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Buy and sell designs&photos
Buy or sell individual designs and photos with unlimited international market access from and to professional designers and photographers. Use the experience and productivity of one of the most successful online companies in Europe – easily, for free, and instantly!
How it works for Buyers | Seller
Step 1
Select advertisement
Choose from the design/photo advertisements for your project.
Step 2
Upload proposal
Submit your design/photo proposal based on the buyer briefing. You proposals may be adjusted during the buyer feedback session.
Step 3
Receive order
Congratulations! The buyer has chosen your design/photo.
Step 4
Provide service
You deliver the high-resolution quality data of the approved design/photo order, including all usage rights.
Step 5
Receive payments
We will immediately transfer the agreed price to you upon successful completion of the order.
Your advantages
  • -  International market access to clients from all over the world
  • -  A large selection of suitable design and photo jobs
  • -  No investments in your own shop system, hardware or software
  • -  Free use of our globally established online shop
  • -  No acquisition costs or tedious customer discussions
  • -  Clear and transparent information on prices, service and dates
  • -  Risk-free sale thanks to payment guarantee upon order acceptance
  • -  24/7 free support for designers, photographers and buyers
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