An interview with graphic designer Josephine Pallus

13. Dezember 2017

Wonderful world and exciting characters

Josephine Pallus is a young graphic designer and a massive video games fan. In this interview, we wanted to talk to her about her studies and her plans for the future.

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15 creative double exposure photos

19. Januar 2017

Inspirations for double exposure photography

Today, we have collected for you some impressive pictures of double and multi exposures showing the interaction of trees or cities and faces in their own very impressive way.

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Great examples of advertising campaigns

12. Januar 2017

Something to be inspired from!

Feeling inspired today to create that most mind-blowing advertising campaign? Then why don’t you have a look at this collection of very impressive and amazing adverts here?

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The greatest adverts of last year

08. September 2016

Inspiration from all over the world

Some adverts, these days, are not simply pictures put together to create a scene and make you buy more… they are thought-provoking and can either make you laugh or cry.

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Animated logos that will inspire you

23. August 2016

Find the face of your company!

A logo is definitely the face of a brand and a company. And what better than a nicely designed animated logo?

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The coolest and trendiest Gif designs

28. Juli 2016

Make your world move!

Today, we’ve gathered a collection of the coolest gif designs you can find on the Internet! Created by some talented designers, they are the proof that the art of movement has some beautiful day ahead of it!

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Elegant and creative Steampunk and Victorian arts

31. März 2016

The finest of the finest, guv‘!

Today, the Steampunk and Victorian genre can not only be found in literature, on old posters, artworks or crafts… they can be found everywhere! From jewellery, packaging to sculptures, character designs and… printed business cards or flyers, of course!

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For your inspiration: 40 great Flyer designs

17. März 2016

Free your creativity!

We have gathered, as a great source of inspiration, 40 incredible Flyer designs taken from talented designers.

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The most creative greeting cards for Christmas!

17. Dezember 2015

Elegant and perfect for your business!

we’ve gathered some beautiful greeting cards for Christmas and the New Year, as we wish you’d be inspired to create your own and send it to your business partners and clients!

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„Ask the dust“ – an interview with Romain Veillon

04. Dezember 2015

A trip to an abandoned world!

Today, we’re interviewing Romain Veillon who photographs abandoned places for the beautiful atmosphere they’re offering!

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