Food designs for your restaurant or coffeeshop

02.07.2015, 10:35

Good food for thought!

Nowadays, images are everything! Like we say: „a picture is worth a thousand words“ and it’s more and more true in our lives everyday. You cannot walk on a street and not see large panels advertising this or this product. Like every company a restaurant, coffeeshop or bar needs advertising in order to get as many customers as possible. And for this what better option to use than pictures and nice designs?

Today, we propose you to have a look at some creative designs and photos of food products! Be inspired by those artists and maybe you could create your next posters, menu cards or place mats place mats for your restaurant, coffeeshop or bar!

This is How We Vegas

Source: Marmalade Bleue

by Marmalade Bleue via
© Marmalade Bleue

Dublin’s Eat’O’Nomics

Source: Peter Donnelly

by Peter Donnelly via
© Peter Donnelly

Seis Chiles — Mexican Cuisine.

Source: Sabbath Visuals

by Sabbath Visuals via
© Sabbath Visuals

Jucy Lu

Source: Dany V Sanchez, El Autobus

by Dany V Sanchez, El Autobus via
© Dany V Sanchez, El Autobus

Beautiful China Town

Source: MATHERY studio

by MATHERY studio via
© MATHERY studio

Food Shot

Source: Yosef Refaeli

by Yosef Refaeli via
© Yosef Refaeli

Leggo’s Providore Series

Source: Electric Art

by Electric Art via
© Electric Art

Food illustrations for Campus-cooking

Source: Natalia Tyulkina

by Natalia Tyulkina via
© Natalia Tyulkina

A Yummy Curated Gallery 2014

Source: Chris LaBrooy

by Chris LaBrooy via
© Chris LaBrooy


Source: Wafaa Samir

by Wafaa Samir via
© Wafaa Samir

Spaghetti Western

Source: Adrian & Gidi

by Adrian & Gidi via
© Adrian & Gidi

food (2)

Source: Peechaya Burroughs

by Peechaya Burroughs via
© Peechaya Burroughs

Spilled milk: still life with twisted splashes

Source: Dina Belenko

by Dina Belenko via
© Dina Belenko

New Yorker – Bar Tab April/June

Source: Jeannie Phan

by Jeannie Phan via
© Jeannie Phan

„Food for Thought“ books concept

Source: Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler

by Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler via
© Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler

Healthy food

Source: Berd .

by Berd . via
© Berd .


Source: CESS ™
by CESS ™ via
© CESS ™


Source: Erik van Tienhoven van Weezel
by Erik van Tienhoven van Weezel via
© Erik van Tienhoven van Weezel

Food Photography

Source: Abdalla Saleh
by Abdalla Saleh via
© Abdalla Saleh

„Life is sweet“ macarons

Source: Sonice Design
by Sonice Design via
© Sonice Design

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


30 colored versions of historical pictures

04.06.2015, 8:48

Travel back through time!

How great would it be to take a time machine and to jump back in time! This would be so interesting to have a glance at how life used to be, how people were, if things were easier or harder back then…
Today, we wanted to introduce to you to some talented artists that decided to breath a little bit of life into some wonderful historical photographs.

They had the brilliant idea to add colors; quite simple idea but making such a difference! This technique however is different from the one called autochrome invented by the Lumière Brothers.

Be ready to travel our History through these astonishing pictures!

French philosopher Albert Camus

Source: Jared Enos

by Jared Enos via flickr
© Jared Enos

Company B, U.S. Engineer Battalion

Source: Alan Agius

by Alan Agius via flickr
© Alan Agius

The Crew of Lancaster „C for Charlie“

Source: Photo Retrofit

by Photo Retrofit
© Photo Retrofit

Cherry Blossom, Washington DC 1925

Source: Dynamichrome

by Dynamichrome
© Dynamichrome

Harry Houdini, 1912

Source: Danar Keller

by Danar Keller
© Danar Keller

Malcolm X chats with Mohammad Ali

Source: JohnnyMex

by JohnnyMex via
© JohnnyMex

„Anne Frank’s Father, 1960“

Source: Laiz Kuczynski

by Laiz Kuczynski
© Laiz Kuczynski


Source: Ryan Urban

by Ryan Urban via Instagram
© Ryan Urban

Evening stroll along the broadwalk, Atlantic City, ca 1905

Source: Sanna Dullaway

by Sanna Dullaway
© Sanna Dullaway

Film icon, Audrey Hepburn, ca 1953

Source: Ellie Swain

by Ellie Swain
© Ellie Swain

Portland to Peaks Island Ferry 1904

Source: Imbuedwithhues

by Imbuedwithhues
© Imbuedwithhues

Russian prisoner captured during The Winter War, circa 1940.

Source: JohnnyMex

by JohnnyMex via
© JohnnyMex

Girl with umbrella Louisiana, 1937 | Colorized

Source: JohnnyMex

by JohnnyMex via
© JohnnyMex

Swimsuit police 1922

Source: Imbuedwithues

by Imbuedwithues
© Imbuedwithues

„John Dillinger“

Source: Paul Edwards

by Paul Edwards
© Paul Edwards


Source: Paul Edwards
by Paul Edwards
© Paul Edwards

JAMMIE REYNOLDS, daredevil, 1917.

Source: Dynamichrome

Dynamichrome via instagram
© Dynamichrome

„Winston Churchill and his daughter“

Source: Mads Madsen
by Mads Madsen
© Mads Madsen

„Charlie Chaplin and his wife“

Source: Mads Madsen
by Mads Madsen
© Mads Madsen

Old Absinthe House on Bourbon St., New Orleans 1907

Source: Ryan Urban
by Ryan Urban via instagram
© Ryan Urban

Senorita Lenore Riviero With Antony Jannus In A Rex Smith Aeroplane, Washington, D.C., circa 1911

Source: Ryan Urban
by Ryan Urban via instagram
© Ryan Urban


Source: William Doran
by William Doran
© William Doran


Source: Laiz Kuczynski
by Laiz Kuczynski
© Laiz Kuczynski


Source: Laiz Kuczynski
by Laiz Kuczynski
© Laiz Kuczynski


Source: Dynamichrome
by Laiz Kuczynski
© Dynamichrome

Doffer Boys, Georgia, USA, 1909

Source: Dynamichrome
by Dynamichrome
© Dynamichrome

Miss Walton, in a portrait taken by photographer Mathew Brady.

Source: Alan Agius
by Alan Agius
© Alan Agius

A soldier of the Machine Gun Corps in a sheepskin coat kissing a French farm-girl, 1917

Source: Jared Enos

by Jared Enos via flickr
© Jared Enos

British Tattoo Artist George Burchett, ca 1930

Source: Danar Keller

by Danar Keller
© Danar Keller

Al Capone’s soup kitchen during the Great Depression, Chicago, 1931

Source: Danar Keller

by Danar Keller
© Danar Keller

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Examples of original logos for your company

21.05.2015, 9:33

Give your business an original touch!

We know it well: a logo is a fundamental part of a company! This is the first thing a customer, a future partner or a contributor will see once opening a letter or going to your website. This is what will define your brand’s identity, your company’s personality for as long as your business will live!
Today, we decided to show you logos full of originality and also beauty in every style and genre you could encounter.
Don’t forget a logo could be perfect on your business cards as well as stickers.

Harvey Ventures

Source: Chad Michael Studio

by Chad Michael Studio via
© Chad Michael Studio

60 logos in 60 days

Source: Karoline Tynes

by Karoline Tynes via
© Karoline Tynes

Mixed Marks

Source: George Bukha

by George Bukha via
© George Bukha

Coffee House London – Brand identity

Source: Reynolds and Reyner

by Reynolds and Reyner via
© Reynolds and Reyner

Various works – part 3

Source: Mike

by Mike via
© Mike

Broodje van eigen deeg

Source: Jeroen van Eerden

by Jeroen van Eerden via
© Jeroen van Eerden

Eucaminas logo

Source: tutom

by  tutom via
© tutom

Butcher’s Plate

Source: Martin Schmetzer

by Martin Schmetzer via
© Martin Schmetzer

Oud & Roses

Source: Ibraheem Alshwihi

by Ibraheem Alshwihi  via
© Ibraheem Alshwihi

Branding // Pistinega // Juice Bar

Source: Maurizio Pagnozzi

by Maurizio Pagnozzi via
© Maurizio Pagnozzi

Lettering Logo Design vol. 5

Source: Dalibor Momcilovic

by Dalibor Momcilovic via
© Dalibor Momcilovic

Strong & Stout Brewery

Source: Taylor Lee

by Taylor Lee via
© Taylor Lee


Source: Ramin Nasibov

by Ramin Nasibov via
© Ramin Nasibov


Source: Nora Kaszanyi

by Nora Kaszanyi via
© Nora Kaszanyi

Jacques Kharlakian Jewellery

Source: Industria HED Branding Studio and Dmitry Gerais

by Industria HED Branding Studio and Dmitry Gerais via
© Industria HED Branding Studio and Dmitry Gerais

Rain Wine Animation

Source: Misha Petrick and Might & Petrick
by Misha Petrick and Might & Petrick via
© Misha Petrick and Might & Petrick

Coffee Masters 2015

Source: Benjamin Sepulveda

by Benjamin Sepulveda via
© Benjamin Sepulveda


Source: the Kinetic
by the Kinetic via
© the Kinetic

Alphabet of the Countries. Final Release

Source: Pavel Zertsikel
Pavel Zertsikel via
© Pavel Zertsikel

Logo Collection 04

Source: Predrag Milankovic
by Predrag Milankovic via
© Predrag Milankovic

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Beautiful illustrations of famous video games

05.05.2015, 11:01

A great tribute to timeless games!

Some may find it a waste of time, some may enjoy them when they’re with their friends but clearly video games are such a part of our lives we cannot ignore their existence. They’re not only allowing us to sit and play sometimes for hours, they’re also making us dive into some magical adventures where places, the story and characters will always remain in our memories.

It is surely an art like no others and this is why we wanted to share it with you through some beautiful illustrations made by talented artists and true fans. Maybe those could be great inspirations if you’re throwing a gaming party and need flyers to do so? If you’re a gaming YouTuber, maybe you’d be happy to distribute promotional postcards for your channel in your next convention?

Enjoy these artworks of retro and recently released games!

GTA V: Launch Piece

Source: PatrickBrown

by PatrickBrown via
© PatrickBrown

Ukiyoe Character Series

Source: Takao Nakagawa

by Takao Nakagawa via
© Takao Nakagawa

Minimalist Video Games

Source: Paul Wade

by Paul Wade via
© Paul Wade

Majora’s Mask

Source: Daniel Shaffer

by Daniel Shaffer via
© Daniel Shaffer


Source: ron-guyatt

by ron-guyatt via
© ron-guyatt

Borderlands Character Portraits

Source: Benjamin Olive

by Benjamin Olive via
© Benjamin Olive

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Source: michelefrigo

by michelefrigo via
© michelefrigo

Street Fighter 6 cover

Source: udoncrew

by udoncrew via
© udoncrew

Game On

Source: Rahul Parihar

by Rahul Parihar via
© Rahul Parihar

Galaxy At Peace

Source: Matthew Ware

by Matthew Ware via
© Matthew Ware


Source: Benjamin Olive

by Benjamin Olive via
© Benjamin Olive

Lara Croft – Low Poly

Source: Olivier Van Triel

by Olivier Van Triel via
© Olivier Van Triel

Our Heroes!

Source: Juan Rivera

by Juan Rivera via
© Juan Rivera

Vanishing Grace

Source: Nick Carro

by Nick Carro via
© Nick Carro

Half Life

Source: Lewsis

by Lewsis via
© Lewsis

Illidan vs Arthas


Dark Souls: Artorias the Abysswalker

Source: aerie

by aerie via
© aerie

Madness Returns | AT

Source: DragonOlong
by DragonOlong via
© DragonOlong


Source: Bangbez
by Bangbez via
© Bangbez

Revisiting Video Game Symbols

Source: David Goh
by David Goh via
© David Goh

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


30 examples of beautiful black and white photos

30.04.2015, 10:58

A slice of poetry!

As Ted Grant said: “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”.

This is exactly what those photographers, from whom we collected 30 amazing photos, are showing through their art. Taking a black and white picture is sometimes more than catching a beautiful moment. It goes beyond that, emphasizing someone’s expression, showing some texture in a beautiful landscape no one would have noticed before.

Sometimes, you could even be mistaken as some of them do look like paintings.
Be inspired by those stunning examples that definitely proves that black and white photographs are far from being boring and lifeless!


Source: Achim Lippoth

by Achim Lippoth via
© Achim Lippoth

Castles made of sand

Source: Andy Lee

by Andy Lee via
© Andy Lee

Wisdom for my children, life lessons though…

Source: Brandon Kidwell

by Brandon Kidwell via
© Brandon Kidwell

Mystery Garden / Le Mile Magazine

Source: Elizaveta Porodina

by Elizaveta Porodina via
© Elizaveta Porodina

Lyubov Andreyeva and Denis Klimuk

Source: Vadim Stein

by Vadim Stein via
© Vadim Stein

Dark Hours

Source: Rupert Vandervell

by Rupert Vandervell via
© Rupert Vandervell


Source: Alexandre Mounayer

by Alexandre Mounayer via
© Alexandre Mounayer


Source: Marta Bevacqua

by Marta Bevacqua via
© Marta Bevacqua


Source: Gülnur Duruzoy

by Gülnur Duruzoy via
© Gülnur Duruzoy

Armenian Mountains

Source: Eliza Malkhasyan

by Eliza Malkhasyan via
© Eliza Malkhasyan


Source: Vassilis Tangoulis

by Vassilis Tangoulis via
© Vassilis Tangoulis

Like little dancers

Source: Dani Stites

by Dani Stites via
© Dani Stites

“Florence” / Polyptych

Source: Alex T

by Alex T via
© Alex T

Space & Beyond

Source: Nick Frank

by Nick Frank via
© Nick Frank


Source: Snow Robert Peek Fotographie

by Snow Robert Peek Fotographie via
© Snow Robert Peek Fotographie

Experimenting with some new fig leaves

Source: Emanuele Marzocca
by Emanuele Marzocca via
© Emanuele Marzocca

Lands of Nowhere

Source: Sten Schneider

by Sten Schneider via
© Sten Schneider

Mackelli Campaign 2015

Source: Henrik Adamsen
by Henrik Adamsen via
© Henrik Adamsen

Obscure Lights

Source: Ranko Blazina
by Ranko Blazina via
© Ranko Blazina

Near Light

Source: Nuno Andrade
by Nuno Andrade via
© Nuno Andrade

B&W shots in Rocca Sinibalda

Source: Emmanuelle Marzocca
by Emmanuelle Marzocca via
© Emmanuelle Marzocca


Source: Miki Takahashi
by Miki Takahashi via
© Miki Takahashi

D’Orsay watches / relojes d’Orsay

Source: Eduardo Perucha Esteban
by Eduardo Perucha Esteban via
© Eduardo Perucha Esteban

Ivory and Ebony

Source: Laurent Baheux
by Laurent Baheux
© Laurent Baheux

Portraits of animals

Source: Lukas Holas
by Lukas Holas via
© Lukas Holas

Colorado Landscapes CLG Folio

Source: Craig Getchius
by Craig Getchius via
© Craig Getchius


Source: Kashish Tandon
by Kashish Tandon via
© Kashish Tandon

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Creations with a beautiful Steampunk touch

09.04.2015, 9:58

For the 19th-century passionate geek!

Have you heard of the Steampunk genre? According to wikipediaSteampunk refers to a subgenre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy—also in recent years a fashion and lifestyle movement—that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.“

If you’ve read some Jules Verne’s novels then you perfectly know what Steampunk is. Think about the Captain Nemo and the Nautilus and you will get this strange but somehow fascinating atmosphere!

Nowadays, the Steampunk genre is quite wide and many artists, from the illustrator to the fashion designer, created some great artworks and pieces as a tribute to this genre. But it isn’t always about putting a few gears on a hat as the people we will introduce you to today created true masterpieces.

If you are yourself a fan of this genre or would like to become one, we hope that you will feel inspired by what you’re going to see. And don’t forget that some good posters can always be a good start for people to see your Steampunk creations!

Steampunk Gameboy

Source: Elise Siegwald
by Elise Siegwald via
© Elise Siegwald

Steampunk Star Wars – Stromtrooper

Source: Bjorn Hurri

by Bjorn Hurri
© Bjorn Hurri

Ozone Battery

Source: Ivan Mavrovic

by Ivan Mavrovic
© Ivan Mavrovic


Source: Edouard Martinet

by Edouard Martinet
© Edouard Martinet

Steampunk Icarus Wings MK5

Source: steampunk22

by steampunk22 via
© steampunk22

Steampunk Dragon

Source: kerembeyit

by kerembeyit via
© kerembeyit

Steampunk Mad Scientists Cosplay Ring

Source: CatherineRings

by CatherineRings via
© CatherineRings


Source: fiorinox

by fiorinox via
© fiorinox

Steampunk Batman

Source: R-Tan

by R-Tan via
© R-Tan

Powered Steampunk Gauntlet

Source: CraftedSteampunk

by CraftedSteampunk via
© CraftedSteampunk

Steampunk Computer

Source: steamworker

by steamworker via
© steamworker

Creepy Bottles

Source: Frater Orion

by Frater Orion via
© Frater Orion


Source: DZIU09

by DZIU09 via
© DZIU09

Steampunk spider 2

Source: hardwidge

by hardwidge via
© hardwidge

Steampunk Notebook

Source: Diarment

by Diarment via
© Diarment

Steampunk madame

Source: martinacecilia

by martinacecilia via
© martinacecilia

Steampunk ship: Brassheart

Source: industrial-forest
by industrial-forest via
© industrial-forest

Steampunk Skipper

Source: ursulav

by ursulav via
© ursulav

Steampunk Gotham

Source: seangordonmurphy

© seangordonmurphy

Deus Ex Machina

Source: Alain Bellino
by Alain Bellino via
© Alain Bellino

Steampunk 2012 – 2013

Source: Mike
by Mike via
© Mike

Gladiator Story

Source: Aleksandr Kuskov
by Aleksandr Kuskov via
© Aleksandr Kuskov

Steampunk movie pt2

Source: Nikita Pilyukshin
by Nikita Pilyukshin via
© Nikita Pilyukshin

Fugitive cat

Source: Paula Duta
by Paula Duta via
© Paula Duta

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


Beautiful design for your Easter greeting cards

01.04.2015, 9:19

Happy Easter!

Ah, the beautiful season of spring! This is definitely an inspirational one and this thanks to Easter and the summertime getting closer and closer.

The only problem with such famous themes is that you quickly and certainly end up reproducing what others are doing or simply reproducing what you’ve already done before. This is so tricky and difficult to stand out of the crowd and be original when symbols such as the Easter bunny or the eggs are everywhere, inseparable from the concept of such a celebration.

This is where those talented artists make a difference! They cleverly inspired themselves from every Easter-related themes and symbols to make them their own, giving us a different and original approach to them.

These designs could be of great use for your inspiration if you would like to stand out of the crowd this year and make a good impression on your customer. Try this concept with our flyer or postcards!

Koko Black Chocolates

Source: Eirian Chapman

Eirian Chapman via
© Eirian Chapman

Happy Easter from the Rusted Pixel

Source: The Rusted Pixel

by The Rusted Pixel via
© The Rusted Pixel

Easter Type

Source: Zim & Zou

by Zim & Zou via
© Zim & Zou

Suzanna Victoria – Ovos de Pascoa

Source: Rodrigo COA

by Rodrigo COA via
© Rodrigo COA

Happy easter card

Source: Julia Zinchenko

by Julia Zinchenko  via
© Julia Zinchenko

Happy Easter 2011

Source: Izabela Kuzyszyn

by Izabela Kuzyszyn via
© Izabela Kuzyszyn

Easter Bicycle Cards

Source: Magda Nowacki

by Daniel Danger
© Magda Nowacki

Some Bunnies

Source: Q. Cassetti

by Q. Cassetti via
© Q. Cassetti

Vintage Easter Badges and Insignia

Source: Joshua Brian

by Joshua Brian via
© Joshua Brian

High Tea with Easter bunnies

Source: Kenny Lam

by Kenny Lam via
© Kenny Lam

Easter card

Source: Alesya Derr

by Alesya Derr via
© Alesya Derr

Happy Easter

Source: Marco Erre

by Marco Erre via
© Marco Erre

Frohe Ostern / Happy Easter

Source: Sengsavane Chounramany

by Sengsavane Chounramany via
© Sengsavane Chounramany

Easter Egg

Source: Ja Baguioro

by Ja Baguioro via
© Ja Baguioro

Easter Egg Morning Task

Source: Cleonique Hilsaca

by Cleonique Hilsaca via
© Cleonique Hilsaca

Typo Easter Egg

Source: Niteesh Yadav
by Niteesh Yadav via
© Niteesh Yadav

Happy Easter

Source: Mike Greenwell

by Mike Greenwell via
© Mike Greenwell

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


30 awesome logo designs in black & white

18.03.2015, 9:03

The real great shades of grey!

A logo needs to work well as a black & white version as you might have to use it for a Fax as much as you will use it for a high-quality print.
When a designer wants to create such a logo, he or she must make sure the lines are clean and all the areas of the logo are defined. It must not rely on the colours‘ help either.

Black & White Logo Collection

Designer: Emir Ayouni and Simon Ålander

Emir Ayouni and Simon Ålander
© Emir Ayouni and Simon Ålander

33id Ut

Designer: Stephane Sommer

Stephane Sommer
© Stephane Sommer

More »

The most beautiful and original textures for your artworks

12.03.2015, 9:09

Unleash your creativity!

Have you ever wondered how some graphic designers or photographers achieve such nice, textured effects? Well it’s actually quite simple: by the use of layers and the way they treat them people can now add special effects and depth to their artworks, whether it’d be to create a cold, dark atmosphere or to add a little bit of light to an already quite sombre illustration or photo. You can do whatever you like! Textures allow you to be as creative as possible!

In this article, we gathered some very interesting textures that could produce a nice effect for your creations. So feel free to have a look and get as inspired as possible!

*grass bokeh texture*

Source: ewazielinska

by ewazielinska via
© ewazielinska


Source: magikalfolk

by magikalfolk via
© magikalfolk


Source: carlyartdaily

by carlyartdaily via
© carlyartdaily

Digital Texture Artwork 275

Source: mercurycode

by mercurycode via
© mercurycode

Texture 671

Source: Sirius-sdz

by Sirius-sdz via
© Sirius-sdz

Victorian Grunge: VI

Source: ArtOfDecay-stock

by ArtOfDecay-stock via
© ArtOfDecay-stock

Victorian Grunge II

Source: Myruso

by Myruso via
© Myruso

Vintage Sunset

Source: Aurora WienholdSTOCK

by Aurora WienholdSTOCK via
© Aurora WienholdSTOCK

Burst Galaxy: Watercolor Texture

Source: touzaiko

by touzaiko via
© touzaiko

texture : marble

Source: MehreenFreed

by MehreenFreed via
© MehreenFreed

Texture Stock Asian Clouds

Source: Enchantedgal-Stock

by Enchantedgal-Stock via
© Enchantedgal-Stock

cloud texture 5

Source: whookatri

by  whookatri via
© whookatri

Floral Intoxication II

Source: AboveVintage

by AboveVintage via
© AboveVintage

Misc 2

Source: AsunderStock

by AsunderStock via
© AsunderStock

Unrestricted Design Vintage Texture

Source: DivsM-stock

by DivsM-stock via
© DivsM-stock

Clock Parts on Old Paper

Source: John

by John via
© John

Summer background texture

Source: fotojenny

by fotojenny via
© fotojenny

Texture 01

Source: NinStock

by NinStock via
© NinStock

Texture 2

Source: Fall-Out-M

by Fall-Out-M via
© Fall-Out-M

Grunge Texture.

Source: JRMB-Stock

by JRMB-Stock via
© JRMB-Stock

We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


20+ movie posters as seen by talented artists

05.03.2015, 10:03

Alternative movie posters!

The movie industry is one of the biggest industry in the world! It might also be one of the most inspiring ones as every year big, new, interesting and amazing films are released. It’s also a way for graphic artists or photographers to fully express themselves as a good movie always starts with a good poster!

Who never had a poster of his or her favorite movie pinned onto a wall? Like every pieces of art, those posters were often the symbol of our personality and what inspired us in our daily life. Maybe did they contribute in making us the person we now are?

Today, we wanted to introduce you to some talented artists that decided to take all these inspirations from their favorite movies and make them their owns in brand new posters. Maybe this is something that will inspire you to create your OWN posters?

BANG BANG Exhibition

Source: Vincent Roché

Vincent Roché via
© Vincent Roché


Source: HANs.

by HANs. via
© HANs.


Source: Patrick Seymour

by Patrick Seymour via
© Patrick Seymour

Indiana Jones

Source: Cesar Octavio Celaya

by Cesar Octavio Celaya via
© Cesar Octavio Celaya

Star Wars Poster

Source: Juan Esteban Rodriguez

by Juan Esteban Rodriguez via
© Juan Esteban Rodriguez

Batman 75th Anniversary

Source: Patrick Connan

by Patrick Connan
© Patrick Connan


Source: Daniel Danger

by Daniel Danger
© Daniel Danger

Spirited away

Source: Olly Moss

by Olly Moss
© Olly Moss

Once Upon a Time in the West

Source: Mainger Germain

by Mainger Germain
© Mainger Germain

The Wolf of Wall Street

Source: Daniel Devoy

by Daniel Devoy
© Daniel Devoy

The Shawshank Redemption poster

Source: Daniel Keane

by Daniel Keane
© Daniel Keane

“Man is the warmest place to hide”

Source: Vlad Rodriguez

by Vlad Rodriguez via
© Vlad Rodriguez

Fight Club

Source: Ali Heraize

by Ali Heraize
© Ali Heraize

American Beauty Poster

Source: Stephanie Toole

by Stephanie Toole via
© Stephanie Toole

88MPH – part 2

Source: Andy Fairhurst

by Andy Fairhurst
© Andy Fairhurst

Guardians of the Galaxy

Source: Marie Bergeron
by Marie Bergeron
© Marie Bergeron

Grand Budapest Hotel

Source: Peter Strain

by Peter Strain
© Peter Strain


Source: Benny Hennessy
by Benny Hennessy
© Benny Hennessy

The Theory of Everything

Source: Malika Favre
by Malika Favre
© Malika Favre

Se7en poster

Source: drMIERZIAK
by drMIERZIAK via

The Shining I

Source: Matthew J Griffin
by drMIERZIAK via Matthew J Griffin
© Matthew J Griffin


Source: Laurent Durieux
by Laurent Durieux
© Laurent Durieux

Man of Steel

Source: Oliver Riches
by Oliver Riches
© Oliver Riches

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