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40 amazing HIPSTER fonts, graphics, badges, icons and more

03. September 2014

As hipster as long bearded bartenders!

The hipster subculture is characterized by an outstandingly unique fashion consciousness. Alongside it, a strong hipster trend in graphic design constantly give us…

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20 high-quality vexel-examples and tips to create your own vexel-designs

04. Dezember 2013

Vixel: Pixels made awesome!

The word ‘vexel’ comes from mixing the words ‘vector’ and ‘pixel’. In this technique the idea is to give the appearance of a vector image from what was originally a pixel image. To make it work…

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30+1 Outstanding photo manipulations for your inspiration

27. November 2013

Fantastic images of pure and absolute creativity

Thanks to the many possibilities opened by Photoshop, it is possible to master the art of photo-manipulation. Indeed, Photoshop gives…

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Tutorial collection: Learn „Digital Drawing“ with Adobe Photoshop

13. November 2013

Create amazing images worthy of a dream

Amazing pieces of art can be obtained through digital painting/drawing. We gathered here some of the finest examples in this collection – all so magnificently done that we can only compare them to a dream…

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21 Halloween inspired print designs

23. Oktober 2013

Scary resources

Next week will be Halloween, so we want you to get ready. We introduce you some scary designs to inspire you for your Halloween party.

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35 inspiring business cards and 10 templates for free use

02. Oktober 2013

How pros design their business cards

A good business card is the cornerstone of a good company image, although they present themselves on a small area with the company logo and necessary details

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40 websites with parallax scrolling and 10 tutorials for own parallax effects

25. September 2013

A new trend in webdesign

The use of visuals in communication has hugely increased over the past decade. With so much more material for to process from day to day; it has emerged

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30 InDesign-Tutorials and 10 InDesign-Templates

18. September 2013

Learn the tricks of the pros

Anyone who takes print design seriously uses Adobe InDesign for designing and tweaking their projects. If you need a step-by-step guide to slick professional designs then look no further, we have them here

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40 print tutorials and templates you can use for free

04. September 2013

How to create your business cards quickly

Below is a range of resources for designing business cards, flyers, magazine and brochures. Whether at a casual beginner level or looking for something more formal and commercial; you will find a selection of tutorials and step!

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33 Button tutorials which were created to click

07. August 2013

How to design the smallest interface element

Buttons are made for clicking, that’s what they’re for. We have compiled 33 tutorials to help you with your projects.

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