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Acrylic glass signs

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    Acrylic glass signs

    Have acrylic glass signs printed

    If you are looking for a durable solution for signs on your office doors or the entrance to your company, acrylic glass signs are a good choice. The transparent material is printed on one side. Your motifs take on a very special depth when viewed through the glass.

    We print your motifs, texts or advertising messages at favourable prices on acrylic glass signs from just one piece. However, we can also realise up to 10,000 at once per order.

    High-quality acrylic glass XT clear for attractive signs

    High-quality acrylic glass XT clear is used for printing your acrylic glass signs. The five millimetre thick plastic glass has a density of 6,000 gsm, is impact resistant and weatherproof. You can therefore use your signs indoors as well as outdoors.

    When dimensioning your acrylic glass sign, we have more than 20 different formats for you to choose from. If you wish, you can also define a free form and have your plates printed in this way. To attach the acrylic glass signs, we recommend having a hole drilled in each of the corners.

    Your motifs are applied to the plate using UV printing. The CMYK four-colour printing allows great flexibility in the choice of motifs or font colours. In addition to a corporate design of the signs, photos or other graphics can also be realised on the acrylic glass. As the motif is printed "behind glass", there is always a special depth effect when viewed, which sets these signs apart from the usual products in this category.