Print basics

Print basics: How to embed fonts

25. Januar 2012

Create flawless layout files for perfect print results

In our printing basics series we address the most common issues with print data setup and show you how to avoid them. A very common one, which we almost see on a daily basis is embedding fonts.

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Print basics: How to add spot varnish to your printings with InDesign

09. November 2011

Enhance your projects with style

From now on we offer spot varnish for refining. We prepared a tutorial to help you create this effect with InDesign.

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Print basics: How to use RGB and CMYK correctly

25. Oktober 2011

Using color profiles for better design results

The second part of our basics is all about colors. We receive a lot of print data with the wrong color mode for perfect offset print results. This article explains RGB and CMYK, differences between the two and when you should use which one.

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Print basics: How to achieve better print results with bleed

27. September 2011

Avoiding white edges with InDesign and Photoshop

We deal with data mistakes on a daily basis and often receive faulty print data. As a result customers become dissatisfied because the product doesn’t come out as they’ve planned it. To avoid such printing issues we start to share some basic tips & tricks for correct data setup.

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