30 artistic animated GIFs


When images are alive!

Since the beginning of the Internet, we’ve been able to see, popping up every once in a while and then more and more often, a new type of medium. This medium called GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), slowly developed itself to the point where it’s now considered as a solid form of art, alongside artworks, videos or photographs.

There can be all sorts of GIFs! Those taken from videos, those being cinemagraphs where only on or a few elements will be animated, and those requiring artistic skills.
These are the ones we’re proposing you today as we gathered 30 artistic animated GIFs for your inspiration!

Happy 2015 animated gif

Source: Tom Haugomat

by Tom Haugomat via behance.net
© Tom Haugomat

7 Days Loop

Source: Radio

by Radio via behance.net
© Radio

Gif Animation Collection

Source: Duong Tran

by Duong Tran via behance.net
© Duong Tran



by STUDIOJQ Photography via behance.net

Winter Story

Source: Oamul Lu

by Oamul Lu via behance.net
© Oamul Lu

Selected Gifs

Source: Nancy Liang

by Nancy Liang via behance.net
© Nancy Liang

Self Promotional Work

Source: Rafael Varona

by Rafael Varona by behance.net
© Rafael Varona

“Back in the Days “ Lettering + Gif

Source: Aleksandr / Tuf / Bykov

by Aleksandr / Tuf / Bykov via behance.net
© Aleksandr / Tuf / Bykov


Source: Eran Hilleli

by Eran Hilleli via behance.net
© Eran Hilleli

LOGO Technologic Inventions

Source: Ercan Nailoglu

by Ercan Nailoglu via behance.net
© Ercan Nailoglu

The X Files

Source: Lucile Patron

by Lucile Patron via behance.net
© Lucile Patron

Veilig Internetten

Source: Jing Zhang

by Jing Zhang  via behance.net
© Jing Zhang

Woolly and Shaggy – Gifs

Source: Lynn Chen

by Lynn Chen via behance.net
© Lynn Chen


Source: Patricia Mafra

by Patricia Mafra via behance.net
© Patricia Mafra

Your Favorite Day of the Fall

Source: Tania Yakunova

by Tania Yakunova via behance.net
© Tania Yakunova

Tiresia of the Eye

Source: Xulia Vicente

by Xulia Vicente via behance.net
© Xulia Vicente

Animated map – HAST

Source: Guillaume Kurdjian

by Guillaume Kurdjian via behance.net
© Guillaume Kurdjian

Das Kreative Haus

Source: Burkhard Müller

by Burkhard Müller via behance.net
© Burkhard Müller

One cat’s animated adventure in Paris /

Source: Charlotte Smith

by Charlotte Smith via behance.net
© Charlotte Smith

Octo animated gifs

Source: Fede Cook

by Fede Cook via behance.net
© Fede Cook

Waiting Time

Source: Maria Chiara Banchini

by Maria Chiara Banchini via behance.net
© Maria Chiara Banchini

Character’s animation

Source: Andrew Nesterov

by Andrew Nesterov via behance.net
© Andrew Nesterov

Miscellaneous pictures

Source: Alexander Zavrin

by Alexander Zavrin via behance.net
© Alexander Zavrin

The people of Jerusalem (animated gif)

Source: Pierre Kleinhouse

by Pierre Kleinhouse via behance.net
© Pierre Kleinhouse

Fictional Neon Lights

Source: Alejandro Smal

by Alejandro Smal via behance.net
© Alejandro Smal

Hidden Typography

Source: mounstar

by mounstar via behance.net
© mounstar


Source: Dusan Cesek

by Dusan Cesek via behance.net
© Dusan Cesek

Solo gif animations #1

Source: Solo Studio

by Solo Studio via behance.net
© Solo Studio

Way Out II (full version)

Source: Yukai Du

by Yukai Du via behance.net
© Yukai Du

Alphabet Town

Source: Omar Shammah

by Omar Shammah via behance.net
© Omar Shammah

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


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