Campagne 2016 – 30 Millions d’Amis | Video of the week

27.06.2016, 15:20

Try not to cry!

In this advert, see how the French organization „30 millions d’amis“ manages to convey its message for everyone to have a big thought when they abandon their pet!

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Discover our Top sellers!

23.06.2016, 8:26

Our Flyers/folded flyers, Business cards, Folded cards, Postcards and Stickers!

Today, we propose you a little tour of our Top sellers! They are the best selling products within our range and tailored to suit everyone’s need.

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IKEA Growing | Video of the week

20.06.2016, 11:52

A gripping tale of survival!

In this video, we meet a young man that has to survive not in the deepest and wildest jungle but in the comfort (or not) of his balcony!

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NEW: Sewn binding Books

14.06.2016, 10:22

Perfect for long-time use

Design your own Sewn binding books. No matter if it’s a hardcover or softcover, matt or glossy Cellophane coating – we offer many personalisation options.

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GRILL IN PICTURE – DIRECTV | Video of the week

13.06.2016, 13:18

Ready to enjoy Euro 2016!

The Euro 2016 has now started and we are all excited to see which country is going to win! It is also the season for great time with friends and family, enjoying a lovely BBQ in the garden.

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Be ready: the hottest T-shirt designs for summer!

09.06.2016, 9:35

Bring some art to your clothes!

Today, we propose you to discover some pretty neat T-shirt designs for this summer. Hipstery, artsy or simply awesome, they’ll help you to get inspired for this season as well as look even more cooler!

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Kitty Adventures Whiskas | Video of the week

06.06.2016, 12:37

Every home needs a loving kitty!

What if we told you that, through the magic of a tablet and a book, you can adopt a cat?

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Creative and original Posters

02.06.2016, 14:50

From art to advertising!

Today we propose you to discover some incredibly creative Posters from very talented people! You will also see that, to create a wonderful poster, some of them do not fear to use several mixed medias! Enjoy this collection of breath-taking creations!

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V-Class prepared for anything | Video of the week

30.05.2016, 8:17

A new family member!

When there is an unexpected addition to the family, the family life is turned upside down! See in our video of the week what kind of adventures the children experience with their new friend.

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drupa 2016: USS partner program and ticket raffle

26.05.2016, 8:15

Everything about the USS partner shops at our trade fair stand

„Think global. Act local.“ – This year everything is about the new Unitedprint Shop Services. We are looking forward to meet you at the trade fair!

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