomfortable around you!“. It’s, most of the time, mean… but did you know it is also pointless?

This video is the perfect example of what you can do if you really want it! If you’re really passionate about something, then you should go for it! Not necessarily because you want to prove them all wrong but simply for yourself!
If you still can’t find the courage to do what you would like to do because of those mean advises, watch what this plus size lady can do in her yoga class!

Corrugated plastic sheets: a profitable solution for your short-terms campaigns!

18.01.2016, 11:44

As good indoors as it is outdoors!

Print Plastic cards

Have you ever wanted to advertise something but for a short period of time? Are you a politic figure that is in the run for the next election? Or you trying to rent or either sell your house?
It’s sometimes not very easy to be seen, especially from afar, but we have the solution! Today, we invite you to discover our brand new product: the Corrugated plastic sheet! An advertising tool that will certainly impress you not only by its versatility but also with its price!

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A colourful world: the art of pixels!

14.01.2016, 11:01

A tribute to retro video games!

The „pixel“ is a square that, in the computer industry, when put together, defines a picture. They very much likely resemble a mosaic. It is also what distinguish a traditional picture from a vector one. If you zoom on a traditional picture, the pixels composing it will appear. This will not be the case with a vector image.

Pixel art is a form of aestheticism you will mostly find through video games. You may probably remember Mario or even Zelda in the late 80s where all the characters were only bunch of colored squares? Well, this is the same idea some nostalgic artists wanted to deliver here!

Not only will these gathered creations be digital but you will find that the pixel art may very well transformed itself into nice sculptures!
Now, be ready to dive into a colourful world!

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Cillit Bang – The Mechanic | Video of the week

11.01.2016, 14:25

He doesn't only whistle while he works!

Oh gosh, it’s that time of the week again! As if we were not working enough, now we have to do the cleaning… this is exactly what’s happening to that young mechanic who is left with a tremendous amount of work to do! „Oh it’s the new guy, they may think, he’ll learn!“. You bet he will as what he does in this video is absolutely amazing and will make any dancer or master of martial art jealous! And you, are you ready to copy his moves?

The art of typography

07.01.2016, 8:49

When letters become art!

It would be wrong to think that letters are only a flat, 2D way that helps us formulate our thoughts in a written way… Letters can be more than this! Letters (or the art of typography to be precise) can help create masterpieces of art not only on a sheet of paper but also as sculptures.

What a wonderful way to make a message stand out of the crowd than be making the alphabet even more beautiful! Some are made of colours that will definitely grab anyone’s attention whilst some would be perfect for any marketing campaigns on massive billboards or even posters!

Let the 1000 words become the picture through these creative typographic designs!


Source: Matts Otdal and Anti

by Matts Otdal and Anti via
© Matts Otdal and Anti

Vintage & Eroded Font

Source: aleph Corporation

by aleph Corporation via
© aleph Corporation


Source: Mohamed Reda

by Mohamed Reda via
© Mohamed Reda


Source: Sean Freeman

by Sean Freeman via
© Sean Freeman

Seven Days A Week – Print Shoppe

Source: Tobias Saul

by Tobias Saul via
© Tobias Saul

Laney & Lu Cafe chalk lettering

Source: Kelsy Stromski

by Kelsy Stromski via
© Kelsy Stromski


Source: Dan Hoopert

by Dan Hoopert via
© Dan Hoopert

Arabic Typography 2

Source: Rowida mohamed abd elrazek

by Rowida mohamed abd elrazek via
© Rowida mohamed abd elrazek


Source: Marvin Paul Schwaibold

by Marvin Paul Schwaibold via
© Marvin Paul Schwaibold

Typography 03

Source: Shunsuke Satake

by Shunsuke Satake via
© Shunsuke Satake

Making the cut: Behance Reviews Manila OPEN CALL Poster

Source: John Ed de Vera

by John Ed de Vera via
© John Ed de Vera

Deco Neue™ Light Typeface

Source: Jonatan Xavier

by Jonatan Xavier via
© Jonatan Xavier

Typography & visuals series

Source: rdn studio

by rdn studio via
© rdn studio


Source: Six & Five studio, Ezequiel Pini, Andy Reisinger

by Six & Five studio, Ezequiel Pini, Andy Reisinger via
© Six & Five studio, Ezequiel Pini, Andy Reisinger

„Do not play with your food“ #1 SWEETS AND CANDY

Source: Alex Palazzi

by Alex Palazzi via
© Alex Palazzi

HELLO 2016

Source: Cristina Pagnoncelli
by Cristina Pagnoncelli via
© Cristina Pagnoncelli

Swindlers & Co – Whole project

Source: Swindler & Swindler

by Swindler & Swindler via
© Swindler & Swindler

Increase your ‚Appe-type‘

Source: Pragun Agarwal
by Pragun Agarwal via
© Pragun Agarwal


Source: Paperlux, Max Kuehne
by Paperlux, Max Kuehne via
© Paperlux, Max Kuehne

Happy New Year 2016

Source: Estudio Santa Rita
by Estudio Santa Rita via
© Estudio Santa Rita

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Barmenia „Battleplan“ TV-Spot | Video of the week

04.01.2016, 10:40

Be ready for battle!

We all know the feeling… Having to call a certain service is often a struggle in itself. It’s also pretty discouraging, especially when you have to wait through a holding music that will stay in your head for the rest of the day, or when you’re faced with the incompetence of the people on the other end of the line! It’s actually like preparing a battle and it’s exactly what this advert is showing us with humour and a quirky style!

Google – Year In Search 2015 | Video of the week

29.12.2015, 15:25

The most beautiful moments of the year!

Wait for us, 2016, we’re nearly there! Yes it’s true, only a few days left before saying goodbye to 2015! But what made this year special?
We learnt how to share by greeting refugees from Syria! We learnt love can be everywhere and you can marry whoever you want, man or woman! Caitlyn Jenner proved us being „different“ was a beautiful thing as Parisian people showed us how to stay strong and carry on no matter what!
As to never forget those beautiful moments, Google released a video about all the important Google search people have made throughout the world! A superb reminder of how important standing together is! Bring 2016 on, we’re ready!

Kaufland: Die Einladung | Video of the week

21.12.2015, 11:48

May the Force be with you!

Star Wars fans must rejoice as now the new movie is out and can be visible all over the world! We bet some of you have already prepared a Christmas full of these fantastic movies‘ references that you’re going to share with your family and friends!
In this story, a young boy crazy about Star Wars realises a girl of his neighbourhood is as much as a fan as he is. As he watches Princess Leia and Han Solo kissing, he feels like he is on the edge of a whole new adventure! Watch this charming and lovely advert and… may the Force be with you!