Advertising column posters

Advertising column posters printing

Posters for advertising columns or blueback posters are an irreplaceable outdoor advertising medium, even in the age of digital advertising. There probably isn’t a single city centre in the country where the classic advertising column cannot be found. At, you can have advertising column posters printed professionally. All you need is your print file. You can start your order online at any time!

What would outdoor advertising be without the advertising column? The product, which was created more than 150 years ago by E. Litfaß in Berlin, is today as effective as ever. Advertising columns worldwide are still covered with advertisements and announcements for events, trade fairs or conventions. But what has changed since Litfaß’s time is printing technology. Today, with a printing company like, it is easier than ever before to have advertising column posters printed. All we need is your print file, which you can configure online. Within a few working days, you will receive your finished printed blueback posters, which can then be mounted on your selected advertising columns.