The 7 golden tips for designing Flyers

13. April 2017

Tips for nice printing products

In this article, we have gathered comprehensively summarized tips for creating promotional flyers. Enjoy!

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InDesign Tutorial: Order your Packing tapes

23. März 2016

A tutorial to help you create your own Packing tapes

In order for you to make no mistakes when ordering your Packing tapes, we’ve created a little tutorial to help you correctly create your printing data set.

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The best Photoshop tutorials on the web

23. April 2015

Be creative!

Today, we wanted to show you a few tricks regarding Photoshop (and other software you can use) both in photography and design to unleash your imagination and make sure it knows no boundaries.

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15 speed painting and digital art video tutorials

10. Dezember 2014

For your inspiration!

Thanks to our computers and some very good design softwares, it’s now possible to do oil paintings, watercolor paintings or hyper-realistic paintings with just a stylus and a graphic tablet!

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How to make a T-shirt design in Adobe Photoshop

03. Dezember 2014

A useful tutorial!

In this tutorial we will show you how to make a design in a simple way, in Adobe Photoshop. Follow these steps and you will be able to make your own T-shirt designs.

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40 outstandingly creative posters

12. Februar 2014

Fresh and stylish examples of marketing art!

Traditionally, posters are intended for advertising, text and images printed on a large sheet of paper to hang on a billboard. There are few more effective ways to deliver a message to the world. Today, that is still the case, yet, the poster has become a lot more…

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20 high-quality vexel-examples and tips to create your own vexel-designs

04. Dezember 2013

Vixel: Pixels made awesome!

The word ‘vexel’ comes from mixing the words ‘vector’ and ‘pixel’. In this technique the idea is to give the appearance of a vector image from what was originally a pixel image. To make it work…

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30+1 Outstanding photo manipulations for your inspiration

27. November 2013

Fantastic images of pure and absolute creativity

Thanks to the many possibilities opened by Photoshop, it is possible to master the art of photo-manipulation. Indeed, Photoshop gives…

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Tutorial collection: Learn „Digital Drawing“ with Adobe Photoshop

13. November 2013

Create amazing images worthy of a dream

Amazing pieces of art can be obtained through digital painting/drawing. We gathered here some of the finest examples in this collection – all so magnificently done that we can only compare them to a dream…

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21 Halloween inspired print designs

23. Oktober 2013

Scary resources

Next week will be Halloween, so we want you to get ready. We introduce you some scary designs to inspire you for your Halloween party.

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