Flyer DIN A7

Have flyers printed in DIN A7

With the DIN A7 flyer you choose a very handy format that is suitable for many different purposes. Whether as an insert for a direct mail item, info flyer to distribute on the street or savings coupon for customers, with the print24.com print shop you can easily configure your DIN A7 flyers online and then have them printed. Various paper options as well as numerous finishing options are also available to you. Do you already have the right print file at hand? Then start your configuration here conveniently on your PC or smartphone!

It is the "little brother" of the DIN A6 flyer, but can be used just as flexibly: the DIN A7 flyer. The handy DIN A7 format corresponds to the size you know from sticky notes. This makes flyers measuring 74 x 105 millimetres ideal for voucher coupons that you can give or send to your customers. These mini flyers are also ideal for drawing attention to special events or dates. In addition, mailings can be supplemented with the small folded flyers to draw attention to product or date changes as well as special events. Thanks to a wide range of finishing and folding options, there are many other possible uses. Depending on the number of pages, you can order your DIN A7 folded flyers with parallel and letter folds or in a combination of parallel fold andZ-fold. A 5-fold z-fold and a French fold are also possible.