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From Mario to Metal Gear solid V

Who could think that, after „Pong“, the famous 1972 video game, this type of medias would go so far? For more than 30 years, this is maybe the industry that evolved the most with stunning games coming out each year, each of them getting a little bit closer to reality in terms of graphism. We didn’t have to wait for too long for being the hero of our own adventures as the 80s brought a lot of games where you had to play a character to follow and complete a story. The 90s have seen the coming of a brand new genre called „survival horror“ with video games such as Resident Evil or Silent Hill. The last fifteen years can boast itself in bringing you great „multiple choice“ games such as Bioshock or Beyond: Two Souls.

What will be coming next is surely exciting as we can’t wait to see how Virtual Reality will be applied to even greater games! But in the meantime, let’s treat ourselves with some wonderful fan arts: a creative tribute to the games we all love!

Revisiting Video Game Symbols: Skyrim

Source: hyperlixir

by hyperlixir via
© hyperlixir

Assassin’s Creed

Source: TheMinttu

by TheMinttu via
© TheMinttu

mario in paper

Source: botjira

by botjira via
© botjira

Luigi’s Mansion

Source: Tigerhawk01

by Tigerhawk01 via
© Tigerhawk01

Street fighter: Bison

Source: Omuk

by Omuk via
© Omuk

Tomb Raider by Pencracker

Source: Pencracker

by Pencracker via
© Pencracker

fallout – trailblazer

Source: cbilladeau

by cbilladeau via
© cbilladeau

Hitman Absolution

Source: PatrickBrown

by PatrickBrown via
© PatrickBrown

L.A. Noire

Source: doubleleaf

by doubleleaf via
© doubleleaf

Metal Gear Solid 5

Source: MenasLG

by MenasLG via
© MenasLG

The Last Of Us

Source: felitomkinson

by felitomkinson via
© felitomkinson

Resident Evil

Source: CrescentDebris

by CrescentDebris via
© CrescentDebris

Wrath of the Lich King

Source: Jesús Campos Jiménez

by Jesús Campos Jiménez
© Jesús Campos Jiménez


Source: lucas ivan maggini

by lucas ivan maggini
© lucas ivan maggini

Will you die for me?

Source: chenbo

by chenbo
© chenbo

Among the Dead

Source: TheRafa

by TheRafa
© TheRafa

Demon Hunter

Source: Sung-a Park

by Sung-a Park
© Sung-a Park


Source: Robert Maldonado

by Robert Maldonado
© Robert Maldonado

Vladimir, League of Legends

Source: michalivan

by michalivan via
© michalivan


Source: mictones

by mictones via
© mictones

Eternal Schism – League of Legends contest winner

Source: Roboto-kun

by Roboto-kun via
© Roboto-kun


Source: juliedillon

by juliedillon via
© juliedillon

Bioshock Infinite

Source: AlexGarner

by AlexGarner via deviantart.vom
© AlexGarner

Bioshock Infinite – Market Fire

Source: Benlo

by Benlo via
© Benlo


Source: ron-guyatt

by ron-guyatt via
© ron-guyatt

Andrew Ryan

Source: MadLittleClown

by MadLittleClown via
© MadLittleClown


Source: Cloudxmoe

by Cloudxmoe via
© Cloudxmoe


Source: CG-Zander

by CG-Zander via
© CG-Zander

Gravelord Nito

Source: TheDimensionKorr

by TheDimensionKorr via
© TheDimensionKorr

Dark Souls: Artorias the Abysswalker

Source: ae-rie

by ae-rie via
© ae-rie


Source: MadLittleClown

by MadLittleClown via
© MadLittleClown

Welcome to Silent Hill

Source: OmeN2501

by OmeN2501 via
© OmeN2501

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