Bottle tags and tent cards, two new products for your table


For an elegant table!

Place cards

Our product range is growing bigger and bigger this year with new products and we’ve just added two new ones to our gastronomy product range. As an addition to the place cards, menu cards and place mats, we are introducing you to the bottle tags and tent cards, two great printing products ideal to reinforce your brand and to add an elegant element to your table.

Bottle Tags

Every good meal or celebration is usually focused on food… but the drinks are also very important! It doesn’t matter if you prefer water, soft drinks, wine or beer, we are launching a product that will make your table presentation even better: our new bottle tags.

This new product is a great way, for either your home or your business, to add a touch of distinction to the bottles. The format is 65 x 140 mm with a perfect shape to fit to the bottleneck. You can also choose the refining option that is more adapted to your needs: gloss varnish, glazed film or matt film.

Where can I use the personalised bottle tags?

  • For any celebration like weddings, birthdays… to have a stylish touch!
  • For events such as conferences to reinforce the brand
  • For restaurants and cafés, also useful for promotions and advertising
  • For supermarkets as a perfect point of sale display
  • As an original present. Why not?

Order your bottle tags!


    Format 65 x 140 mm portrait
    Impression Single or double sided
    Quantity From 25 pieces
    Target Celebrations, events, restaurants and supermarkets

Here are some inspiration for your designs

Bottle tag

Source Flickr

Bottle tag from

Source Pinterest

Tent cards

We are also launching another new product: tent cards. like the bottle tags it is also a great advertising support for tables, bars, stands and any surface where people might be able to see it! Either for professional or personal use, tent cards are also very useful for events, celebrations and conferences.

The tent cards are available in three different formats (74 x 105 mm DIN A7, 105 x 148 mm DIN A6 and 105 x 210 mm) and they can be printed on one side (all the external sides) in portrait or landscape. The minimum amount starts from 25 pieces as it’s also possible to choose from different refining options (gloss varnish, Lamination matte, glossy, softtouch and linen)

Order your tent cards!


    Formats 74 x 105 mm DIN A7, 105 x 148 mm DIN A6 and 105 x 210 mm
    Impression Single sided (all the external sides)
    Quantity From 25 pieces
    Target Restaurants, small businesses, events and private celebrations

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.

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