40 real-life Steampunk examples and videos

23.07.2014, 11:06

That's having one cool imagination!

Having gained notoriety just in the 1980s, the Steampunk movement is still quite young as an art genre. In short, its aim is to transfer modern world items and concepts to the looks and aesthetics of the Victorian era. The result is nothing short of extraordinary. Appealing retro versions of pieces of our reality rendered fantastic through a little imagination.

We have collected 40 of the best Steampunk examples from real life, including some really cool videos that show how gifted artists turn their ideas into a reality. You know, just in case you want to go for a little Steampunk fun yourself!

Have an amazing day and enjoy this super cool article!

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Extraordinary 3D Photoshop Tutorials

16.07.2014, 11:37

Yes, Photoshop!

Adobe Photoshop, the preferred choice for the world’s top 2D designers can now (and has been able for quite some time actually) achieve outstanding 3D designs. Well, not exactly 3D per se but rather clever perspective tricks to give your designs an outstanding 3D effect.

Intrigued? You have come to the right place! We will point you to amazing tutorials that will guide you with step-by-step instructions! Outstanding, nothing short of extraordinary 3D Photoshop tutorials that will help you move your design to a whole new dimension.

As if that was not enough, you will also find some very helpful 3D link-tips to get started even easier. Come on! Let’s get creative!

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#UnderwaterSelfie | Video of the week

14.07.2014, 10:37

The things we do for a smartphone

Screenshot Samsung Galaxy S5 Challenge: #UnderwaterSelfie

What do you do when you want to promote a waterproof smartphone? Easy. You hire someone to dive in a super cold lake in Zurich and invite random strangers to join! At least that is what Samsung did. The result, nothing short of extraordinary.

Try not to freeze by just watching and enjoy!

44 inspiring “Home Office” solutions for the creative

09.07.2014, 10:47

Places you would love to work in

Offices are are normally just a room, a couple desks, computers and “good luck”. This is not the case when your office is in your home. If this is your case, your office can be truly inspiring and inviting. The kind of office that makes you want to work!

We have found 44 truly inspirational “Home Office” solutions for the creative person. Some are “nerdy” offices with more screens than you can count, as if Jean-Luc Picard was leading the enterprise from his room. Others are minimalistic spaces with a clear and pure look. Others are simply unique. We hope you enjoy this overview!

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44 incredibly good flyer designs for the designer

02.07.2014, 10:09

Maximize your marketing results through good design

Flyers offer us an affordable, effective, and easy to customize marketing resource. The challenge is to make our information appealing enough to warrant a deeper look, particularly when flyers can have many sides and people will always decide whether to open it or not by looking at only one of the faces.

To help you with this intrinsically difficult challenge we have found, as a great source of inspiration, 40 incredibly good flyer designs from around the world. Enjoy!

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Afrodite, an Interview with a Fashion and Art Muse

18.06.2014, 9:34

Interviewing a graphic designer and fashion expert

“Fashion is not only clothes. Fashion is a message,
a statement, a brand, a way of expression.”

Afrodite Kappasa is a young and successful graphic designer with a strong passion for the world of fashion and a rather unique blog called Fashion Art Muse. Since summer is finally here we wanted to give our easy-to-personalize T-shirts a run for their money and asked her to show us what a creative fashion mind could do.

Read our interview with her and don’t forget to leave a comment to have the chance to win* a T-shirt with one of her amazing Fashion Art Muse designs.

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30 envelopes that are almost too good for the post

11.06.2014, 12:24

Reviving the joy of traditional mail

In the age of e-mail and SMS handwritten letters are a rarity. That said, if you do need to send regular post nowadays it is likely to be an extremely important or meaningful letter. Something so beautiful and noble should stand out! A perfect way to achieve this is to package it in creative and imaginative enveloper.

The following 30 envelopes are already almost too good for the post. Enjoy them and be inspired to make an outstanding impression by sending someone a true old-style gesture. Smiles are almost guaranteed.

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40 examples of how typography can inspire

04.06.2014, 10:28

The beauty of the alphabet

Superbly achieved typography can inspire. It’s a language shared by fans and masters of the art. Indeed, typography fans and the masters of typography both care for every small twist and ligature. In this article we introduce you to 20 of the most magnificent typography artists in this post. It is hard to believe these examples were done by hand… but they were.

Since not everyone can achieve such a level of perfection with their typography, we also introduce you to 20 high quality fonts, which can be used immediately and quickly lead to outstanding results alike to those of hand-drawn typography.

Have fun, inspire yourself and dare to create!

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30 outstanding Lightroom presets for quick photo effects at your fingertips

28.05.2014, 10:47

Images, they say, are worth a thousand words

Adobe’s Lightroom is used to manage, optimize and convert photos. It is perfect for the photographer who wants to organize and develop his shots. The biggest advantage that Lightroom has is that it is able to work in a non-destructive manner. That is, leaving the original unchanged by storing changes externally. These changes can also be saved and loaded again to implement fast image pre-made styles.

In this article we put 30 outstanding Lightroom presets for quick photo effects at your fingertips. Use and peruse these effects to enhance the quality of your images and, by extention, enhance the impact of your marketing efforts.

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30 black-and-white logos that are convincing as achromatic version

21.05.2014, 11:16

The power of a good contrast

A logo must always work in its black-and-white version. The reason? Simple. So it gives a good image of your company in faxes, photocopies and printed material rather than just on high-quality print.

The opposite, however, is also a challenge. Making B&W logos look as good as coloured ones in high quality print is not an easy thing. B&W logos must come with clean lines and clear surfaces because they must stand out from the rest without the support of colors.

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