Posters in DIN A4

Have posters printed in DIN A4

Whether at trade fairs, larger events, for lectures or postings at the university: DIN A4 posters are ideally suited for announcements or information events. The handy format is very practical because the posters can be transported in a briefcase, for example. At the same time, DIN A4 posters are large enough so that the information written on them can still be read from several metres away. We offer a wide range of paper options for printing posters in DIN A4. Choose offset paper, for example, if you want to process the posters later in your own printer to add a different location or date.

More solid coated art paper is ideal for posters at events. Special colours such as Pantone are also available for printing. To advertise particularly exclusive events, finishing or gold and silver colours are also possible. We print from as little as one piece, but can also print up to 50,000 DIN A4 posters for you in up to ten different versions.