Business cards with cellophane coating

Printing business cards with cellophane coating

With a beautiful business card, you can stay in the memory of customers, business partners or prospects for a long time. If you decide on business cards with cellophane coating, you create the best conditions for this. Cellophaning, also known as lamination, involves applying a wafer-thin film to the card. This film not only protects the paper or cardboard, but also creates a very appealing look. Cellophaning can be implemented in matt or gloss, or you can opt for soft-touch foil.

This makes your business card more durable and you achieve an additional haptic effect that sets your card apart from the standard. Your customisation options are not yet exhausted. You can choose from different paper variants for your cellophane-coated business card or use special colours such as gold when printing. In addition, the cards can be produced in special formats. Simply select the desired options in the configurator. Printing is possible from as little as 100 pieces.