Business cards with spot varnish

Printing and finishing business cards with spot varnish

There is only limited space available on a business card. This makes it all the more important to work with additional finishes to be remembered once the card is handed over. If you have business cards printed with spot varnish, individual lettering, the logo or entire motifs are highlighted with varnish. So-called UV spot varnish is used for this. This is dried under UV light after application. This results in a very robust and at the same time visually very appealing finish for your cards.

Combine the application of spot varnish with an unusual paper such as premium cardboard or complement the varnish with other finishes. This way you can create an important tool for your personal branding from a small piece of paper in 85 x 55 or 90 x 50 format, double-sided or as a folding card. We print business cards with spot varnish from just one piece and can create up to half a million per order.