Pillow boxes

Printed pillow boxes

Anyone hearing the name pillow box for the first time will think it is some sort of special packaging for pillows. But this product owes its name to its unique shape, which is reminiscent of a pillow. Their special design makes pillow boxes the perfect packaging for textiles, vouchers or gifts. If you want to print personalised boxes for your company or shop, print24.com is just the place for you. We can process your print order reliably, quickly and in top quality, in quantities from as small as 1.

The great thing about pillow boxes is their unique shape. The curved sides give the package a certain pizzazz and informality compared to strictly angular cardboard boxes. For this reason, pillow boxes make perfect gift boxes and are a stylish way to give vouchers, as well as jewellery or other valuable presents. If you yourself design and sell gift packaging, or need packaging for your shop, print24.com gives you the opportunity to print your own boxes.