Packaging tape

Custom printed packaging tape

For many people, packaging tape is a rather insignificant element of the overall logistics process. But it can do more than just protect and secure parcels. Packaging tape also has huge advertising and branding potential. Take advantage of this for a bit of promotion or branding by using personalised packaging tape? Here at print24.com, you can have your motifs, slogans or company logos printed on strong, top-quality and highly adhesive packaging tape. It’ll mean your parcels attract attention and stays in the memory of the recipient. With state-of-the-art printing equipment, we complete your printing orders in top quality and at fair prices.

Corporate design doesn’t stop with packaging. That’s why many large companies also use their corporate colours and logos when printing packaging tape. Combined with matching packaging materials like envelopes or parcel packs, you can deliver a highly aesthetic overall product. The good thing about print24.com is that you don’t need to be a big company to make your logistics processes more professional with personally printed packaging tape. We can print your packaging tape in quantities from as small as 36 rolls per order. All you need is a printing file. Compile your order in just a few clicks, and we’ll deliver your tape to you within a few working days.