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A digital and creative world

Since computers were invented, we can safely say graphic design took an interesting and radical turn. More and more can we see some amazing artworks from some beautifully made gifs to incredible vector illustrations.
Today, we decided to focus on low poly and 3D designs! Another genre of the well-known digital art full of color and shapes, bursting with creativity! Enjoy!


Source: Arvind Kumar

by Arvind Kumar via
© Arvind Kumar


Source: Jona Dinges

by Jona Dinges via
© Jona Dinges

The story of Jerry Car

Source: Misha Petrick

by Misha Petrick via
© Misha Petrick

Pizza Car

Source: ( Pixego )

by ( Pixego ) via
© ( Pixego )


Source: Paul DOUARD

by Proj3ctM4yh3m

Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds

Source: Zsolt Varga, POSSIBLE CEE

by Zsolt Varga, POSSIBLE CEE via
© Zsolt Varga, POSSIBLE CEE

Twitch 2014 Recap (Illustrations)

Source: Timothy J. Reynolds

by Timothy J. Reynolds via
© Timothy J. Reynolds

Lowpoly island

Source: Mat Szulik

by Mat Szulik via
© Mat Szulik


Source: Simon Delart

by Simon Delart via
© Simon Delart

Double B Coffee

Source: Maxim Goudin, Illarion Gordon

by Maxim Goudin, Illarion Gordon via
© Maxim Goudin, Illarion Gordon

Sphere Trail

Source: Calder Moore

by Calder Moore via
© Calder Moore

Low Poly Portraits: Artists

Source: Giselle Manzano Ramírez

by Giselle Manzano Ramírez
© Giselle Manzano Ramírez


Source: Umberto Daina

by Umberto Daina
© Umberto Daina

Viking Life

Source: ben rc, MilkPresso Studio

by ben rc, MilkPresso Studio via
© ben rc, MilkPresso Studio

StoryTechnologies Isometric

Source: Brett Kromkamp

by Brett Kromkamp via
© Brett Kromkamp


Source: Osama Wahid

by Osama Wahid via
© Osama Wahid

Low-Poly Kaer Morhen

Source: Daniel Giangiulio

by Daniel Giangiulio via
© Daniel Giangiulio

Everyday Clay – A render a day

Source: Eric Smilde

by Eric Smilde via
© Eric Smilde

Macintosh Tribute – Think Different (Isometric)

Source: Jacob Ettinger

by Jacob Ettinger via
© Jacob Ettinger

Tiny Masters

Source: Fatima Ocampo

by Fatima Ocampo via
© Fatima Ocampo

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


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