Pavement signs

Order pavement signs

You’ll draw attention to your products or services particularly efficiently with a pavement sign. Set up in a jiffy, these items can be quickly and flexibly used in many different areas, such as pedestrian zones, at trade fairs or in showrooms. Here at, you can easily design your own display board yourself. Whether it be splash-proof boards with water base or stylish indoor-suitable boards, you’re always bound to find a suitable product for your desired purpose. Order your top-quality display boards from us at low prices online!

When choosing a suitable display board, you should first think about whether the advertising material is to be used indoors or outdoors. We offer two different basic options. The indoor- model can predominantly be used in buildings or, in calm, still weather, outside. The robust model with a water base, on the other hand, is a splash-proof board, which remains valiantly in position in wind or splashing water.