Pavement signs DIN A1

Have pavement signs DIN A1 printed

Pavement signs in DIN A1 format are real classics for drawing attention to your range of products indoors or even in front of your shop. On an area of 594 x 841 millimetres there is enough space for your advertising messages or customer information. To fill the pavement signs, we use 135 gsm coated art paper that is printed with your motifs and texts in the tried-and-tested CMYK printing process. If you wish, you can use the same motif on both sides or print different content on each side.

If you order your pavement signs in DIN A1 with system, you will receive a robust A-stand with an aluminium folding frame and anti-reflective film that protects your prints. For outdoor use and for a secure stand in windy conditions, the aluminium folding frame is mounted on a water tank. Up to 25 pavement signss in up to ten different versions can be printed per order. Create a print order now and have your pavement signss printed in DIN A1.