30 awesome door hanger designs


Not just to hang around

Everyone knows the classic „Do not disturb“ door hanger hanging around in about every hotel worldwide. The two sides show completely different, yet complimentary, messages (eg „Please clean up“). This however, is only one possible use for this versatile product. Ever thought about using door hangers for your marketing campaigns?

The folks behind the following 30 door hanger designs clearly did. If you’ve got the spirit there’s hardly any limit to what you can do with it. Take a look at our creative door hanger collection and hopefully you’ll walk away a bit more inspired.

Westwood Hotel

© Julien De Repentigny

Spring Campaign Doorhanger

© WonderBra

Alphabet Door Hangers

© Elaine Li

Zombie Apocalypse Door Hangers

© Timo Meyer

door hanger02

© loganmacoy

Animal Hangers

© Olly Moss

Domo 25 door hangers guerrilla

© canDsign Creative Agency


© xmin chia

Colgadores „No molestar“

© portafolioblog.com

IBM Storage DM


Your door is your face

© Rav-Bariach

Door Hanger Style Flier

© Suite Sole

Hotel Streym Tórshavn

© Petur Ellefsen

Door Hanger

© Srba Jovanovic Cibin

Panera Bread Door Hanger

© Kristen Palladino

Penguin Door Hanger

© Keita Kazo

Door Hanger Calendar

© Yuchen Zhang

door hanger / logo design at Best Western Plus hotel

© dj venus

Maybank – Youngstarz Account

© Karen Lim

Lincoln Cavsa Door Hanger

© El Angel Exterminador / GDL, Mexico

Door hanger 4 Unique Programs

© kenji2030

Door Hangers

© Mareena De Guzman Khawar

Door Hanger Series

© brainblasting

Save water! SWITCH Project

© Susana Blasco

Bloomingdale’s – Dubai

© reham ibrahim

Hi Neighbor Project

© Rachel Brinkman

Virtual Mentor

© Kiran Hiremath

Hotel Oceana, Santa Monica

© Dijana Marsic

Biokleen logo & branding

© Khloud Hassan

Responses to 30 awesome door hanger designs

  1. Melissa A Canchola
    17 Mai 2012 um 5:38 Uhr

    I like the one says, „Wake me for meals,“ I also like the one that says, „Do not disturb, I’m plotting world domination.“ The penguin one is cute.

  2. Melissa A Canchola
    17 Mai 2012 um 5:39 Uhr

    The world domination one reminds me of „Pink and The Brain.“

  3. Phil Alexandre
    4 Oktober 2016 um 17:47 Uhr

    Thank you for the great ideas, great inspiration.

  4. Morebiz
    30 Mai 2017 um 7:25 Uhr

    I have a small business and I looking for door hanger design to promote my business then, I visit your blog. Here I have found lots of door hanger design which is very attractive. Thanks for this post.

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    30 Mai 2017 um 11:07 Uhr

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