50 inspiring high-quality textures


Enhancing surfaces for your projects

When working with Gimp, Photoshop etc. there is one thing that you don’t want to miss: Textures. Pictures often have these “clean” surfaces which can be enhanced by using different textures. They are easy to implement and create an artistic and more realistic effect. We already shared a collection of 30 texture packs and 30+ texture collection for flyer design with you.

As we all can’t get enough of that we provide you with another collection of 50 amazing textures for creative use.

Before using them, try to get permission from the designer. Even if you gave him credit by providing a link it might be better for both sides to directly ask for it to avoid trouble, especially when you’re using the work commercially. In most cases, he will be more than happy to do so.

Decorative Textile Pack 1

Paint canvas texture


Art Nouveau Pattern Texture

Bokeh Grunge



Badly Rust Metal

Custom Made Old Paper Pack

Fired wall

Random Texture

Green and Rust 2

grunge textures 01

Rusty Metal

Guthrie 126

Local Texture: Three by One

Old Paper Texture

On Wings: Rust Row

texture #49

Stressed Wood

Vintage Texture Pack

Watery Snow

Vintage Musk

Wall Texture

Woodwork Texture Pack

High Resolution Bokeh


Junk Truck Rust Texture


Metal Rust Texture 05


Vintage V Texture Pack

More Rust

wood texture

texture 26

Vintage Paper Texture

Texture Wood Pack 01

tileable wood texture



Lightly Rusted Steel

Rusty Scratches IV

Mixed Muck


Red Bricks

Metal Rust Texture 22

Vintage III Texture Pack

rusty grunge texture

Rustic texture pack


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  1. Hector
    30 August 2011 um 17:18 Uhr

    Very beautifull textures. Thanks!!

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