Judge them by their covers: Incredible designs for books!


A good cover is the key to a good book!

Printed books are everything! Yes, indeed, ebooks are also something really convenient as you can hold in one tablet your entire library. However, don’t you miss the feel of a traditional book? The smell of its pages? The weight in your hands? This is definitely what makes a book awesome!

What makes it even more awesome is also its cover. Yes, you’re right! You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but you can’t deny that it IS what’s going to make you buy said book! A cover is supposed to hook you to a wonderful story and you should already by dreaming to know more by just looking at it.
The cover designs we’ve collected today are the perfect example of how to sell a book in the best way! We wish you to be inspired by their originality and creativity!

Spry Fox, children’s book

Source: Ivan Sulima

by Ivan Sulima via behance.net
© Ivan Sulima

mo_st_ | moholy_typophoto_book

Source: Dora Balla

by Dora Balla via behance.net
© Dora Balla

Butcher Billy’s Tales From The Smith Comic Book Series

Source: Butcher Billy

by Butcher Billy via behance.net
© Butcher Billy

Häng konsten lågt

Source: Snask

by Snask via behance.net
© Snask

Lauren Oliver’s Vanishing Girls // Cover Illustration

Source: Emi Haze

by Emi Haze via behance.net
© Emi Haze

The Goldbell Collection

Source: Renatus Wu

by Renatus Wu via behance.net
© Renatus Wu

Museum – A House for Learning by Péter György

Source: Viktor Suszter

by Viktor Suszter via behance.net by Viktor Suszter via behance.net
© Viktor Suszter

Taste Book

Source: Vicki Turner

by Vicki Turner via behance.net
© Vicki Turner

J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter

Source: Kincső Nagy

by Masaomi Fujita via behance.net by Kincső Nagy via behance.net
© Kincső Nagy

The four seasons of../ Book design

Source: Masaomi Fujita

by Masaomi Fujita via behance.net
© Masaomi Fujita

The Megalopolis – 3m long children book

Source: Cléa Dieudonné

by Cléa Dieudonné via behance.net
© Cléa Dieudonné

The ABCs of Hand Lettering book

Source: Abbey Sy

by Abbey Sy via behance.net
© Abbey Sy

it is what it is.

Source: 2X4 Inc.

by 2X4 Inc. via behance.net
© 2X4 Inc.

PALETTE No.7: Monotone

Source: victory hk

by victory hk via behance.net
© victory hk

Book Series

Source: Sean Travis

by Sean Travis via behance.net
© Sean Travis

The Ravages of Myth

Source: Ting-An Ho

by Ting-An Ho via behance.net
© Ting-An Ho

Solace London – SS15 Look Book

Source: Sandra Autukaite

by Sandra Autukaite via behance.net
© Sandra Autukaite

A flat trip around Europe

Source: Laura Palumbo

by Laura Palumbo via behance.net
© Laura Palumbo

Make Enemies & Gain Fans – Book

Source: Snask

by Snask via behance.net
© Snask

STAR WARS Trilogy Book Covers

Source: Adam Faniszlo

by Adam Faniszlo via behance.net
© Adam Faniszlo

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We do not own any of these designs. This is just a collection for your inspiration. Our sources are as stated. If you feel like we used your design wrong, please contact us.


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