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We gathered 44 creative examples of high-quality and creative brochures for your inspiration and also included some great websites with helpful print templates. You can get free templates or buy them to provide a great basis for further optimizations. Enjoy!

Quem sou eu? Who Am I?

Designer: Joana Jesus
Website: behance.net

© Joana Jesus


Designer: Allison Wilton
Website: behance.net

© Allison Wilton

Accordion-style & Die cut

Designer: pr0digie
Website: flickr.com

© pr0digie

Professional A5 Catalogue Brochure

Designer: 24beyond
Website: 24beyond.deviantart.com

© 24beyond

Vespa brochure

Designer: niggez
Website: niggez.deviantart.com

© niggez

Tourist Guide Brochure

Designer: Ahmad Kattan
Website: behance.net

© Ahmad Kattan

Print-Templates-Tip #1: GraphicRiver

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Konami Gaming KP3 Pop-Up Brochure

Designer: cockrellenovation
Website: flickr.com

© cockrellenovation


Designer: cmattic
Website: cmattic.deviantart.com

© cmattic

Birth announcement Léon

Designer: Webdesign Weblounge
Website: creattica.com

© Webdesign Weblounge

Shoreditch Letting Brochure

Designer: Alex Tomkins
Website: behance.net

© Alex Tomkins

Deep Funk Records Brochure

Designer: Jaan-Jaak
Website: jaan-jaak.deviantart.com

© Jaan-Jaak

Brochure design for Hydroteck

Designer: choudryarif
Website: choudryarif.deviantart.com

© choudryarif

Tessuto Fashion

Designer: gcann
Website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gregcannon/

© gcann

Attitude Brochure

Designer: SherifShaaban
Website: sherifshaaban.deviantart.com

© SherifShaaban

adidas brochure

Designer: tangbao
Website: tangbao.deviantart.com

© tangbao

Lifestyles Brochure

Designer: DNagyDezigns
Website: dnagydezigns.deviantart.com

© DNagyDezigns

Brochure 5

Designer: Valiumhc
Website: valiumhc.deviantart.com

© Valiumhc


Designer: Toast Creative
Website: flickr.com

© Toast Creative

Matrix for Regular Events 2010/11

Designer: Atelier Martino&Jaña
Website: behance.net

© Atelier Martino&Jaña

The White House Project

Designer: hyperakt
Website: hyperakt.com

© hyperakt

4 Bridges Art Festival Patron Brochure 2007

Designer: widgetsandstone
Website: flickr.com

© widgetsandstone

Audi brochure

Designer: Réka Diósi
Website: behance.net

© Réka Diósi

Yahoo Search Marketing Brochure

Designer: Caroline Tattersall
Website: behance.net

© Caroline Tattersall

Lifestyles Brochure

Designer: DNagyDezigns
Website: dnagydezigns.deviantart.com

© DNagyDezigns

Perfil institucional com dobras

Designer: carvalhar.com
Website: carvalhar.com

© carvalhar.com

Print-Templates-Tipp #2: StockLayouts

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Luxury Brochure Template

Designer: Black3ye
Website: creattica.com

© Black3ye

Exclusive Brochure

Designer: Mikingers
Website: mikingers.deviantart.com

© Mikingers

San Martino Company Profile

Designer: Kalimera
Website: behance.net

© Kalimera


Designer: Bunch
Website: behance.net

© Bunch

San Francisco Ballet

Designer: Schulte Design
Website: zillerdesign.com

© Schulte Design

atmosphere corporate brochure

Designer: Magesh L P
Website: behance.net

© Magesh L P

The White House Project

Designer: hyperakt
Website: hyperakt.com

© hyperakt


Designer: LaKripTa

© LaKripTa

myspace.ldz 2009 / visual identification

Designer: Grafixpol, Katarzyna Wronska
Website: behance.net

© Grafixpol, Katarzyna Wronska

The Conqueror

Designer: Felix von der Weppen
Website: behance.net

© Felix von der Weppen


Designer: Alex Matveev
Website: behance.net

© Alex Matveev

BTL – Design 1

Designer: Aamir Shaikh
Website: behance.net

© Aamir Shaikh

Ewaan Corporate Brochure

Designer: Omar Reda
Website: behance.net

© Omar Reda

Carpathia – Office House

Designer: Paul Marcinkowski
Website: behance.net

© Paul Marcinkowski

Film and Television Production

Designer: Padraig Croke
Website: behance.net

© Padraig Croke

Print-Templates-Tipp #3: designshock.com

The website DesignShock gathers freebies of all kinds. Get your free template now on designshock.com.

Audubon Promo Kit

Designer: Kimberly Low
Website: behance.net

© Kimberly Low

MAG LAB Interactive Portfolio CD

Designer: Dina Saadi
Website: behance.net

© Dina Saadi

Oakland A’s Pitch Book

Designer: TunnelBravo
Website: behance.net

© TunnelBravo

Self Promotional Mailer

Designer: Polina Sapershteyn
Website: behance.net

© Polina Sapershteyn

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