Flyer DIN A4

Have flyers printed DIN A4

The DIN A4 flyer is a real classic as a folded flyer for advertising, info sheets or other purposes. With the print24.com print shop, you have a wide range of options for customising your A4 flyers and adapting them perfectly to your needs. Start the configuration for flyer printing online right here. All you need is valid print data. We will then produce up to half a million flyers per order for you.

The classic DIN A4 format with 210 x 297 millimetres is perfectly suited for the design of flyers. For example, you have the option of printing a large-format info flyer on the entire surface in landscape or portrait format. Depending on the number of pages you select, you can choose from different fold types for the DIN A4 flyer format. With the appropriate fold, a conventional print becomes an information fold-out. If you choose the French fold for your flyers, you can print location or city maps on the flyer. If you run a delivery service or offer another service, flyers in DIN A4 are perfect for small info, handouts or promotional leaflets.