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  • 125 x 190 mm Portrait
  • Cover pages 4 pages
  • Contents 48 pages
  • Cover Softcover
  • Paper Contents 115 gsm Coated art paper Matt
  • Cover colour 4/0-coloured CMYK
  • Contents 1/1-coloured Black
  • Perfect binding
  • 1 Piece
  • 1 Theme
  • Delivery in Ireland
  • Estimated by Friday, 15/07/2022
  • Block of sheets 3,31 mm
  • Transfer print data later
  • Free print data check

€ 12.92 | € 15.90

| € 4.84 | € 5.95

125 x 190 mm Portrait, Cover pages 4 pages, Contents 48 pages , Cover Softcover, Paper Contents 115 gsm Coated art paper Matt, Cover colour 4/0-coloured CMYK, Contents 1/1-coloured Black, Perfect binding, 1 Piece, 1 Theme, Delivery in Ireland, Estimated by Friday, 15/07/2022, Gutter:Block of sheets 3,31 mm, Transfer print data later, Free print data check

€ 12.92 | € 15.90

| € 4.84 | € 5.95

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Print your books

Books have been part of global cultural history for many hundreds of years. In spite of smartphones and tablets, people all over the world continue to read crime novels, non-fiction books, novels, or look at illustrated books. If you want to print your own book, is your perfect address. As one of the largest printing companies in Europe, we can print books as softcover or hardcover for you professionally and in excellent quality, in large or very small print runs. Is the template already finished? Then you can configure the printing of your work online here.

When creating your book, you are very free with Modern printing technology allows us to print your new Graphic Novel as well as a factual reference for your company's compliance policy. Whether it's a yearbook for your school, a novel for self-publishers, music books for musicians or booklets for your own poems, we can professionally put your works on paper. For the individual design of the paperbacks, we offer you a wide range of finishing and design options as well as variants for bookbinding.

Our paper types for your books

We print your books very cheaply on standard offset paper in thicknesses of 80, 90 or 100 g/m². These papers are perfect if you want to create simple notebooks, for example. Offset paper is also suitable for printers and is therefore ideally suited for writing on with ink. If you want to print your poems or a novel, we recommend the wood-free book printing papers. They are particularly durable and available in 80 and 90 g/m² thicknesses.

Coated art papers are suitable for recipe books, illustrated books or other documents with several colour illustrations. These can be selected in 115, 135, 150 or 170 gsm. This paper is available in matt or gloss on request.

Coated art paper

Offset paper

Special papers

Binding types and extras

You can order the books with sewn or prefect binding. The perfect binding is always the cheaper option and suitable for voluminous books with up to 996 pages. For this purpose, we connect the sides to a book block and apply a special glue to the spine of the book.

The sewn binding is a very stable binding, in which the printed sheets are sewn with bookbinding yarn after folding. Finally, a glue layer is applied to the spine. This technique is mainly used for hardcover books and is available for volumes up to 500 pages. The minimum number of pages is 40 pages for the perfect binding and 48 pages for the sewn binding.

To protect your Hardcover books from dust and wear, we can also insert a headband in the spine. It closes the gap that arises between spine and book block. Headbands in white, blue, yellow, green, red or black are available. On request, we also add a bookmark ribbon. Especially with own novels or longer works the ribbon is a very practical accessory. For the bookmark ribbon, the spine must have a minimum width of 10 mm. If you have opted for a Hardcover, you can optionally also add a dust book jacket. So you can protect your works from dirt and heavy wear and at the same time use a way to further professionalize and customize your book. You can also opt for a colour cover in black, blue, green or red.

Perfect binding with soft cover

The soft cardboard cover provides the typical "paperback effect" and is particularly suitable for smaller formats. With an optional laminate on the cover, you can ensure durability despite the soft cover. The firmly glued book block is optionally produced with thread sewing or PUR gluing technology.

Perfect binding with soft cover

Perfect binding with hard cover

Your book is protected by a hard cover whose cardboard core is fully laminated with paper. The contents and the cover are connected by a flyleaf. The book block is optionally produced with PUR gluing technology or thread sewing.

Perfect binding with hard cover

Perfect binding with Colour cover Black

Your book is protected by a hard cover with a cardboard core fully laminated with black linen material. The contents and the cover are connected by a flyleaf.

Perfect binding with Colour cover Black

Perfect binding with Colour Cover Blue

Your book is protected by a hard cover with a cardboard core fully laminated with blue linen material. The contents and the cover are connected by a flyleaf.

Perfect binding with Colour Cover Blue

Perfect binding with Colour Cover Green

Your book is protected by a hard cover with a cardboard core fully laminated with green linen material. The contents and the cover are connected by a flyleaf.

Perfect binding with Colour Cover Green

Perfect binding with Colour Cover Red

Your book is protected by a hard cover with a cardboard core fully laminated with red linen material. The contents and the cover are connected by a flyleaf.

Perfect binding with Colour Cover Red

Black or CMYK - what should it be?

For printing of books, we rely on classic printing in black or alternatively on the CMYK technique. With it we can also realise coloured pictures or coloured fonts.

So choose CMYK if, for example, you want to print a recipe book, tour guide, comic, or photo book.

Refining options for your books

On your request you can refine the cover of your paperbacks or Softcover books. A very popular choice is laminating. We apply a foil to the outside of your book. It gives the book additional protection. The "scratch-resistant" version additionally protects your book from scratches on the cover.

In order to make the title page of your work even more appealing, further refinements are available. For example, you can have the title or the name of the author embossed with hot foil. We use foil in silver, bronze, gold, copper, blue or red.

The hot foil embossing can also be combined with laminating. Incidentally, this also applies to the application of UV spot varnish. This can be used to accentuate individual motifs of your cover or title in a very appealing way.

If you opt for a dust book jacket for your hardcover book, we can also refine it for you. We offer the classic lamination with glossy or matt foil as well as scratch-resistant foil and can combine the cellophane wrapping with a hot foil relief embossing on request. offers you the possibility to have your books individually shrink-wrapped. This results in a number of advantages for you and your customers. Your books are protected against dust and dirt during transport and storage. Especially for high-quality hardcover books with refined dust jacket or books with inserts, the additional protection makes sense. Your customers will receive a flawless copy and notice immediately that it is new. This also reduces the return rate due to defects. This amortizes the surcharge and is a worthwhile investment in the protection of your goods.

Cellophane coating 

With lamination, a wafer-thin film is applied to your printed product. This gives the product a higher quality and at the same time makes it more robust.

Book with cellophane coating

Cellophane coating + UV spot

With this finishing combination, the lamination creates a glossy or matt finishing layer on the entire surface, with individual areas being visually highlighted once again by the partial varnish.

Book with cellophane coating + UV spot

Cellophane coating + hot foil stamping

With this finishing combination, the laminating creates a glossy or matt finishing layer over the entire surface, with individual areas being visually emphasised once again by metallic effects.

Book with cellophane coating + hot foil stamping

FAQ for product Books

Is a front-end-paper, also called an FEP, included in the print or must it be created as a blank page?

End papers do not have to be created separately, they are already included in the calculation. One end paper in the front and one in the back.

Can cover pages be printed on the inside?

No, the cover pages themselves cannot be printed inside for production reasons. However, we offer the printing of a so-called dust jacket, which can also be refined. This loose cover is placed around the book and wrapped around the front edges of the cover.

Which grammages are used for the soft and hardcover of a book and how can the haptics of the hardcover be described in general?

The softcover consists of 275 gsm softcover board. The hardcover is made of 2 mm thick binder's board and a cover of 150 gsm picture printing paper. The picture printing paper is refined by a cellophane finish, which is either matt, matt scratch-resistant or glossy. Furthermore, an offset facing paper with a thickness of 120 gsm is applied to the front and back.

What exactly is a colour cover?

A colour cover is a kind of hardcover with linen structure.

For this purpose, a binder's board with a thickness of 2 mm is used, which is covered with a typical linen cover. You can choose between different colours for the linen cover. In addition, the linen structure can be refined with hot foil stamping.

What does the headband in a book mean?

The polyester headband closes the gap between spine and book block when the book is closed and visually enhances the book. It is glued to the upper and lower edges of the spine and thus protects the book from dust and stress. If a book has a headband, it is possible to add a ribbon (also called a bound bookmark) from a minimum spine thickness of 10 mm.

What is the minimum number of pages for being able to select headband and bound bookmark?

For adhesive-bound books with hardcover cover, it is possible to order headband and bound bookmark from the following grammage and page numbers:

  • 80 gsm offset - 152 pages
  • 90 gsm offset - 140 pages
  • 80 gsm book paper, wood-free - 160 pages
  • 90 gsm book paper, wood-free - 120 pages
  • 115 gsm image printing - 168 pages

Which paper should be used for book printing?

Book paper (or publishing paper) is particularly suitable for letterpress printing. This is the name given to the classic paper commonly used in books. It appears "bulkier" than picture printing paper and has the advantage of not being reflective due to its matt surface. Printing paper is only offered for adhesive binding.

When should a hardcover or softcover be used for a book?

Hardcover give your book an exclusive look, offer stable protection and are mainly used for large works. Softcover books are often the classic "paperbacks". Thanks to the flexible paper cover, they are much lighter than hardcover books and therefore ideal as a travel companion, for example.

Can I have books printed in small print-runs?

Yes, we print your book even in small editions starting from one piece.

What is the difference between perfect binding and sewn binding and what are the advantages of the two types of binding?

The perfect binding process combines sheets into a book block and bonds them by applying a special PUR adhesive to the milled spine of the block. Saddle stitching uses a book binding thread to sew the printed sheets into individual brochures after folding. These are then sealed at the spine of the book with a PUR layer of glue. If a book is used intensively and should still be in the best possible condition after years, high-quality sewn binding is recommended. This also has the advantage that double pages remain cleanly open and the book as a whole gives an exclusive impression. Nonetheless, books with less expensive perfect binding are also of very high quality. In addition, headband and a bound bookmark can also be ordered for perfecting binding, if the number of pages exceeds a certain number.