Corporate Identity – 55 examples of amazing Corporate Designs

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Februar 8th, 2012, 10:49 am

3 Responses to “Corporate Identity – 55 examples of amazing Corporate Designs”

  1. Raxix says Dezember 4th, 2015 um 6:14 am

    Multiple factor like logo, tagline, image considered in the corporate identity here you can get an idea how to make an attractive corporate identity and which type of identity is effective for your business.

  2. Jenny Ross says März 15th, 2017 um 9:28 am

    I must say this blog is a comprehensive piece on all types of branding ideas. There are gazillion ways to reflect your brand – envelopes, cards, t-shirts, bags, stickers, and what not. The designs you’ve shared are pretty inspiring. Thanks.

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