A colourful world: the art of pixels!

14.01.2016, 11:01

A tribute to retro video games!

Pixel art is a form of aestheticism you will mostly find through video games. You may probably remember Mario or even Zelda in the late 80s where all the characters were only bunch of colored squares? Well, this is the same idea some nostalgic artists wanted to deliver here!

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The art of typography

07.01.2016, 8:49

When letters become art!

Let the 1000 words become the picture through these creative designs!

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The most creative greeting cards for Christmas!

17.12.2015, 9:42

Elegant and perfect for your business!

we’ve gathered some beautiful greeting cards for Christmas and the New Year, as we wish you’d be inspired to create your own and send it to your business partners and clients!

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„Ask the dust“ – an interview with Romain Veillon

04.12.2015, 9:53

A trip to an abandoned world!

Today, we’re interviewing Romain Veillon who photographs abandoned places for the beautiful atmosphere they’re offering!

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Beautiful street art creations

26.11.2015, 12:22

Do you have some in your streets?

Who said graffiti wasn’t art? Certainly not the artists represented here!

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Creative and elegant business cards

20.11.2015, 9:09

Amazing designs to be inspired from!

Some look thick and sturdy, some are made of plastic or even wood, some can be turned into a character or even a plane! One thing’s for sure, you’ll be amazed by how incredible they look like. Enjoy our selection of creative and elegant business cards!

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Great fan arts about video games to inspire you!

23.10.2015, 14:20

From Mario to Metal Gear solid V

Let’s treat ourselves with some wonderful fan arts: a creative tribute to the games we all love!

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Interview with Giuseppe Pepe – the man who lost his mind

15.10.2015, 9:08

Off with their heads!

Italian photographer and artist Giuseppe Pepe here, had an idea! Conscious that our society was focus too much on a beautiful people’s face, he decided to completely erase it from the picture. The result? an incredible gallery of strangers that lost their mind!

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The best for less: great free stock photos

24.09.2015, 10:05

Great photos for your projects!

Let’s be honest, when you’re starting, you don’t have the full graphic design department you wish you had and therefore it’s not easy for your promotional design to start on the right track… But to every problem, there IS a solution! And stock photography is one!

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The art of paper

17.09.2015, 10:40

Artists with lots of imagination!

The artists we feature today see paper as more than a 2 dimension medium. And that’s where the magic of art and creativity happens!

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