Freeform stickers and labels

Free-form stickers and labels

Stickers are great to use for promotional purposes. This is even more true if you have free-form stickers printed. Choose your own shapes such as arrows, hearts or your company logo as a silhouette and we will create the stickers from them. Free-form labels are also more eye-catching and can be used as pictograms, for example. When it comes to the material, there are many variants to choose from. For example, free-form stickers can be printed on weatherproof adhesive film for outdoor use. Choose felt-marked uncoated paper for an additional haptic effect.

Your stickers and labels will be particularly eye-catching if you use neon paper. For further use, on the other hand, writable, uncoated adhesive paper is a good choice. If desired, the surfaces of your stickers can be refined to make them even more robust. Printing is possible from as little as one piece, but we can also easily print up to 50,000 free-form stickers for you.