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    Labels round

    Round labels printed at low cost

    Round labels are real classics in advertising. Do you also remember the famous smileys in neon yellow? Stickers in round shape can be used for many purposes, e.g. as small gift stickers, as stickers for shipping and product packaging or as give-aways for trade fairs and events. 

    In contrast to the square shape, circular stickers stand out simply because of their special look. This makes the stickers perfect for guerrilla marketing campaigns. With us, you can have up to 50,000 round stickers printed in three different sizes on adhesive, natural or grass paper per order, of course also in neon.

    Three sizes and many paper options for your round stickers

    With us you can order round stickers in three sizes, 20, 50 and 80 millimetres in diameter. We print the products on DIN A4 or A3 sheets.

    If you are looking for something eye-catching, we recommend neon-coloured adhesive paper in red, green or yellow. If, on the other hand, you attach importance to sustainability, we print your stickers round on felt-marked plain paper, on grass paper or on recycled adhesive paper.

    If you want the stickers to come off easily and not stick permanently, select the removable adhesive paper in the configurator. You can achieve a very appealing effect with opaque adhesive paper, while the white adhesive film is particularly suitable for single-colour printing.

    For printing, we use the CMYK process or CMYK plus white or black. This means that all options are open to you for putting the motif of your choice on a round sticker.

    On request, we can finish the surface of the round stickers with UV surface varnish. This protects motifs, slogans or logos even better.

    Do you need a preview of your stickers? Then order a screenproof for a small extra charge. Once you have the perfect version of your stickers as a print file, we can produce up to 50,000 pieces per print job for you. If you want it to go particularly fast, choose the PRIO option. Then the maximum number of pieces is 20,000 per order.

    Have round stickers printed - cheaply, in top quality and quickly - with print24.com!