Transfer printing
Digital transfer printing is a fast, free, high-quality DDP process to help you personalise your fabrics. Motifs are printed onto release paper. The prepared motifs are first applied to the base material through digital printing, then, once dry, pressed onto the fabric under heat and high pressure. For dark fabrics, the transfer paper is cut along the motif's outlines.

Please create a spot colour for the white print with the name “white” for all the parts which should be printed in white. In addition this channel has to be set on overprint.
Can I cancel an order or an order item?

As long as all order items in your shopping cart have the status "Data input", a chargeable cancellation of the entire order is possible in the "MyOrders" section. As soon as one order item has exceeded this status, every item can be cancelled until the status "Ready for dispatch".

As compensation for cancellation we charge a fee of
  • 5,00 € on a gross product price up to 25,00 €
  • 15,00 € on a gross product price up to 500,00 €
  • 25,00 € on a gross product price up to 500,01 €

If the print job is already placed on the printing plate (so-called Pooling), we charge the net product price plus optional extra services (e.g. premium file check) as a compensation for the cancellation, as the automated printing process cannot be stopped from this point.