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When designing Flyers, there are many rules to pay attention to in order to make them clear, show the advantages of the products and services and to get the viewer to buy something. The colour and size of the font, the positions of images as well as the thing that makes your Flyers stand out of the crowd are essential. We have 7 golden rules for you so that you can get even better results.


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Flyer tip #1: Clarity

The attention span of customers is short. Therefore, the contents that are supposed to reach the viewer have to be reduced to the smallest possible unit so that they can convey the most important information. On the other hand it also needs to be clear and should capture the viewer’s attention as well as guiding him to the most important parts of the Flyers.

flyertipps1 Tri-Fold Brochure / Envoy

If the readers need more information, they can call you, write an email or come to your shops. With the next tip we will show you how to use this call to action. Do not forget that it is important to know where to place content, for instance you can make a list or create text boxes.

flyertipps1b New Life Challenge Brochure

Flyer tip #2: Call to action

The reader has read all the necessary information and is now supposed to act. Therefore, we have to include a call to action. A simple text is enough: “Buy now!” or “Call now!”. Short and precise. The language style must not be too passive. On the contrary, it should be rather active. For the big goal, the customer should be taken by the hand so that they will contact you or buy a product or a service.

flyertipps2 Trustx – Corporate Tri-fold Brochure

Flyer tip #3: Positions

With all this clarity and the call to action, it is very important to put these elements at the correct places. The call to action area for example belongs at the beginning or at the end of an advertising message. And these messages should focus on relevant statements. Headlines play an important role; they are prominently at the topmost position and are supposed to make the reader curious about further contents that appear below it.

The reader can grasp five statements of the company at a glance, so that magical barrier should not be exceeded. This also benefits the clarity again. The contact information are placed at the bottom of the Flyers, maybe just after the call to action. That way the company name and address stay in the mind of the customer.

flyertipps3 Neo Business Brochure

Flyer tip #4: Text

We focus on the text twice. What bring all the good information when they are not readable? For example, the text should be of a sufficient size to be easily read (so much that someone usually needing reading glasses would be able to read it without). You should therefore focus your attention on clearer fonts , rather than sans serif fonts. There are, of course, exceptions, if these fit the topic perfectly.

The next level is the content: Once printed, errors can not be compensated. Read , read, and read it again is the prerequisite for quality control . Fresh eyes see more, which is why the whole family and numerous colleagues should be involved. A misspelled word or a mistake in the phone number can not only be annoying, but the entire flyer can be rendered worthless.

flyertipps4 Elevator Overview

Flyer tip #5: Infographics

Infographics are a special feature in flyers. The clarity and structure of them is a perfect match to be sure the content to be conveyed more easily, as people can more quickly process visual information than pure text.

flyertipps5 Bobpsy

Flyer tip #6: From the customer’s point of view

Know your customers! The approach and the layout of the flyer must meet the tone and tastes of customers and not necessarily follow one’s own. It needs to be pleasing to their eyes and not only yours. If, for example, sport fans are to be approached, the language of the picture must clearly focus on the energy and the typical feeling of the sports event. Seeing the flyer with the customer’s eyes is not that easy, which is why a small survey can make things easier.

flyertipps6 Sports Flyers

Flyer tip #7: Be different

To stand out of the crowd of the advertising flyers, it is important to be somewhat different from all the competitors. For example, you could use an unusual format , such as a round flyer. Or a bit more colorful design. Collected testimonials , that is, customers‘ opinions, can quickly build trust. Or special offers, together with a bonus card, in order to reward your customer’s commitment to the company.

flyertipps7 Adult Swim

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