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Can I order any proof from you?
Can I view the status of my order?
Can I send proofs or any other specimen for printing?
Can I order smaller quantities than the ones you offer?
Can I increase the amount ordered afterwards?
Can I place an order by fax, phone, e-mail or post?
Can I cancel an order or an order item?
Which programs are best suited for creating print files?
Do I have to add bleed for trimming?
What does upload mean?
What is FTP?
Which file formats do you accept?
Will my printing data be checked?
How do I order?
How do I send my data for printing?
How do I lodge a complaint?

Payment Process

What methods of payment do you accept?


Unsure of how or what to do?
Can I make suggestions, complaints or compliments?


Can you print special colours?
Do you accept any special formats?
Sorting Information & Recycling
What does Computer to Plate (CTP) mean?
What does 4/4-coloured or 4/1-coloured mean?
What does CMYK stand for?
What happens if my artwork is not quite correct?
What are the refinement options available?
What resolution do you recommend for my artwork?
What about Apple Macintosh files?


Do you offer special pricing to resellers?
Can I change my billing address later?


Is it possible that I receive the goods 1-2 days earlier?
Do you deliver to several addressees?
Do you charge extra for delivery?
Who is your forwarding agent?
Can you give a delivery time?
Can I send parcels with my address on them?