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Have you ever wondered how some graphic designers or photographers achieve such nice, textured effects? Well it’s actually quite simple: by the use of layers and the way they treat them people can now add special effects and depth to their artworks, whether it’d be to create a cold, dark atmosphere or to add a little bit of light to an already quite sombre illustration or photo. You can do whatever you like! Textures allow you to be as creative as possible!

In this article, we gathered some very interesting textures that could produce a nice effect for your creations. So feel free to have a look and get as inspired as possible!

*grass bokeh texture*

Source: ewazielinska

by ewazielinska via
© ewazielinska


Source: magikalfolk

by magikalfolk via
© magikalfolk


Source: carlyartdaily

by carlyartdaily via
© carlyartdaily

Digital Texture Artwork 275

Source: mercurycode

by mercurycode via
© mercurycode

Texture 671

Source: Sirius-sdz

by Sirius-sdz via
© Sirius-sdz

Victorian Grunge: VI

Source: ArtOfDecay-stock

by ArtOfDecay-stock via
© ArtOfDecay-stock

Victorian Grunge II

Source: Myruso

by Myruso via
© Myruso

Vintage Sunset

Source: Aurora WienholdSTOCK

by Aurora WienholdSTOCK via
© Aurora WienholdSTOCK

Burst Galaxy: Watercolor Texture

Source: touzaiko

by touzaiko via
© touzaiko

texture : marble

Source: MehreenFreed

by MehreenFreed via
© MehreenFreed

Texture Stock Asian Clouds

Source: Enchantedgal-Stock

by Enchantedgal-Stock via
© Enchantedgal-Stock

cloud texture 5

Source: whookatri

by  whookatri via
© whookatri

Floral Intoxication II

Source: AboveVintage

by AboveVintage via
© AboveVintage

Misc 2

Source: AsunderStock

by AsunderStock via
© AsunderStock

Unrestricted Design Vintage Texture

Source: DivsM-stock

by DivsM-stock via
© DivsM-stock

Clock Parts on Old Paper

Source: John

by John via
© John

Summer background texture

Source: fotojenny

by fotojenny via
© fotojenny

Texture 01

Source: NinStock

by NinStock via
© NinStock

Texture 2

Source: Fall-Out-M

by Fall-Out-M via
© Fall-Out-M

Grunge Texture.

Source: JRMB-Stock

by JRMB-Stock via
© JRMB-Stock

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


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