40 amazing HIPSTER fonts, graphics, badges, icons and more


As hipster as long bearded bartenders!

The hipster subculture is characterized by an outstandingly unique fashion consciousness. Alongside it, a strong hipster trend in graphic design constantly give us some of the most amazing works the mind can imagine.

We have found 40 extremely useful hipster ressources that make for an all-inclusive design package. There are icons to discover, fonts, wallpapers, infographics, badges, patterns and much, much, more. Indeed, you will find enough material to achieve the hipster-style by yourself!

Enjoy and let your imagination fly.


Hipster Icon Set

Designer: Pablo Stanley

Hipster Icon Set - Pablo Stanley via dribbble.com
© Pablo Stanley

Flat Hipster Icons Design Pack (Free)

Designer: Tsveta Petrova

Flat Hipster Icons Design Pack (Free) - Tsveta Petrova via behance.net
© Tsveta Petrova

Retro Garage & Hipster Vector

Designer: Kaza

Retro garage & hipster vector - bestgfx.biz

Free Vintage Design Icons

Designer: designcontest.com

Free Vintage Design Icons - designcontest.com
© designcontest.com

Free Vintage Icon Set

Designer: Julian Hrankov

Free Vintage Icon Set - Julian Hrankov via dribbble.com
© Julian Hrankov


Hipster Kit

Designer: Aerolab

Hipster Kit - Aerolab via dribbble.com
© Aerolab

Hipster Man Vector Set

Designer: freepik.com

Hipster man vector set - freepik.com
© freepik.com

Hipster Photography Vector Free Design

Designer: freepik.com

Hipster photography vector free design - freepik.com
© freepik.com

Retro Business Card

Designer: pixeden.com

Retro Business Card - pixeden.com
© pixeden.com

Ribbons (Flat) PSD

Designer: NishithV

Ribbons (flat) PSD - NishithV via deviantart.com
© NishithV

Wallpaper & Infographics

Hipster Wallpaper and Cover PSD

Designer: dev-john

Hipster Wallpaper and cover PSD - dev-john via deviantart.com
© dev-john

Summer Nights Vector Graphic

Designer: dryicons.com

Summer Nights Vector Graphic - dryicons.com
© dryicons.com

Hipster Infographics

Designer: zaStion

Hipster infographics - zizaza.com
© zaStion / Zizaza.com

Infographic Retro Hipster

Designer: freepik.com

Infographic retro hipster - freepik.com
© freepik.com

Hipster Wallpapers

Designer: hipsterwall.cloudsmaker.com

Hipster Wallpapers - hipsterwall.cloudsmaker.com
© hipsterwall.cloudsmaker.com


4 Free Retro Badges

Designer: aurove.com

4 FREE RETRO BADGES - aurove.com
© aurove.com

10 Free Vintage Retro Badges (PSD)

Designer: blugraphic.com

10 Free Vintage Retro Badges (Psd) - blugraphic.com
© blugraphic.com

3 Free Simple Badge Templates v.1

Designer: dealjumbo.com

3 Free Simple Badge Templates v.1 - dealjumbo.com
© dealjumbo.com

50s Badges

Designer: retrovectors.com

50s Badges - retrovectors.com
© retrovectors.com

Ocean and Sea Labels Stamp Vector Set

Designer: webdesignhot.com

Ocean and Sea Labels Stamp Vector Set - webdesignhot.com
© webdesignhot.com

PSD Modern Vintage Stickers Badges

Designer: pixeden.com

Psd Modern Vintage Stickers Badges - pixeden.com
© pixeden.com

Retro Label Stickers Vector #2

Designer: 1000vectors.com

Retro label stickers vector-2 - 1000vectors.com
© 1000vectors.com

5 Photo Neat Retro Badges (PSD)

Designer: blugraphic.com

5 Photo Neat Retro Badges (PSD) - blugraphic.com
© blugraphic.com

Freebie: 32 Hipster Badges (AI, EPS, PNG)

Designer: Eezy Inc

Freebie: 32 Hipster Badges (AI, EPS, PNG) - Eezy Inc via tympanus.net.
© Eezy Inc.

Free Vector Badges

Designer: Diana’z Designz

Free Vector Badges - Diana'z Designz via behance.net
© Diana’z Designz


Hipstelvetica Free Font

Designer: José Gomes

Hipstelvetica Free Font - José Gomes via behance.net
© José Gomes

Hipster Font: Hand Drawn

Designer: Tim Degner

Hipster Font: Hand Drawn - Tim Degner via behance.net
© Tim Degner

Hipster Font

Designer: designleaks.net

Hipster Font - designleaks.net
© designleaks.net


Designer: Jason Mark Jones

Sullivan - Jason Mark Jones via losttype.com
© Jason Mark Jones

Intro Free Font

Designer: fontfabric.com

Intro free font - fontfabric.com
© fontfabric.com


Hipsteria 30 Brushes

Designer: Butterphil

Hipsteria 30 brushes - Butterphil via deviantart.com
© Butterphil

Nuevos Brushes Hipsters :3

Designer: AnnaTutorials

Nuevos Brushes Hipsters :3 - AnnaTutorials via deviantart.com
© AnnaTutorials

Wild Hipster Brushes

Designer: suqueiroz

Wild Hipster Brushes - suqueiroz via deviantart.com
© suqueiroz

Free High-Res Photoshop Brushes/Vector/PNG – Hipster Graphics

Designer: Mel

Free high res Photoshop brushes/Vector/PNG – Hipster graphics - Mel via Mels Brushes
© Mel / Mels Brushes

Hipster Brush

Designer: PrettyLadySwag

Hipster Brush - PrettyLadySwag via deviantart.com
© PrettyLadySwag


Indie – Motives

Designer: Ihavethedreamersdise

Indie - Motivos - Ihavethedreamersdise via deviantart.com
© Ihavethedreamersdise

Hipster Color Patterns

Designer: PrettyLadySwag

Hipster Color Patterns - PrettyLadySwag via deviantart.com
© PrettyLadySwag

Hipsters – Motives

Designer: Ihavethedreamersdise

Hipsters - Motivos - Ihavethedreamersdise via deviantart.com
© Ihavethedreamersdise

Aztec Pattern

Designer: caralinaj

Aztec Pattern - caralinaj via deviantart.com
© caralinaj

Tribal – Motives

Designer: Ihavethedreamersdise

Tribal - Motivos - Ihavethedreamersdise via deviantart.com
© Ihavethedreamersdise

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