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Flyers DL are always in demand when flyers are to be sent by post in long envelopes. But even beyond that, you can use flyers DL in many ways. At print24.com you can choose from many customisation options for flyer printing. We print Flyers DL on many different types of paper and finish your print products on request. You can choose between special colours and simple black printing. Start your print order for Flyers DL here with just a few clicks.

Long letters are among the most popular mail items among consumers. But how about surprising your customers with a promotional flyer in DL format? Or if you create an attractive postcard or folded card from a flyer in this format to invite your business partners to the next company event? No matter for what purpose you want to create your flyers, with the final format of 105 x 210 millimetres, DL is predestined for dispatch by post. At the same time, however, you remain flexible, because the "one-third DIN A4 sheet" is just as suitable as a multi-page or double-sided flyer in different folds. Depending on the number of pages and the paper, you can choose between a z-fold, a combination of z-fold and letter fold as well as letter and double fold. We will be happy to help you personally choose the right folding technique. Just give us a call, our service staff will be happy to help you.