A colourful world: the art of pixels!

14.01.2016, 11:01

A tribute to retro video games!

The „pixel“ is a square that, in the computer industry, when put together, defines a picture. They very much likely resemble a mosaic. It is also what distinguish a traditional picture from a vector one. If you zoom on a traditional picture, the pixels composing it will appear. This will not be the case with a vector image.

Pixel art is a form of aestheticism you will mostly find through video games. You may probably remember Mario or even Zelda in the late 80s where all the characters were only bunch of colored squares? Well, this is the same idea some nostalgic artists wanted to deliver here!

Not only will these gathered creations be digital but you will find that the pixel art may very well transformed itself into nice sculptures!
Now, be ready to dive into a colourful world!

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The art of typography

07.01.2016, 8:49

When letters become art!

It would be wrong to think that letters are only a flat, 2D way that helps us formulate our thoughts in a written way… Letters can be more than this! Letters (or the art of typography to be precise) can help create masterpieces of art not only on a sheet of paper but also as sculptures.

What a wonderful way to make a message stand out of the crowd than be making the alphabet even more beautiful! Some are made of colours that will definitely grab anyone’s attention whilst some would be perfect for any marketing campaigns on massive billboards or even posters!

Let the 1000 words become the picture through these creative typographic designs!


Source: Matts Otdal and Anti

by Matts Otdal and Anti via behance.net
© Matts Otdal and Anti

Vintage & Eroded Font

Source: aleph Corporation

by aleph Corporation via behance.net
© aleph Corporation


Source: Mohamed Reda

by Mohamed Reda via behance.net
© Mohamed Reda


Source: Sean Freeman

by Sean Freeman via behance.net
© Sean Freeman

Seven Days A Week – Print Shoppe

Source: Tobias Saul

by Tobias Saul via behance.net
© Tobias Saul

Laney & Lu Cafe chalk lettering

Source: Kelsy Stromski

by Kelsy Stromski via behance.net
© Kelsy Stromski


Source: Dan Hoopert

by Dan Hoopert via behance.net
© Dan Hoopert

Arabic Typography 2

Source: Rowida mohamed abd elrazek

by Rowida mohamed abd elrazek via behance.net
© Rowida mohamed abd elrazek


Source: Marvin Paul Schwaibold

by Marvin Paul Schwaibold via behance.net
© Marvin Paul Schwaibold

Typography 03

Source: Shunsuke Satake

by Shunsuke Satake via behance.net
© Shunsuke Satake

Making the cut: Behance Reviews Manila OPEN CALL Poster

Source: John Ed de Vera

by John Ed de Vera via behance.net
© John Ed de Vera

Deco Neue™ Light Typeface

Source: Jonatan Xavier

by Jonatan Xavier via behance.net
© Jonatan Xavier

Typography & visuals series

Source: rdn studio

by rdn studio via behance.net
© rdn studio


Source: Six & Five studio, Ezequiel Pini, Andy Reisinger

by Six & Five studio, Ezequiel Pini, Andy Reisinger via behance.net
© Six & Five studio, Ezequiel Pini, Andy Reisinger

„Do not play with your food“ #1 SWEETS AND CANDY

Source: Alex Palazzi

by Alex Palazzi via behance.net
© Alex Palazzi

HELLO 2016

Source: Cristina Pagnoncelli
by Cristina Pagnoncelli via behance.net
© Cristina Pagnoncelli

Swindlers & Co – Whole project

Source: Swindler & Swindler

by Swindler & Swindler via behance.net
© Swindler & Swindler

Increase your ‚Appe-type‘

Source: Pragun Agarwal
by Pragun Agarwal via behance.net
© Pragun Agarwal


Source: Paperlux, Max Kuehne
by Paperlux, Max Kuehne via behance.net
© Paperlux, Max Kuehne

Happy New Year 2016

Source: Estudio Santa Rita
by Estudio Santa Rita via behance.net
© Estudio Santa Rita

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


The most creative greeting cards for Christmas!

17.12.2015, 9:42

Elegant and perfect for your business!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…“ as the song would say, indeed, Christmas is probably the most wonderful time of the year! It is not only a time of celebrations but also of caring and sharing… and we all know how those two factors are important in marketing and customer relationship!

This is why we’ve gathered some beautiful greeting cards for Christmas and the New Year, as we wish you’d be inspired to create your own and send it to your business partners and clients!

To start designing your own Christmas card, simply click on this button:

Greeting cards

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„Ask the dust“ – an interview with Romain Veillon

04.12.2015, 9:53

A trip to an abandoned world!

Sands of time by Romain Veillon

Sands of time by Romain Veillon

What do we leave behind us? After a place is no more, deserted by human beings, what’s left of it? You might probably think, like many other people, that any place left behind is demolished or simply taken over by new investors and turned into a completely different thing… That would be for the luckiest of them!
The fact is, there are more abandoned places than we think out there! There are derelict hospitals, churches, factories and even theme parks! Ghost towns are not only the invention of talented screenwriters in Hollywood, they’re very much real; Bodie and Pripyat being the most famous amongst Urban Explorers!

Today, we’re interviewing Romain Veillon who photographs abandoned places for the beautiful atmosphere they’re offering! Kolmanskop, Buzludzha, Epecuen,… he has travelled to document what was left after humanity had gone, leaving everything in a post-apocalyptic state. Follow the path of this French photographer, always eager to show us how magnificent those places were (and still are…) through breath-taking pictures!

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Beautiful street art creations

26.11.2015, 12:22

Do you have some in your streets?

Who said graffiti wasn’t art? Certainly not the artists represented here as they took over the streets we know and for some good reasons: to bring art in the city and for everybody to benefit from it! Not only are they painting frescos but they are also playing with what they can find, decorating this urban environment in an intriguing and beautiful way! The result is, of course, astonishing! Enjoy this collection of ever-lasting street arts!

translucent Wolf of Culver City

Source: NYCHOS

by NYCHOS via tumblr.com





Source: Miguel Marquez

by Miguel Marquez
© Miguel Marquez


Source: Beau Stanton

by Beau Stanton
© Beau Stanton


Source: Hygienic Dress League

by Hygienic Dress League
© Hygienic Dress League


Source: Miss Van

by Miss Van
© Miss Van


Source: Shark Toof

by Shark Toof
© Shark Toof


Source: Mademoiselle Maurice

by Mademoiselle Maurice
© Mademoiselle Maurice

Porto Rico

Source: Bicicleta Sem Freio

by Bicicleta Sem Freio
© Bicicleta Sem Freio


Source: Space Invader

by muchmoremuchier by Space Invader
© Space Invader


Source: Combo

by Combo
© Combo


Source: Telmo Miel

by Telmo Miel
© Telmo Miel

Kaos Star

Source: Okuda San Miguel

by Okuda San Miguel
© Okuda San Miguel


Source: Sath

by Sath
© Sath

Brussels, Belgium

Source: Julien de Casablanca

by Julien de Casablanca
© Julien de Casablanca


Source: Joe Iurato
by Joe Iurato
© Joe Iurato


Source: Marco Battaglini

by Marco Battaglini
© Marco Battaglini

Aster in Ashville

Source: Mona Caron
by Mona Caron
© Mona Caron


Source: Sean Hart
by Sean Hart
© Sean Hart

Gonna take my problems to the United Nations

Source: Connor Harrington
by Connor Harrington
© Connor Harrington

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Creative and elegant business cards

20.11.2015, 9:09

Amazing designs to be inspired from!

What do we see in a business card? Not more than a simple bits of cardboard and now, for some of them, plastic. It, of course, needs to bear a name, an address and details about your profession or where people can find you on the Internet, for instance! But what if some artists went further than that?

This is exactly what some of them did! By creating those amazing business cards, they are not only giving information about themselves or the clients they made the cards for, but they’re also bringing everyone’s attention!

Some look thick and sturdy, some are made of plastic or even wood, some can be turned into a character or even a plane! One thing’s for sure, you’ll be amazed by how incredible they look like. Enjoy our selection of creative and elegant business cards!


Source: Yana Makarevich

by Yana Makarevich via behance.net
© Yana Makarevich

J.H. | Visual identity & business cards

Source: Denis Mallet

by Denis Mallet via behance.net
© Denis Mallet

Personal Business Card

Source: Marcin Usarek

by Marcin Usarek via behance.net
© Marcin Usarek

The Venue

Source: Dot Studio

by Dot Studio via behance.net
© Dot Studio


Source: Andrei Barmalei

by Andrei Barmalei via behance.net

by Andrei Barmalei via behance.net
© Andrei Barmalei

Darryl Jingwen Wee

Source: Foreign Policy

by Foreign Policy via behance.net
© Foreign Policy


Source: Foreign Policy

by Foreign Policy via behance.net
© Foreign Policy

Like Giants: Interactive Business Cards

Source: Multiple artists

by Multiple artists via behance.net
© Multiple artists

Chad Michael Studio

Source: Chad Michael Studio

by Chad Michael Studio via behance.net
© Chad Michael Studio

Full Color Business Cards

Source: Robin Gillet, Estelle Philibert

by Robin Gillet, Estelle Philibert via behance.net
© Robin Gillet, Estelle Philibert

Self Branding

Source: Charlotte Marrion

by Charlotte Marrion via behance.net
© Charlotte Marrion

Retro Foil Business Cards for Absolut

Source: Jukebox Print

by Jukebox Print via behance.net
© Jukebox Print

A Little Bird Branding

Source: Belinda Love Lee

by Belinda Love Lee via behance.net
© Belinda Love Lee

Branding | Package Design

Source: Rosemary Misfud

by Rosemary Misfud via behance.net
© Rosemary Misfud

HAIR & BEAUTY -Business cards design

Source: Popova S.

by Popova S. via behance.net
© Popova S.

Steve Li business card

Source: Jason Little, RE: Sydney, Erin Hoffman

by Jason Little, RE: Sydney, Erin Hoffman via behance.net
© Jason Little, RE: Sydney, Erin Hoffman

Unique Handmade Business Card

Source: Jorge Alvarez
by Jorge Alvarez via behance.net
© Jorge Alvarez

GoPressGo Branding

Source: Dan Gerlach

by Dan Gerlach via behance.net
© Dan Gerlach

Slice Business Cards

Source: Slice Dublin, Treasa Burns
by Slice Dublin, Treasa Burns via behance.net

by Slice Dublin, Treasa Burns via behance.net
© Slice Dublin, Treasa Burns

Serena Cevenini Branding

Source: Belinda Love Lee
by Belinda Love Lee via deviantart.com
© Belinda Love Lee

Business Cards -with Cappuccino Cat-

Source: Harumo Sato
by Harumo Sato via behance.net
© Harumo Sato

Calligraphy Business Cards

Source: Simeon Zhelev
by Simeon Zhelev via behance.net
© Simeon Zhelev

Catch 22 – Business Cards

Source: Glenn Catchpole
by Glenn Catchpole via behance.net
© Glenn Catchpole

Business Card Designs | Transparent Cards,Texture Cards

Source: The Website Baba
by The Website Baba via behance.net
© The Website Baba

Brooks of Melbourne

Source: Erica Boucher
by Erica Boucher via behance.net
© Erica Boucher

Film Maker | Namecard

Source: Warren Tey
by Warren Tey via behance.net
© Warren Tey

Business Cards for 13 Devils Workshop

Source: Foxtrot Studio
by Foxtrot Studio via behance.net
© Foxtrot Studio

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Great fan arts about video games to inspire you!

23.10.2015, 14:20

From Mario to Metal Gear solid V

Who could think that, after „Pong“, the famous 1972 video game, this type of medias would go so far? For more than 30 years, this is maybe the industry that evolved the most with stunning games coming out each year, each of them getting a little bit closer to reality in terms of graphism. We didn’t have to wait for too long for being the hero of our own adventures as the 80s brought a lot of games where you had to play a character to follow and complete a story. The 90s have seen the coming of a brand new genre called „survival horror“ with video games such as Resident Evil or Silent Hill. The last fifteen years can boast itself in bringing you great „multiple choice“ games such as Bioshock or Beyond: Two Souls.

What will be coming next is surely exciting as we can’t wait to see how Virtual Reality will be applied to even greater games! But in the meantime, let’s treat ourselves with some wonderful fan arts: a creative tribute to the games we all love!

Revisiting Video Game Symbols: Skyrim

Source: hyperlixir

by hyperlixir via deviant.com
© hyperlixir
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Interview with Giuseppe Pepe – the man who lost his mind

15.10.2015, 9:08

Off with their heads!

To you, what is the definition of beauty? Is it a beautiful and endless starry night? Is it the warm colours of a summery landscape? Is it a beautiful woman or man? Nowadays, we have a tendency to enhance the natural beauty of people and things and it isn’t rare to see photos of our favorite actors, singers or general celebrities being retouched. Some agencies or photographers are even abusing it, making some models look incredibly thin to the point where they’d lose all humanity.

But Italian photographer and artist Giuseppe Pepe here, had an idea! Aware that our society was focusing too much on a beautiful people’s face, he decided to completely erase it from the picture. The result? an incredible gallery of strangers that lost their mind, literally, and an instagram account under the hashtag #loosingmymind.

Be ready to enter Giuseppe’s crazy idea and project and to listen to his story!

Giuseppe, have you lost your mind? What inspired you to start this project?

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The best for less: great free stock photos

24.09.2015, 10:05

Great photos for your projects!

Anybody can try to design something and anybody can take a picture. It is easy. Doing it at the professional level sometimes isn’t. This is why so many companies have their own graphic designer and sometimes graphic design/photography department: only because they know the best can only be achieved by someone who knows the job.

Let’s be honest, when you’re starting, you don’t have the full graphic design department you wish you had and therefore it’s not easy for your promotional design to start on the right track… But to every problem, there IS a solution! And stock photography is one!

We’re not talking about awkward stock photos the subreddit youdon’tsurf made fun of… we’re talking real, professional, made by talented and passionate photographers photos!

If you’re still not convinced, here is a selection of fantastic stock photos that will make you agree to what we’re saying. Enjoy!
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The art of paper

17.09.2015, 10:40

Artists with lots of imagination!

What do you think about when you look at a sheet of paper? Is it something for you to write some notes or just the beginning of a new captivating story? Is it something used as a reminder, or simply the base for a wonderful drawing?

The artists we feature today see paper as more than a 2 dimension medium. With shapes and colors, they manage to build another world, fascinating and vibrant, a masterpiece you won’t be able to keep your eyes away from. They easily take the game of the folded plane to another level to the point where you really wonder if this is actually physically possible. And that’s where the magic of art and creativity happens!
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