Brochures and leaflets in 120 x 120 mm

Printing brochures and leaflets in 120 x 120 millimetres

Brochures in 120 x 120 millimetres have the practical format of a CD cover. You can use them to print booklets for your CDs, for example. Of course, this popular format is also suitable for other purposes, e.g. product instructions, small advertising leaflets or brochures about your company.

Choose the right paper for your 120 x 120 brochures from our wide range of paper options. With grass paper you underline your claim to sustainability, if you want to add individual voucher codes after printing, offset paper is recommended. The classic is coated art paper for booklets, which you can also finish with a cellophane coating. We print your brochures or booklets in 120 x 120 millimetres from just one piece, but can also create up to 50,000 print runs for you, and in up to ten different versions per order.