Flyers square

Print flyers square

Square flyers are unusual and, with their special format, attract more attention from the recipient than rectangular flyers. At print24.com you can order your square flyers online in many different sizes. Whether as a mini flyer in 52 x 52 or as a standard flyer in 160 x 160 millimetres, in addition to preset standard formats, flyers in special formats are also possible in our print shop. For flyer printing, you can choose from many different paper variants. Configure your square flyers online now with just a few clicks.

The rectangular shape in DIN A4, DIN A6 or other DIN sizes is usually standard for print products made of paper such as the flyer. But if you want to attract more attention from customers, business partners or patients with a special format, square flyers are a very good choice. Moreover, you are not bound to fixed DIN formats, but can configure all square dimensions between 52 x 52 millimetres and 297 x 297 millimetres at print24.com thanks to special formats. As a pre-selection, square flyer formats of 105 x 105, 120 x 120, 148 x 148 as well as 160 x 160 and 210 x 210 millimetres are available.