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Either you are an experienced event planner or this is your first event, good planning is the key of success to any type of events. We will give you some general tips on what´s important to create a successful event and will also introduce you to our new product: Individual designed tickets!

Promoting your event

Whether by going online, using prints or word of mouth it is essential to attract interest. Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are commonly used by both big corporations and small businesses alike to run promotions or make announcements regarding their latest products. The cost of using these tools is relatively low but as everybody is using it you need something in addition to stand out of the crowd: Poster holders/Display boards, L-banners or Banners (Mesh/PVC) can attract attention for your events! You can also communicate about the details of your event through an email newsletter that contains information about date, time, programme and how to purchase your tickets.

Branding your event

If your event is corporation-related you will need to have a logo that includes the event’s name and a tagline or statement that can reveal something about the event’s theme. This logo will be featured on every promotional materials and of course on the event’s tickets. One tip: try to be consistent with the look and feel of all these materials; this means using the same font types and colours so they are perceived as part of the same collection.

Here are some nice examples of event logos for your inspiration:

Event tickets

At the early stages of planning an event you are probably very conscious about your budget, and you will ask yourself questions like ‘How do I get tickets produced that can’t be falsified and don’t cost me a fortune?’. We can definitely help you with this!

We produce a wide variety of tickets suitable for events such as trade fairs, exhibitions and other corporate events such as conferences and workshops, art and entertainment events and smaller events like company parties.

Our tickets are also entirely customizable. Our options include single-sided and double-sided printing alongside a numeration that will appear on each ticket either on one side or two sides. You can also go for a pad with detachable tickets. We offer six types of format such as: DIN A8, DIN A7, DIN A6, DIN A5, DIN-Long and 105x297mm.

We also propose you different types of paper like the 170 gsm, 250 gsm, 350 gsm Coated Art Paper and the 350 g/m² Offset one. Our pads of tickets come available with 25, 50 or 100 sheets. To give you a peace of mind, as an additional finish, you will be able to add black light color onto the design – a type of paint that is only visible under UV light and will prevent your tickets for being duplicated.

Order your tickets here!

Six things that an event ticket must have:

  • Name/title of the event (event’s logo). Should appear quite prominently on the design.
  • Date of the vent.
  • Time. If it is a performance you can add two timings “doors open” and “performance starts”.
  • Venue name and Address.
  • Ticket price stating for how many people each ticket is valid for.
  • Event information details (either website and/or contact information).

For design inspiration, have a look at these fantastic examples:

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.

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